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How To Use Bird-Repellent Tape

How To Use Bird-Repellent Tape

People love birds. But sometimes, you must shoo them away, especially when they eat your plants and crops.

Unfortunately, getting rid of birds can be tricky because some places have laws that protect such animals. That is why people have created ways to repel them, one of which is the bird-repellent tape.

Bird-repellent tape is a cheap and effortless way to scare away birds. And you can even use it for festivities. In the hands of a creative person, you can use it to decorate your yard while deterring birds.

So, if you don’t know how to use bird-repellent tape, continue reading this article to find out.


Birds are lovely animals. But they can easily become a nuisance, especially when they eat your plants and crops and poop on your belongings. Fortunately, you can repel them with bird-repellent tape. You can use it on:

  • Top of your perimeter fence
  • Patio
  • Trees
  • Garden

If you don’t know how to use bird-repellent tape, the information below should help.

5 Places To Use Bird-Repellent Tape

5 Places To Use Bird-Repellent Tape

As you may know, bird-repellent tapes are an iridescent and flashy material used by people to scare away birds.

Because of its crinkling sound and movement, reflective colors, and shimmering surface, birds will get tricked into thinking that it is a snake or blind them when light bounces off the tape.

But, you must apply them correctly in the right places to shoo away birds from your property.

1. The Top of Your Perimeter Fence

The Top Of Your Perimeter Fence

One of the best ways to use bird-repellent tape is on the top of your perimeter fence. It is your first line of defense against intruders entering your property.

So, it would make sense that you also turn it into the first line of your bird-repellent strategy.

The only problem you will face is tape supply to cover the whole. So buy extra just to be sure.

2. Patio


Your patio area is one of the best places to hang out on your property, especially during summertime. And although it’s nice to see birds in your yard, you don’t want them to come into your patio.

They could poop on your furniture and steal your food during gatherings. But that will not be a problem if you place bird-repellent tape in the area.

You can stick them on the beams or hang them on the ceilings. That way, no birds will come to disturb you when you have a good time with friends and family.

3. Trees


If you have trees in your yard, you can stick bird-repellent tapes on their trunk and hang some on the branches. So no bird will perch on them.

If birds do not have a proper area to perch, then they’ll not stay for so long.

4. The Garden

The Garden

To protect your plants from birds, place bird-repellent tape in the area. It should deter birds from eating your fruits and crops.

You can place stakes on the ground and run the tape across your garden. Or you can plant a post to stick or hang the bird-repellent tape.

Either method will help you protect your plants from hungry birds.

5. Windows


You may have noticed that birds can sometimes fly through the windows of tall buildings. This can have serious consequences by causing property damage and killing the poor animal.

But that will not happen on your property if you attach bird-repellent tape on your windows.

But, you need to place some space on the strands of tape to ensure birds can use it. Or else they will still fly through your windows.

Will Aluminum Foil Work the Same Way As Bird-Repellent Tape?

Will Aluminum Foil Work The Same Way As Bird-Repellent Tape?

Okay, so you now have an idea of how bird-repellent tape works. So why not make something from your home that can do something similar, like aluminum foil? Wouldn’t that achieve the same thing? Well, it is not as easy as it sounds.

One thing you got right is that aluminum foil is reflective material. So it can scare birds away. But if it’s only static, the birds will quickly know it’s harmless.

Bird-repellent tape can sway with the wind, which confuses birds into thinking it’s alive.

What About Other Festive Ribbons or Tape?

What About Other Festive Ribbons Or Tape?

Again, this may sound like a good idea. But it’s not a better alternative to bird-repellent tape.

Yes, it can reflect light. But it may not last long because UV light can destroy the quality of the tape.

These materials will also have difficulty reflecting light when it gets splashed by rain. So it would be best to stick to the bird-repellent tape.


Birds may look beautiful. But they can easily become a nuisance, especially when they eat your plants and crops and poop all over your furniture.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to repel them, like bird-repellent tape. You place them on top of your fence, windows, and garden to ensure no birds will cause havoc on your property.

So, if you know anyone who doesn’t know how to use bird-repellent tape, sharing this article should help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Birds Scared of Reflective Tape?

Bird-repellent tapes use flash reflections to scare away birds. Birds have difficulty distinguishing between what’s a reflection and what’s real. That’s why you sometimes see them fly through windows.

When the bird-repellent tape reflects something to the birds, they’ll think it’s something quick and big, scaring them away.

What Else Can I Use Besides Reflective Tape?

You can also use old CDs as a bird repellent. They act like reflective tape by reflecting light on birds. You can hang them on trees and posts to let them sway in the wind, confusing birds and keeping them on their feet.

Will Birds Scatter When They See the Tape?

This will depend on many factors. But typically, birds tend to scatter if the tape is higher and closer than any other object. That is because anything that can disturb the harmony of birds will easily scare them, making them scatter.

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