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How To Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard in Florida

A Closeup Of A Common Garter Snake In A Yard

Florida is famous for being the Sunshine State. But besides that, the Southeastern US state is also renowned for its many snake species. There are about 46 snake species, with only about 6 of them venomous.

Regardless, no one wants snakes in their home. You certainly don’t want these creepy crawlers slithering around your yard, no matter how harmless they are. If you are a resident of Florida looking for effective ways to keep snakes out f your yard, we have some help for you here.

This guide will discuss some practical and DIY-friendly snake-deterrent ideas you can deploy.


To keep snakes at bay from your yard in Florida, you should:

  • Keep your yard clean.
  • Remove any climbing aids.
  • Use a snake-proof fence.
  • Eliminate rats and other rodents from your yard.
  • Block all possible snake entry points in your yard, etc.

The sections below will discuss nine simple ways to deter snakes from your yard and prevent them from returning. We will also answer other common queries about the peculiarities of handling snake infestation in Florida.

9 Ways To Keep Snakes Out of Your Florida Home

Below, we consider nine pest-deterrent ideas that work against snakes:

1. Keep Your Yard Clean

Wheelbarrow Into Which Garden Has Has Been Putting Results Of Seasonal Cut-Backs

When it comes to deterring household pests, we cannot overemphasize the need to always keep the yard clean. A clean yard will not just keep snakes away. It will also keep many other pests away.

Pick up any stray object lying around. Nylons, dry leaves, sticks, and other things on the floor can be good hiding spots for snakes. So, if you don’t want snakes sharing your yard with you, you must keep your yard dirt-free always.

Ensure you dispose of them properly. You can use a trash can with a lid so the trash does not spill. This way, your yard will stay clean for longer.

2. Remove Any Climbing Aids

Snake Climbing On The Tree

Snakes do not have limbs they can use in climbing, but they will quickly slither their way through any available climbing aid into your home. You must be careful if there have been snake sightings around your area.

Look out for objects extending from your neighbor’s home into your yard. It could be a tree branch, a rod, or anything that will help them land in your yard. Dowell to cut off such branches and remove these objects.

3. Use a Snake Proof Fence

Fence Built From Wood

A fence is a very effective way of keeping snakes out of your head. You can consider investing in one if you do not already have a perimeter fence around your yard.

You can use mesh or any strong fencing material. Regardless of the material you use, ensure the fence is at least 24 inches high with a bend at the top. This will prevent snakes from climbing over it.

Make sure you bury about 2 – 6 inches of the fence underground. This way, no snake can pass under it to enter your yard. However, if you already have a wall, you can reinforce it with mesh.

4. Eliminate All Rodents From Your Yard

Rat With A Long Tail In Back Yard

Like humans, snakes love a good meal, and rodents make an excellent snack for them. If they sense a rat nearby, you can bet they will not rest till they eat it.

Imagine having a yard infested with rodents – you will just be giving an open invitation to the snakes. The best bet is to eliminate all the rodents in your yard.

You can use mouse traps, essential oils, or repellents to keep all the crawlers away. In the long run, it is a win-win for you: no rodents and snakes.

5. Use Repellents

Sulphur Granules Was Applied Around The Edge Of Door To Repel Snakes

As you would for other pests like insects and rodents, you can use repellents to keep snakes away from your yard. There are two options for this. The first is to purchase a ready-made snake repellent from a nearby store.

On the other hand, you can use natural ingredients to create an a-home repellent yourself. Essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, etc., can help keep snakes away. Plants like lemongrass and onions are great options too.

Ammonia and vinegar are just as effective. You can make a solution, dip rags in it and hang them around your fence. You can also spray the solution around your house with a spray bottle.


When using repellents from snakes, natural repellents are a better option. Chemical repellents may be effective but can harm your pets and kids.

6. Lock the Snakes Out

Newly Cut Small Hedgehog Entrance Hole At The Bottom Of A Garden Gate

Snakes are super sneaky and will take advantage of any loopholes to enter your yard. You have to ensure they have no loopholes to pass through.

Check your yard for any holes, cracks, or crevices a snake can pass through. Even the smallest openings are enough room for a snake to pass through.

We advise you to pay close attention to your fence and ensure no openings, no matter how small. If you find any cracks or gaps, do well to close them up quickly. This way, you limit your crawling friends’ chances of entering your yard.

7. Declutter Your Yard

Bin Full Of Household Waste Rubbish On The Front Yard

Sometimes you have a lot of properties and get confused about where to store them. This happens to all of us, though. But in all your confusion, do not consider your yard an option to keep your belongings.

You can use your store, attic, or garage instead. This does not mean that your yard will not have anything on it. That is not the point here. The goal is for it to have a few things on it.

Look around your yard and remove those piles of logs or boxes you have stacked up. When there are many things packed on your lawn, snakes can use it as a good hideout.

You may not even know that a snake is there. Trust me – this can be very dangerous as the snakes can slip out anytime and give you a good scare.

8. Keep Your Lawn Mowed

Lawn Mower

There is no better way to put this – mow your lawn regularly! If your yard is not so large, you can cut it yourself. On the other hand, you can employ the services of a professional if you have a large home.

You will create the perfect camouflage for snakes if you have overgrown grasses and shrubs. It will be worse if the snakes around you are green. You may not see one of these reptiles until a full-blown snake infestation is in your yard.

Pick specific times when you cut your lawn in a month, and be consistent. It will keep snakes and many other pests at bay.

9. Call a Professional Snake Exterminator

An Expert With Snake

The eight do-it-yourself deterrent ideas will work if you apply them correctly. However, suppose your attempts are not good enough, and you can still sight snakes in your yard after deploying them. One more thing you can do is invite an expert to handle the problem.

Besides sending snakes away from your home, an exterminator will also help identify and seal possible snake entry points in your yard. This way, you can be sure there won’t be another snake infestation – not anytime soon, at least.


North American Black Racer

You can enjoy a fantastic time in your Florida home without worrying about snakes. As long as you make your yard uncomfortable for them, these reptiles will stay at bay.

Above, we outlined some ways to do this. Seal holes, cracks, and other possible snake entry points. Use natural repellents like essential oils, lemongrass, etc.

Remove climbing aids, keep rodents from your yard, and ensure your compound is always clean. In difficult infestation situations, you can call an exterminator.

These methods are foolproof and will keep snakes away from your Florida home. If you have further queries, please check our answers to other questions about snake infestation in Florida below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Smell Will Keep Snakes Away?

There are pretty many smells that snakes do not like. The smell of onions, cinnamon, smoke, garlic, and lime will keep snakes away.

What Part of Florida Has the Most Snakes?

Snake infestation is a general problem in Florida. However, the Everglades have the most snakes and diverse species in the state.

Is It Common for Snakes To Come Into Your House in Florida?

It is improbable. Although Florida has an abundance of snakes, they do not usually stay in one location.

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