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How Long Do German Roaches Live?

German Cockroach Out Scavenging During The Night

I recently came across a cockroach in my kitchen. Upon identifying it as a German cockroach, I wanted to find out the possibility of it turning into an infestation, how long they live, and the reproduction rate.

The information I came across was alarming, to say the least, which led me to take measures to nip the problem in the bud.


German cockroaches generally live up to 200 days. During adulthood, which lasts for around 100 days, a healthy female german cockroach produces 350 to 400 nymphs who mature in approximately 100 days.

Let’s get to know what German cockroaches are, how to identify them, their habitat and behavior, and their life cycle, including their lifespan.

What Are German Cockroaches?

Portrait Of A German Cockroach

The German Cockroach (Blattella germanica) is common throughout the world, infesting anywhere they can survive. Although initially thought to be native to Europe, as the name suggests, their close resemblance to the Asian Cockroach (Blattella asahinai) indicates that they originated in Southeast Asia, later spreading into Europe.

German cockroaches are resilient creatures with brilliant capabilities to withstand pest control efforts. Even the sight of a single German roach is enough to scare homeowners due to their reputation for being stubborn pests to control and repel.

Letting a few of these insects roam around will soon lead to a severe infestation, risking hygiene and health due to their incredible reproductive capabilities.

How To Identify German Cockroaches

The German cockroach is light brown in color and grows up to an inch long, much smaller than their US relative, the American Cockroach. The two stripes on their back make identifying them easier.

Like other roaches, they have six legs, two antennas, and wings, although they prefer to operate on the ground as much as possible.

German Cockroach Habitat & Behavior

German Cockroach

These pests prefer warm and humid environments and stick to areas with easy access to food and water. German cockroaches take shelter in confined spaces, with encapsulating surroundings naturally stimulating them.

German roaches are true scavengers, feeding on anything nutritional, resorting to feeding on glue, clothing, carcasses of their own, and even attacking humans. However, they prefer sugary, greasy, starchy food and meats during good times.

Cockroaches generally live indoors, although they might venture outside during warm weather. Their preference for warm and moist surroundings encourages them to colonize human structures.

Roaches usually stick to their familiar surroundings, rarely invading nearby structures. They generally spread into new territories by accident, unknowingly hitching rides in storage boxes, appliances, and furniture they call home.

The Life Cycle of German Cockroaches

The lifecycle of a german cockroach consists of three main stages: egg, nymph, and adult. These stages are completed quickly, with German cockroaches taking the least time to reach adulthood among cockroach species.

The lifetime, development, and reproductive rate of roaches usually depend on factors such as food, water, and warmth availability.


German Cockroach Egg Case

A mature female German cockroach produces five to six oothecae in their lifetime, bean-like dark capsules containing around 20 to 48 eggs. The mother roaches protect the oothecae, attaching them to their abdomen for about 28 days.

When the eggs are about to hatch, mama roaches hide the ootheca in a secure, warm, and moist spot.


Cockroache Nymph On Nature Background

Molts mark the development of nymphs, and the time between two successive molts is known as an instar. Nymphs usually take six to seven molts, with an instar taking two to five weeks. They join their adult roaches to grow the colony upon reaching adulthood in 103 on average.


Adult Male German Cockroach

Adulthood of German cockroaches, on average, lasts around 100 more days, with an adult female producing approximately 350 to 400 offspring. From nymph to adult, the lifespan of a healthy German Cockroach is about 200 days.


A few German cockroaches can quickly become a large infestation if left untreated. A healthy German cockroach lives for around 200 days, 100 days of which as mature roaches, with females producing up to 400 hatchlings which will go on to reproduce in 100 days or so.

Therefore, it’s essential to take action to repel cockroaches and prevent nesting to avoid severe infestations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for German Roaches To Infest a House?

In the worst case, German roaches with access to food and water can infest a building within months or even weeks. Each mature female roach produces up to 400 nymphs, who will start breeding as quickly as 100 days.

Does 1 German Cockroach Mean There Are More?

Cockroaches are social creatures, and they multiply exponentially. Therefore, the presence of one German cockroach might point to at least a small group or a more severe infestation.

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