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How To Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden With Ivory Soap

Rabbit In Garden

Rabbits are often the first enemies of a well-maintained garden. Unfortunately, when it comes to effective rabbit repellants, many strategies start with promise but, somewhere along the line, fail.

Unless, of course, you can afford to splurge on expensive repellant techniques. If this is not the case, there are cheaper DIY techniques you can adopt for fast results.

One of these techniques involves using Ivory soap against your stubborn furry nemesis. This post will discuss several methods to apply this budget-friendly rabbit deterrent.


Rabbits are burrowing critters that can turn the hours of hard work you spent planting and weeding your garden into wasted efforts. They eat most garden plants and vegetables and can be difficult to deter.

If you notice their activities in your garden, Ivory soap is one cheap and potent deterrent you can deploy against them.

With the soap ready, here are some ways to apply them to deter rabbits:

  • The Ivory soap flakes method,
  • Burlap bag method,
  • Soap in trench method, and
  • The soap and water spray method.

These are some ways you can use Ivory soap as a rabbit repellant in your garden. We discussed them all extensively in the guide.

The following sections will discuss why we recommend using Ivory soap to deter rabbits. Also, we will guide you through the methods you can use to apply it.

Finally, we will answer some common queries about using Ivory soap as a rabbit deterrent. Let’s get in!

Why Does Ivory Soap Work Against Rabbits?

Ivory Soap Work Against Rabbits

Like most garden pests, rabbits have sensitive noses that help them locate food and avoid predators. That is why you are most likely to see them sniffing the ground, finding their way around your garden.

But strong scents like that of soap can throw off their olfactory senses, confusing them. The result is that they may find it hard to find the things they need to survive — shelter and food.

However, although rabbits hate the scent of soaps, not every soap is strong enough to keep them away. In our analysis, Ivory soap has proven to be the most effective, creating a formidable barrier that rabbits can’t pass.

Ivory soap is a famous personal care brand, an 1879 creation of Procter & Gamble. Centuries later, the company continued to manufacture this flagship product. The continued production over the years is a testament to its effectiveness.

A standard bar of Ivory soap contains ingredients like chloride, magnesium sulfate, and fragrance. These and its other chemical components make this soap unfit for human or animal consumption.

But what exactly makes Ivory soap so unpleasant to rabbits? For one, it contains sodium tallowate and can make rabbits feel sick after eating plants covered in this soap.

Other reactions to Ivory soap may show up in the form of skin irritation in animals. Afraid of the consequences of ingesting this soap, rabbits would rather stay away.

How To Use Ivory Soap To Deter Rabbits

Ivory Soap

The best thing about using Ivory soap to deter rabbits is that you do not need much for it to work. So you are good to go with a single bar of soap and a few kitchen supplies.

For this rabbit-deterring strategy, you need the following equipment:

  • A bar of Ivory soap.
  • An old grater (preferably not the same one you use in the kitchen.)
  • An airtight container for storing excess soap.
  • Burlap bags.
  • A knife.

Get these ingredients and equipment in one place, then follow the next set of tips carefully. We will first consider two primary techniques, using soap flakes and chunks of soap in burlap bags.

Then, we will go over some other methods that are good but not as effective as these.

1. The Ivory Soap Flakes Method

The Ivory Soap Flakes Method

This method involves grating your soap bar until it forms tiny flakes. For best results, use a cheese grater, one that comes with a handle.

Place the soap bar in the grater and turn the handle until it dissolves into smaller bits. Now, spread the shredded soap across your garden plants, paying close attention to the edible plants and flowers.

Alternatively, you can apply this grated soap around your fence or other areas where rabbits are likely to pass.

2. The Burlap Bag Method

The Burlap Bag Method

This technique involves placing cubes or chunks of Ivory soap in burlap bags. For this, you need a knife or some other cutting tool.

Cut the bar of Ivory into smaller chunks, about four to eight pieces. Then place them into small burlap bags.

You can hang these burlap bags on spikes or your garden fence. Alternatively, you can drop the bags of soap on the ground, about five feet from each other. This creates a wall of strong fragrances that keep rabbits out.

Since the soap is in chunks, its scent is more concentrated than the soap flakes method. Thus, this strategy will last longer before adding more soap.

Alternative Methods for Repelling Rabbits With Ivory Soap

Here are some alternative ways to stop rabbits from sniffing around your garden using Ivory soap:

1. The Soap in Trench Method

Trench Method

Another way to deter rabbits from your garden using Ivory soap is the trench method. It involves digging a deep trench around your plants.

After that, place chunks of Ivory soap at the base of the trench and cover it with loose soil. That way, no burrowing animal can get to it and expose the soap.

Repeat this method every few weeks for better results. Alternatively, you can fill the trench with water and dissolve some Ivory soap.

This scent of Ivory soap combined with the deep water will discourage rabbits from crossing into your garden.

2. Creating a Soap and Water Spray

Creating A Soap And Water Spray

Concentrated soap produces better results when making a rabbit-repellant mixture with Ivory soap. But, we understand that personal preferences may come into play, so we recommended this strategy.

To create an Ivory soap spray, you need a bowl, Ivory soap, and heat. Place the soap bar in a bowl, pour water, and heat it.

Once the mixture boils and the soap dissolves, turn the heat off and let it cool. After some hours, transfer the mixture into a spray bottle and apply it around your garden.

The heat helps to enhance the scent of the soap, making the combination more effective than regular soap and water.


Ivory soap is one of the cheapest and easiest DIY methods for repelling rabbits from your garden. This soap creates an effective barrier between your crops and these pesky critters.

Above, we showed you different ways to apply this soap in your garden. Try them and tell us which works best in your war against rabbits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Liquid Soap More Effective Than Bar Soap?

Bar soap is more effective for repelling rabbits, as liquid soaps can wash away once in contact with water.

How Much Ivory Soap Do I Need To Deter Rabbits?

You do not need much Ivory soap to deter rabbits. A single bar of Ivory soap can cover about 40 square feet of garden land.

How Can I Store Excess Grated Soap?

Place the excess soap in an airtight jar to maintain its freshness and prevent it from drying. The freshness retains its potency, so storage is essential.

How Long Will a Bar of Ivory Soap Last?

This depends on the weather conditions in your area. For example, you may replace your soap bar every few weeks in an area with frequent rains. But in dryer conditions, you can go months with one soap bar.

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