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How Often To Vacuum for Fleas?

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Fleas are dangerous parasites whose primary source of energy and control is through feeding on the blood of animals and humans. When they latch onto a person or an animal, such as dogs or cats, they can cause irritation and uneasiness.

Flea bites can be dangerous, and flea infestation in your surroundings can cause diseases. Though there are treatments to cure flea bites, it is better to vacuum regularly and not face any of the symptoms.


The main question is how often to vacuum for fleas. It can be challenging to determine if your house or animal has been attacked by these parasites, as fleas are usually hard to detect.

Whether your surroundings are infected with fleas or not, it is mandatory to vacuum at regular intervals.

Important points that you have to keep in mind all the time are:

  • Vacuum at least 3 to 4 times a week
  • Clean and wash the bedding regularly
  • Call for professionals who operate in flea control

Fleas are dangerous and unwanted. Mentioned below are a few ways through which fleas enter your home. And most importantly, how often to vacuum.

Common 2 Ways Fleas Enter Your Home

If you are wondering about the reasons why fleas enter your house, then here are the most common reasons:

1. Pets

Dog Hugs A Cat Under The Rug At Home.

The most common way fleas enter your house is through your pets. Animals such as dogs and dogs have a lot of hair. It becomes easy for fleas to hold on to the hair and spread.

Fleas travel through humans as well. If you have touched someone infested with fleas, they can also travel to your body.

2. Old Furniture

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Other than pets and humans, they can enter when you have or buy old furniture. Old clothes or fabrics inside the house can become another way.

These parasites do not necessarily need a particular object or a person to travel through. They can even enter your home through windows, doors, cracked ceilings, or flooring.

How Often Should You Vacuum for Fleas?

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If you have pets, you must vacuum daily to prevent fleas from infesting your place. This is because pets are usually the leading carrier of fleas.

Fleas can land on their body when they go out on walks or play around in the background or the park.

In case you do not have pets but have noticed fleas in your furniture or on fabrics, then it is advised to vacuum daily.

Even if you see fleas in one corner of your house, it will take them a short time to spread everywhere. This is because flea eggs hatch quickly.

If your place is infested with fleas, it takes them around 2 to 3 for their eggs to hatch once laid.

Once they hatch, they tend to grow at a rapid rate which is harmful.

It has to be noted that if your house is infested with fleas and you notice symptoms of itchiness, then there are chances that the infestation has spread or increased. It takes around 3 to 8 weeks to stop the infestation.

Even then, there is a possibility for the fleas to be still present.

It is recommended that you vacuum daily for 2 to 3 months to put a stop to them.

If you do not notice fleas in your house, you can vacuum three to four times a week. Vacuuming at least 3 to 4 times is vital to prevent fleas from entering your home.

As mentioned above, fleas can travel through anything. If you stop vacuuming regularly, the chances of infestation are very high.

Where To Vacuum To Prevent Flea Infestation?

Vacuuming at regular intervals is essential and at the same time, cleaning in the right spots or places is necessary.

1. Pets Bedding

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If you have pets, then cleaning their bedding is necessary. Vacuum their bedding every day or every alternate day. If your pet goes out to the park or for a walk, clean their bedding the next day.

2. Carpets and Rugs

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Carpets and rugs can carry a lot of fleas. Usually, fleas lay their eggs on carpets and rugs and then grow rapidly.

Vacuuming carpets and rugs thoroughly will reduce flea eggs from hatching and prevent the infestation from spreading everywhere.

Another reason to clean them properly is that a lot of the time, if your house has a carpeted floor, it is common for animals and humans to sit or lay down on them.

When this happens, fleas on your carpet can easily latch onto the host body and travel. m To prevent this from happening, you must vacuum it extensively.

3. Furniture

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Wooden and especially old furniture should be vacuumed. Old furniture can invite these unwanted guests.

Getting old furniture polished properly can help prevention of fleas.

Tips and Tricks While Vacuuming Your Home for Fleas

Here are a few tips or methods you can add while regularly vacuuming:

  1. Clean and wash the bedding of your pets and yours regularly. Remember to clean and wash them before vacuuming so that if there are any fleas on the bedding, they will go away.
  2. It is recommended that your pets have a proper wash on the days they visit the park, go for a hike or play in the open. This will help eliminate the fleas if they are latched onto your pet.
  3. You can use bug bombs or sprays that kill fleas before vacuuming. These products are available in the market. You can use them in places like the corners of the furniture or the areas you think is infected. When you spray these products, ensure that you or your pets are not in the same room. You can leave the windows closed as the spray will have more effect, and fleas can not handle the heat for long.
  4. You can even spray boric acid and rosemary water or spray before vacuuming. Even spraying salt in infected areas can work. Take these measures before vacuuming to clear out the fleas after spraying them with these products.
  5. After you have vacuumed, ensure that you place the vacuum bag or trash in a sealed trash bag. Remember to close it properly and tightly. Air-tight bags will prevent fleas from escaping. Throw the garbage immediately from your property.
  6. You can even call for professional help every few months. Even if you call for professional service to control fleas, it is vital to vacuum regularly.


There is no one particular way for fleas to enter your house. They can find any small hole or a crack to infest. Once they start spreading, it can take up to a few months to eliminate them.

The best precaution to take is to vacuum daily or regularly, regardless of where you live or if you have pets. Having clean, vacuumed carpets and surroundings can terminate these parasites that cause pain and diseases.

Vacuum, use flea bombs or sprays, and call for professional help. Following a routine will help you not let fleas stay or thrive for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can Fleas Stay in My Home?

There is no specific period for fleas’ stay. These creatures will remain or stay at your place if they have something or someone to feed on. If you do not clean or vacuum regularly, fleas can stay for a year or more. 

Why Do I Have To Vacuum Regularly and for a Long Period of Time?

Fleas can spread easily across your home. They can lay multiple eggs. These eggs are not placed in a particular place and can be anywhere.

When these hatches spread, your home can be dangerous as fleas can cause diseases. It is necessary to vacuum regularly and for a long period of time to eliminate them. 

Do I Have To Clean and Vacuum Regularly Even if My Pets Do Not Go Out?

Even if your pets do not go out, you have to vacuum. It is not only pets who carry fleas. Fleas can enter from anywhere. They can even be on your clothes or your shoes. You might bring them home when you go out.

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