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How Do Restaurants Keep Roaches Away?

Roaches In The Resturant's Kitchen

No restaurant owner wants to see cockroaches crawling in their kitchen or dining area. Because once a customer sees one, they will have a big problem with the business.

Although people like to warn that if there’s one, there are probably hundreds. The number of roaches in a restaurant can almost be a moot point because it will only take one to ruin the business’s reputation.

As you know, roaches can carry various diseases and filth. And they can contaminate cookware, utensils, and food. So you risk getting your employees and customers sick.

Plus, you will catch the Health Inspector’s attention if you have a roach problem. So restaurant owners ensure that their establishment is roach-free. So if you are wondering how restaurants keep roaches away, continue reading this article.


Roaches are bad news for restaurant owners. That is why they use the methods below to keep them away.

  • Sealing any access points.
  • Keeping things clean and food-free.
  • Partnering with professionals.

If you want to know how restaurants keep roaches away, the information below should answer your questions.

4 Ways Restaurants Keep Roaches Away

Roaches are bad news to restaurant owners because they can make customers sick and catch the attention of the Health Inspector. That is why they seal off any access points, keep things clean and food-free, check common hiding places, and partner with professionals to ensure no rats will come to their establishments.

1. Sealing off Any Access Points

Access Points For The Roaches.

If you have cracks and crevices in your doors and walls that lead to the outside – even the if they are small – roaches will find them. And they’ll use these holes to get into your restaurant. That is why restaurant owners do their best to seal any potential access points before any roach discovers them.

Every restaurant establishment, especially those operating in old buildings, needs regular upkeep. And sealing off every access point is a complex process that can take time, effort, and money. And most of the time, roaches will move to find another hole they can enter, which can be exhausting to restaurant owners.

But the price of a roach infestation is much greater than sealing off access points. Plus, you can hire professional pest management services to help you with the task, letting you focus more on running your business.

2. Keeping Things Clean and Food-Free

Hands Use Tissue And Clean Spoon In The Resturent.

Working in a restaurant can be messy. And nothing will attract cockroaches more than food crumbs and unattended leftovers under cabinets or in the back of your pantry. These places are where food bits tend to collect and pile up, making them the ideal place for food caches for roaches.

For the most part, a cockroach infestation will not happen overnight. That only happens in rare occurrences. Cockroaches love places with accessible food sources and reliable hiding places.

This typically means the restaurant has poor cleanliness, sanitation, and disposal practices. And the problem will continue to worsen if the place remains the same.

That is why restaurants need to clean their establishments each and every night. This means sweeping and scrubbing every nook and cranny, wiping every surface, storing all food in tight containers, and maintaining good hygiene during business hours. These will all ensure that no roaches will be tempted by your restaurant, forcing them to look for another place for a free meal.

3. Checking Common Hiding Places

Dark And Wet Area Are The Hiding Place For Cockroaches

Cockroaches will typically nest in dark, undisturbed, and moist places, like basements, storerooms, and other areas with little activity and easy access to food. If you check these places and clean them regularly, you can prevent these nasty pests from invading your restaurant.

Another favorite place for cockroaches is cardboard boxes because they can eat the glue and hide among the corrugated layers. Roaches may also hide behind picture frames hung on walls. That is why many restaurant owners caulk or seal their frames on walls to cut off all access.

If you have old uniforms, papers, and unused equipment, it would be best to store or remove them immediately before roaches find them.

4. Partnering With Professionals

Pest Control Service Guy Working

Keeping roaches away from your restaurant is a never-ending battle. And it can be plenty of work, especially for busy owners.

So it’s essential to partner with professional pest management services to help you out. Technicians know the signs of a roach infestation, like exoskeletons, fecal material, etc.

Pest management services will also advise restaurant owners on the possible problems and how to correct them. Do not be afraid to have the pest control truck outside your restaurant because it’s typically not a sign of an infestation. But proper maintenance.


Cockroaches Living In The Kitchen Of Resturant

Roaches are nasty pests that can spell disaster for restaurant owners if customers find them. So it’s essential to prevent them from entering business establishments. That is why restaurants seal any access points, keep things clean and food-free, and partner with professionals to keep roaches away from their establishments.

So if you know, anyone asking how restaurants keep roaches away, sharing this article should answer their questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Roaches Ruin Your Restaurant’s Reputation?

Roaches are nasty insects that typically go to unclean places or have unhygienic practices. So if customers find them, they will think your restaurant is dirty.

Can Roaches Get You Into Trouble With the Government?

Roaches can carry plenty of diseases that can contaminate your food and equipment. And if you have an infestation in your restaurant, the health inspector will close down your business because it can become a potential biohazard to the people who will eat your food.

What Are Signs You Have a Roach Infestation in Your Restaurant?

Some signs of a roach infestation are cockroach corpses, roach droppings, and roach exoskeleton. If these are present in your restaurant, contact professional pest management services.

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