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How To Keep Birds Out of Garage

Birds Out Of Garage

Birds are incredible animals. They’ve played a large role in human society, and most cultures have made them a symbol.

Sometimes seeing one can give you a blissful feeling. It’s why people like to go bird-watching.

But there can also be times when birds can become a nuisance, especially when they get into your garage. This is a common problem, and many have made ways to get rid of such animals.

However, remember that there are places where it’s illegal to harm birds. Fortunately, this article will help you how to keep birds out of your garage without hurting them.


There’s no denying that birds are one of the most amazing animals in this world. But there can be times when they can be a nuisance, especially when they get into your garage.

Fortunately, you can repel them by:

  • Ensuring you close your garage doors.
  • Placing hawk and owl decoys.
  • Covering windows.
  • Using your cat.

If birds keep getting into your garage, the tips below should help repel them.

14 Tips To Keep Birds Out of the Garage

Birds are majestic creatures. But there are places they are not welcome. And one of them is your garage.

So, if they keep coming into your garage, below are surefire ways to keep them out.

1. Ensure You Close Your Garage Doors

Garage Door Closed

It is obvious advice, but you should not underestimate its effectiveness because it’s most likely the most useful method for keeping birds away from your garage.

So, ensure you close your garage doors when not using your garage. But if you plan to open the doors for a long time, you’ll need to use another method.

2. Reflect Variations of Light

Reflect Variations Of Light

Another thing you can do to keep birds out of your garage is to use reflective tape. But for this work, you must hang the tape in an open field. You will not get promising results if you place the tool in one spot.

If you don’t have any reflective tape, you can use old CDs instead. So when it sways in the wind, it will reflect different shades of light. Birds don’t like these reflections. So it should help keep them away.

3. Hawk or Owl Decoy

Owl Decoy

Predatory birds like hawks and birds like to prey on other birds. So having a decoy in your garage could be a good idea to scare them.

It’s a straightforward concept, but you may need to use baits that move and make sounds. Birds are smart animals, so they may notice stationary decoys are harmless.

4. Lure the Birds Out

Humming Bird

Know the bird inside your garage. Not all birds like seeds and worms. For example, hummingbirds like bright colors because most flowers are brightly colored.

You can use this to your advantage and lure the birds out using bright objects. You can arrange this in succession leading outside your garage.

After luring the birds out, remove all the materials you used to lure them out to ensure they don’t come back.

5. Create Repulsive Sounds

Repulsive Sounds

Sounds will typically attract birds. But it can also repel them. So, it’s a good idea to buy sound devices.

Different sounds produce diverse tones; some can release a frequency only birds can hear. There are also obnoxious sounds that can repel them out of your garage.

6. Do Not Store Nesting Material

Storing Nesting Material

Sometimes, when birds enter the garage, it’s because of the nesting material you have. So it’s not only colors that will attract birds.

To ensure no birds will lay eggs inside your garage, keep nesting material out and store it in a different place.

7. Cover the Windows

Cover The Windows

Sometimes the light emitting from your window can attract birds. And it is because they think they can fly through it. So, to reduce the chances of birds going to your garage window, cover it or block it.

This will reduce light or eliminate it. Plus, it gives you extra security from thieves.

8. Keep Food Away From the Garage

Bird Food

Besides nesting material, food can also attract birds. And if you store some in your garage, you are putting a welcome sign for birds to enter.

So it would be best to keep your food items away from your garage. But if you can’t because you don’t have enough space, cover it to keep it out of sight. Birds have potent visions, but it’s only limited to what they can see.

So store food away or out of sight.

9. Make Balloons

Balloon Bird Predator

It sounds like you are trying to have a party. But a balloon can also deter birds from coming into your garage. However, ensure to use brightly-colored ones with eyes on them to make an illusion of a predator.

No bird would like to come too close to a predator. So if you have balloons near your garage, the birds will keep away.

10. Use Your Cats

Use Your Cats

If you have cats, you don’t need to put up decoys anymore because you have an actual predator. Cats like to chase off birds. So if you have some, no bird will get into your garage.

All you need to do is give your cats access to the garage, and you’re good to go.

11. Install Screen Doors

Screen Doors

Not so many people like to consider using this method. And it’s because they associate screen doors with the main entrance. But you can also use it for the openings on your garage door.

This is the perfect solution for those who spend a lot of time in the garage but want privacy. It keeps the birds out, too.

12. Prevent Landing by Mounting Obstacles

Bird Wires

If birds have difficulty landing on your roof or garage, they’ll most likely look for another place to nest. Bird wires, glazes, and boards are all great options to prevent birds from landing in your garage.

If you want to use bird wires, place them along the roof or ledges of your building. You can put boards at a 45-degree angle on your garage ledge and glazes on your roof to make it slippery.

13. Restrict Access With Nettings

House Birds Net

Besides covering your windows and installing screen doors, you can also use nets to restrict access to birds in your garage. Nets also cover holes and crevices that lead into your garage.

But ensure your nets are top quality because birds might cut them with claws and beaks. Also, try to attach the netting closely to prevent birds from perching on it. Mesh that can blend with the surrounding is perfect.

14. Provide Better Alternatives

Birds Titmouse Feeding On Small Wood

Typically, birds will only come into your garage when they try to look for something. So, if you provide them with an alternative, they will not enter the garage.

Placing one or two birdhouses on your property with birdfeeders should do it. When you provide a better shelter, birds entering your garage is slim. And when you provide food, those chances become nonexistent.


Birds are beautiful animals. And it’s amazing to see them flying around and perching on trees. But they can also be a nuisance when they nest inside your garage and leave droppings.

Fortunately, you can get rid of them by closing your garage door, providing better alternatives, and using decoys to scare them. So, if you know anyone who doesn’t know how to keep birds out of their garage, sharing this article should help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Birds Like To Come Inside My Property?

The typical reason why birds like to come inside your property is they could be looking for food or nesting material. So, if you have some lying on the floor, it’s best to keep it away or cover it so birds won’t see it.

Will My Cat Harm the Birds?

Cats are predators and will most definitely harm the birds. So it would be best to ensure that birds can see your cat to ensure that they keep away and your cat won’t attack them.

You can do this by placing a bell on your cat’s collar. That way, when the bell rings, the birds will fly away.

Can Birds Damage My Property?

Birds will typically not do any damage to your property. But there are times when they crash in windows. Or when they are inside your house will cause things to fall because you scare them.

So it would be best to cover your windows with curtains or blinds to prevent them from flying straight into them. And lure them out when they are inside your home.

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