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How To Keep Squirrels Out of Birdhouses

Wild Red European Squirrel Eat

You see squirrels with their squishy cheeks and cute round eyes. But don’t get tricked by their cuteness.

Squirrels can also be destructive, especially when they see birdhouses. They love going inside to find food, nuts, seeds, and other vegetarian snacks.

The question is, are you smart enough to keep them out?


There are simple yet effective ways to ensure squirrels don’t magically appear in your birdhouses. And if you’re resourceful enough, these ways might be just what you need to keep them out:

  • First, ensure your birdhouses are elevated.
  • Hang birdhouses using wires.
  • Get a squirrel baffle.
  • Add squirrel-proof accessories.
  • A slinky might also work.

These hacks don’t require you to go above and beyond with getting expensive materials to protect your birdhouses.

This guide gives you all the juicy details on successfully keeping squirrels out of your birdhouses.

Because they’re simple, anyone who owns a birdhouse can effectively follow these hacks.

5 Ways To Protect Your Birdhouses From Squirrels

Even before a squirrel enters your birdhouse, why not start protecting your birdhouses early? Remember that efficient birdhouse protection extends its longevity and ensures your birds are in ideal health conditions.

1. Ensure Your Birdhouse Is Elevated

Birdhouse On Tree Springtime Branch

Where do you often see squirrels? On rooftops, branches, and poles. When setting up birdhouses in your backyard, always remember the 5-6-7 rule for these potentially destructive creatures:

  • Squirrels can only jump up to 5 feet.
  • They can only jump at a maximum of 7 feet across barriers
  • These creatures can jump no more than 9 feet below.

So, to outsmart them, you must always keep these measurements in mind when building your birdhouses.

Remember that any birdhouse built too low or on the ground will never be safe from these cute yet destructive creatures.

2. Hang Birdhouses Using Wires

Empty Bird Cage Under Tree

If you have seen a squirrel, one thing you’ll notice is its size. This is because squirrels have round bodies, which makes it impossible for them to walk on wires.

Think of this when building your birdhouses. Hang them from wires, and you can expect your bird shelters to be free from lurking squirrels.

The squirrels might try to reach your birdhouse, but we can guarantee they will instead jump down after a while of struggling.

3. Get a Squirrel Baffle

Squirrel Climbing Pole Get Bird

Baffles are best when your birdhouses are hanging from a pole. This may sound interesting, but baffles come in all shapes and sizes.

If you’re not familiar with the different kinds, here are our top suggestions:

  • Wrap-around Baffle: Cone-shaped metal which serves as a divider between the pole and the birdhouse.
  • Torpedo Baffle: Best for squirrels jumping from the ground.
  • Dome-shaped Baffle: For luring squirrels away and protecting your birdhouse from snow and rain.

4. Install Other Squirrel-Proof Accessories

Birdhouse Inhabitant

Aside from squirrel baffles, it also helps safeguard your birdhouse’s entrance. You can do this by installing accessories like predator or roof guards.

Roof Guards

Roof guards are extra roofing materials that give your birdhouses roof overhangs. They prevent squirrels from entering your bird shelter.

Predator Guards

Predator guards are effective materials that can decrease the size of the entrance of your birdhouses. However, because they are usually made of slate rings or metal, squirrels can’t break them down from chewing.

5. A Slinky Might Also Work

Closeup Multicolored Slinky Spring Hand

Slinky toys are also inexpensive materials you can use to prevent squirrels from entering your birdhouse. Try to hook them up underneath your bird shelter.

Use a thread to wrap it around a pole. Then, because there’s gravity, the slinky gets pulled to the ground.

Protect Your Birdhouse From Squirrels

Squirrels can become your worst enemy when they start attacking your birdhouses to steal your birds’ food. You must be wise enough to outsmart them, allowing your birds to live peacefully.

Elevate your birdhouse and install squirrel-proof accessories, including predator, roof guards, and squirrel baffles.

They may be simple solutions, but trust me, your birds will live much better with these hacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Good Repellants for Squirrels?

The best way to repel squirrels away is by triggering their sense of smell. Unfortunately, black and white pepper and garlic are awful scents they will most likely avoid. Squirrels also hate peppermint.

Can Coffee Grounds Help Lure Squirrels Away?

Coffee grounds can also drive squirrels away. However, a disadvantage of using grounds is that you must constantly replenish them.

Plus, they are not always suitable in all areas that must be squirrel-proofed.

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