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How To Get Rid of Roaches and Bed Bugs

How To Get Rid Of Roaches And Bed Bugs?

Isn’t it frustrating when your house gets infested by all kinds of pests?

Roaches and bed bugs, in particular, are annoying and can cause you a lot of trouble. They mess up your house and leave behind the fecal matter, eggs, musky and pungent smells, bacteria, and other general unpleasantness.

These pests can cause itchiness, spread bacteria, and pollute your house’s environment.

Bed bugs are incredibly irritating as they hide in your resting spaces, such as mattresses, box springs, bedside tables, and other sleeping areas. They feed on human blood. And they can cause itchiness.

Roaches are bigger than bed bugs and are not found around your sleeping spaces. They are found mainly in dark and hidden places, which are also warm and humid.


Roaches and bed bugs can be eliminated through various means. These include natural and synthetic remedies, which you can use depending on the scale of the infestation in your house. These include:

  • Reduce hiding spots and get rid of clutter.
  • Use traps and roach tablets.
  • Vacuum the pests.
  • Use a bug bomb.
  • Use steam or heat treatment.

So, without wasting time, let’s dive right into all the different remedies you can use to eliminate roaches and bed bugs.

5 Ways To Get Rid of Roaches and Bed Bugs

Ways To Get Rid Of Roaches And Bed Bugs

Here are some easy remedies to get rid of roaches and bed bugs:

1. Reduce Hiding Spots and Get Rid of Clutter

Reduce Hiding Spots And Get Rid Of Clutter

The first and most important thing you can do to eliminate either bed bugs or roaches is to eliminate excess stuff in your house that is not used for anything. This way, you can eliminate any potential hiding spots for pests.

Clutter can allow roaches and bed bugs to hide easily in nooks and crannies. Roaches and bed bugs look for spots that are hidden and dark, as well as have warmth and humidity.

If you see any open crevices in your walls and furniture, make sure to put in some caulk and seal it shut.

2. Use Traps and Roach Tablets

Use Traps And Roach Tablets

There are moat-style traps available in the market that you can use to eliminate bed bugs.

These traps isolate bed bugs and intercept them as they bite you, causing your skin to develop red spots.

There are also sticky pads available that easily catch bed bugs and other insects.

However, as for roaches, you can buy roach tablets containing boric acid that effectively kills these pesky pests.

Sticky pads, as well as insecticide spray, will also work for roaches.

3. Vacuum the Pests

Vacuum The Pests

As harsh as it sounds, vacuuming is an effective method to eliminate pests. This method allows you to contain the roaches and the bed bugs so that you can physically remove them from your house.

Once you have cleared all the clutter, you must identify all the infested spots in your home. You can follow the below-listed steps to get rid of pests this way:

  • Clear away all the clutter in your house.
  • Identify the spots containing the bugs and roaches.
  • Vacuum the areas containing the pests.
  • Once you are done vacuuming, empty the contents of the vacuum canister in a plastic bag and seal it tightly. Discard the bag as far away from the house as possible.
  • Then, wash and dry all the fabrics, including linen bedsheets, sofa covers, etc.

4. Use a Bug Bomb

Use A Bug Bomb

Bug bombing is releasing pesticides in the affected area. Even though the name calls it a bug bomb, it can also kill roaches since they are pests that can die from pesticides.

It requires a lot of effort, but this method works very well to eliminate bugs. Here are the steps you need to follow to use bug bombs effectively:

  1. Preparing the house – Preparation entails planting the bombs when nobody is home so that no one inhales harmful toxins. Moreover, you must figure out the number of bombs you will need in your house. Ideally, it is advised to use one bomb per room. It would be best if you also closed all windows for maximum effectiveness.
  2. Treating the house – Once you have planted the bombs, vacuum all the affected areas. Put away any dirty laundry so that any larvae or eggs left behind by the bugs are eliminated. Activate the bombs and leave the house as soon as you do that.
  3. Maintaining a bug-free house -All the doors and windows you close while preparing the house should be opened for ventilation. Clean your home so dead bugs and roaches can be thrown away.

5. Use Steam or Heat Treatment

Use Steam Or Heat Treatment

One of the most useful ways of killing roaches and bed bugs is using heat.

You should wash your fabrics, including linen, mattress covers, bedsheets, sofa covers, etc., in warm water. This is because the pests die when their body temperature gets above 45 degrees celsius or 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you go above these temperatures, all the bugs are killed effectively. This way, you do not have to eliminate your favorite bedsheets and mattress covers.

You must think, instead of washing the fabrics in hot water, why not increase the room’s temperatures?

The problem is that the infestation will spread to other areas of your house since the pests will move to places with colder temperatures.

So, the hot water technique is more effective.


It is so frustrating to get a roach or a bed bug infestation. These pests reproduce at crazy rates, which then becomes a headache.

People facing roach or bed bug infestation can understand what we are talking about. This is justified as roaches and bed bugs are challenging to eliminate.

But you should know that there is always a solution when there is a problem. The multiple solutions mentioned above are all practical and should be tried as soon as the infestation occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bed Bugs Survive Extermination?

Yes, adult bed bugs are killed almost immediately when using extermination methods. However, it is still advised not to trust it completely because many hidden bugs can escape it.

How Much Will It Cost To Remove Bed Bugs via Extermination?

While the costs of extermination depend on the type of method used and the intensity of the infestation, the estimated cost can be anywhere between $300 – $5000.

What Kills Roaches Instantly?

While there are several ways to kill roaches, one of the most effortless ways is to use soapy water. Soapy water suffocates the roaches, after which they eventually die.

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