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How Do Roach Tablets Work?

How Do Roach Tablets Work?

Roaches are a huge nuisance. They are annoying little creatures that sneak up on you without being detected.

When they invade your house, they leave surprises such as fecal matter, eggs, musky and pungent smell, bacteria, and other general unpleasantness.

Roaches try to hide in places that are dark and hidden. They particularly hide in places that are near any source of sustenance. It can be your kitchen, bathroom, or living room furniture.

Roaches will find all sorts of small, dark, and hidden crevices to take refuge in. The only way to get rid of them is by using roach tablets.


Roach tablets are a slow-acting product that gives the roaches enough time to transfer the chemicals to other family members for complete inhibition. The chemical compounds present in the tablets are:

  • Boric acid
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • A special lure to attract the roaches

The boric acid in tablets first sticks to the outer surface of the roach. This is because of the electrostatic charge in them.

Then when the roach travels to the nest, it brings the boric acid to all the others. When roaches groom themselves, they ingest the poison and die.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into knowing the science behind roach tablets so that without wasting any more time, you can get right into removing them.

The Way Roach Tablets Work

The Way Roach Tablets Work

Detecting roaches is the hardest thing to do. They are already tiny in size, and then they find places out of sight to hide.

So, it becomes challenging to deal with them. But don’t worry! We can still outsmart them by using roach tablets.

Before we move on to see how roach tablets work, let’s look at the prep work you need:

Prepping the House

Prepping The House

Before using the tablets, it is imperative to take a few measures to prepare and clean your house so roach tablets can be used.

These preventive measures will help you deal with the roach problem in the long term.

This is done to help catalyze the actions of the tablets. These measures include:

1. Sweep and Vacuum Your House

Sweep And Vacuum Your House

The best way to ensure that the roach problem doesn’t persist even after using the tablets is to sweep and vacuum all food crumbs from the floor, cupboards, and drawers.

This will ensure that the roaches have no other source of sustenance. So they will get trapped into eating the tablets.

2. Cover All Your Food

Cover All Your Food

To prevent food contamination, you must cover and seal the food.

Store the food in places that are not near the tablets.


Roach tablets can be hazardous if ingested, so be careful when using them.

Keep roach tablets out of the reach of children and pets.

3. Fix Leaky Pipes and Faucets

Fix Leaky Pipes And Faucets

Make sure that no pipes or faucets are leaking before using the tablets.

This is because any moisture will ruin the chemical composition of the tablets, thereby ruining their effectiveness.

The tablets do not work if they are exposed to moisture. So whether it is leaky pipes or spilled water make sure to avoid it at all costs.

4. Seal Your Garbage Cans

Seal Your Garbage Cans

Garbage cans should be sealed properly by using a tight-fitting lid. This is because roaches might crawl into the bins looking for food.

If you cut them off from sustenance, they will be enticed to ingest the tablets.

The tablets contain chemicals that make them appetizing to the roaches.

5. Seal Any Visible Cracks

Seal Any Visible Cracks

The best way to catalyze the action of the tablets is to ensure that no other roaches can enter the house.

For this, you will have to seal any potential cracks and crevices on the surface of your house.

You can use grout or any other sealant to cover the gaps.

Using the Tablets

Using The Tablets

After taking preventative measures, you must immediately use the tablets so that the roach problem is dealt with immediately.

The tablets are pretty easy to use. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Buy or make the tablets at home using boric acid, sugar, and flour.
  2. Remove all drawers in kitchen and bathroom cabinets, bedroom dressers, and any other chest of drawers.
  3. Place the tablets behind the refrigerator, tubs, sinks, stove, dishwasher, dryers, and washing machines. These are places where roaches are usually found.
  4. Use up to 12 tablets in each room.
  5. If the tablets are still visible after the placement, press them and push them further inside the crack so that it is concealed. If it can’t be concealed entirely, remove it and use a new one.

Working Process of Tablets

Working Process Of Tablets

The boric acid in tablets first sticks to the outer surface of the roach. This is because of the electrostatic charge in them.

Then when the roach travels to the nest, it brings the boric acid to all the others.

When roaches groom themselves, they ingest the poison and die.

The roach tablets stay active for up to 2 years if they are not exposed to moisture. They can be reapplied when needed.

It is advised to replace tablets every 12 months, even if they are not ruined by moisture. This will help increase the effectiveness of tablets.


Roaches are a severe problem and should be dealt with immediately.

They can damage your belongings, stink, litter your house, and ruin your food items.

Roaches tend to hide in places that are out of sight, and since they are tiny, it is not easy to spot them.

But when you spot them, you must use countermeasures to eliminate them.

One of the most effective measures is using roach tablets to immediately stop the infestation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Tablets Safe Around Pets?

No, the tablets should be kept out of reach of pets. Roach tablets can fatally harm pets because of the chemicals used in them.

How Long Does It Take for Roach Tablets To Work?

The tablets usually start to show progress in about 72 hours. Sometimes, it can also take up to a week for them to work.

Do Roaches Get Worse After Treatment?

If you see more roaches than usual after using the tablets, then it means that they are working. This is because the roaches come out of hiding spots to escape the chemicals killing them.

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