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How To Get Bees Out of Your House

How To Get Bees Out Of Your House

Bees are an important part of the ecosystem and crucial for sustaining life on earth. They play an important role in pollination for aiding the food production processes.

In addition, bees also help improve biodiversity and economic sustainability and provide various benefits in the form of honey produced by them.

Although; bees have crucial roles in our ecosystem, having them around in your house can be dangerous.

Bees nesting inside or near your residential place can increase the risk of bee stings resulting in severe skin irritation. Moreover, an individual who is allergic to bees can suffer from severe complications caused by bee stings.

The aggressive nature of bees can also impose a risk on residents. Therefore, it is important to understand different ways of removing bees from your house.


Bees play a very crucial role in our ecosystem but owing to the various health hazards the bee stings can impart, it is necessary to know ways to get rid of bees.

Different ways are used to remove bees from your house, like using bee control services, sprays, powders, smoke, and many natural home remedies, including bee traps, vinegar mixture, mothballs, cucumber, garlic, cinnamon, peppermint, and citronella.

The use of the methods mentioned above can help in the effective removal of bees from your house. Care should be taken while using these methods to avoid serious health hazards to the family members.

We are aware of the importance and the risks associated with bees. We must understand different methods to get the bees out of our homes.

The next section of the article focuses on various ways to get rid of bees.

11 Effective Ways To Remove Bees From Your House

Effective Ways To Remove Bees From Your House

Different natural and artificial methods are employed for removing bees from houses.

The method used should be chosen based on the desired outcome. Some methods result in the death of the bees, while others only remove the bees from houses, causing them to change their habitat away from houses.

Different ways used to get rid of bees are discussed as follows:

1. Bee Control Service

Bee Control Service

The safest way to remove bees from your house is to contact the bee control service.

Professionals owing to their knowledge and training, can easily remove bees from houses and provide long-term solutions for this problem.

They help get rid of the bees without killing them and provide them with new habitats.

This is done by safely removing the honeycomb of the bee’s nest without disturbing the queen bee inside and shifting it to another hive far from the house.

The bees then migrate to the new location, and your home gets free from bees. Moreover, the bee control service employs different strategies and chemicals to completely remove bees from your house.

2. Spray


Sprays are effective in getting rid of bees. Spraying the appropriate chemical for bee control provides a long-term solution.

Insecticidal sprays that kill the bees are not favored as bees are important for life sustainability. Many approved insect-repellent sprays do not kill bees but only remove the bees from a specific site.

The sprays are most effective when used in the dark and red light, as bees cannot see red color. Bees are more visible in red light and can easily be sprayed on.

An effective spray can remove bees within a few hours. If the bees are still visible, continue spraying for a few days until the bees are completely removed from your house. For the best use, carefully read the spray’s label, as every spray has a different use.

Moreover, every spray is specific for the specific type of bees. The type of bees should be first identified before using the spray.

Bee control services can aid in identifying the type of bees and eradicate the bees from your house.

3. Powder


Powders work similarly to sprays used to remove bees, i.e., kill them or remove them from the site.

Bee control service can help select the powder to get rid of bees.

Caution should be taken while using powders. One should wear gloves and avoid direct contact with the powders used for removing bees from your house.

4. Smoke


One of the effective means of getting rid of bees is smoke.

Bees are highly sensitive to smoke. When bees smell smoke, it seems like a fire in the forest and a sign of danger for bees. This causes the bees to run away from the site and probably never come back to that place.

You can light a fire using cardboard and wood under the bees nest and get inside the house or room, as the aggressive bees can attack you.

5. Bee Trap

Bee Trap

Bees can be trapped in containers that are difficult to escape. The traps can be designed at home, or commercial traps are available for getting rid of bees.

Bee traps at home can be designed using containers with narrow openings filled with sweet nectar or any sweet solution like sugar, fruit juice, or artificial nectar.

The sweet smell will attract the bees to the container, and bees will get trapped inside the container.

This method does not kill the bees. It only traps them in a container, and you set the bees free in another place away from your house.

6. Mothballs


Mothballs are effective means of removing bees from your house.

It acts as a bee repellent as its strong smell irritates the bees.

A few mothballs in a sock or muslin cloth hung near the bee’s nest can help remove bees from your house.

7. Vinegar


Vinegar is an excellent remedy for removing bees from the house. It is easily available at home and works fabulously with no adverse effects.

It acts as a repellent and may also kill the bees when used excessively. The pungent smell of vinegar repels the bees from the site of application. Mostly, a mixture of vinegar is used.

There are two ways to get rid of bees using a vinegar mixture. You can add vinegar to many water bottles or cans and place the cans near the bee’s nest.

The vinegar smell will irritate the bees and cause them to move away. The other way is to mix vinegar and water equally and spray the mixture on the bee’s nest.

Precaution should be taken while spraying the mixture, as the agitated bees can attack you. Use protective clothes and gloves. Spraying the mixture may result in the death of bees. Spray should therefore be used cautiously and only when needed.

8. Cucumber


Another effective home remedy to get rid of bees is cucumber.

To use cucumber to remove bees from your house, you need to slice it into small pieces and put them on an aluminum foil. Place them near the bee’s nest.

A reaction occurs between the cucumber contents and aluminum, resulting in a smell that repels the bees away from your home.

The other way to repel bees is by using cucumber peels and placing the peels near the bees. The smell produced by peels is not bearable by the bees, which keeps them away from your home.

9. Garlic


Garlic produces a pungent smell disliked by bees and, thus, helps in effectively removing bees from your house. This is easily available at home and can be used in two ways.

Garlic powder can be sprinkled directly on bees using gloves and protective clothes.

And for garlic spray, you need 2 garlic pieces, crush them and soak them in hot water overnight. Use this as a spray for removing bees from your house.

10. Peppermint


Peppermint is an efficient remedy for removing bees from your house. The strong smell of peppermint helps to repel bees.

You should plant peppermint plants in your house to get rid of bees. Peppermint oil can also be sprayed on bees’ nests to get rid of them.

For this, make a solution of 3-4 drops of peppermint oil with one cup of water. Use this repeatedly to ban their entry into your home completely.

11. Citronella and Cinnamon

Citronella And Cinnamon

Citronella candles are also used in removing bees from your house.

Lighting a citronella candle near a bees’ nest will not affect them immediately but will work slowly as the candle burns for a few days. The candle’s smoke causes the bees to move away from that site.

The cinnamon smell is effective in removing bees from the house.

You can sprinkle cinnamon in different parts of the house to repel bees from that areas. This method removes bees from your house temporarily. It does not work for a long time.


Several ways are available to get the bees out of your house.

One should take precautions while using these methods, as bees can show aggressive behavior that can lead to severe health consequences.

Proper protective clothing and gloves should be used where necessary.

One should have adequate knowledge and expertise in using different methods to avoid hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Smells Do Bees Hate?

Bees don’t like the smell of different materials like lavender oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, lemon, and cinnamon. These can also be used as effective bee repellents as they are safe to use around kids and pets.

How Do I Get Rid of Bees Fast?

The fastest way to get rid of bees is by using vinegar. Spray the vinegar mixture prepared by equally mixing water and vinegar on the bees’ nest at night. The pungent smell of vinegar will repel the bees from your house.

Does Vinegar Kill Bees?

Vinegar can kill bees immediately after coming in contact with them. The strong, pungent smell of vinegar irritates the bees and causes death when used in excess amounts or sprayed directly on bees.

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