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5 Reasons Roaches Love Homes in Florida

Cockroach On Wood

Seeing roaches in Florida is an unsurprising everyday experience, as the tropical state hosts some of nature’s wildest pests. In addition, the sunshine state experiences warm temperatures almost all year round, creating the perfect environment for roaches to thrive.

Statistics even report that Florida has one of the highest roach infestation numbers, a position it shares with Houston, Texas. All of these show one thing — that roaches are a problem in Florida.

If you wonder what attracts roaches to Florida this much, you will find answers here.


There are several reasons Florida has one of the highest roach infestation numbers, but here are the top five:

  • Excess moisture
  • Dead roaches
  • Abundant food sources
  • Careless cluttering
  • Neighboring infestation

Wondering how these come to play, we discussed that in detail in the guide.

The sections below will provide five reasons for Florida’s high roach infestation cases. Afterward, we will walk you through some deterrent strategies you can deploy to keep the stubborn pests away.

5 Reasons Roaches Love Homes in Florida

Many things can draw roaches to your house, especially if you live in Florida. Below we put together some of the most common factors.

If these seem familiar, your home may be vulnerable to an impending roach attack.

1. Excess Moisture

Cockroach On Wet Wall

Like most indoor pests, roaches lookout for warm, moist environments. These guarantee a steady water supply for these pests that depend on it (more than food) to survive.

That is why you may find them in bathrooms, around the kitchen sinks, and in basements. Many houses in Florida are humid, and roaches feel the most at home there.

Outdoor moisture can also draw these tiny pests to your surroundings. If you have an overwatered lawn or other areas where water pools, there could be a problem soon.

But you can control the situation by draining these excess water sources and leaving your environment dry.

To fix the humidity situation indoors, work on improving ventilation in your house. Then, consider buying a dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture hovering in the air.

2. Dead Roaches

Dead Roaches

This may sound like a funny reason, but it is true. When roaches die, they release a particular smell — the death stench — that humans find repulsive.

But to other roaches, it is a signal. For example, the smell is often the first indication of danger in the area.

Then, the strong acid smell can signal a nearby buffet (fun fact: roaches eat their kind). So, the next time you consider raising your boots to squish these bugs, think about the consequences.

You may encounter more than you bargained for and attract a swarm of roaches looking for a meal.

3. Food Sources

Roaches In Bin

Roaches have a different palate from humans. So, while you may see a week-old bread or rotten food as disgusting, roaches happen to nibble them.

The best place to find this rotten food is often in garbage cans and leftovers in the sink. So, we can say that exposed garbage cans are some factors that attract roaches to homes in Florida.

If you leave your trash bins outside, roaches or rodents will likely find them. But we understand that moving garbage indoors is unhygienic.

What you can do instead is to ensure that your garbage bins have tight-fitting lids. Then, shut them tight after putting trash in them.

Overall, try not to keep garbage out too long because the pungent stench draws more pests as they decay. Then, clean up your kitchen regularly. Pick up crumbs and spills and wash dirty dishes immediately or soon after use.

A clean house is often the first defense against roaches.

4. Clutter

Roach In Shoe

What do you do with old boxes and other things you no longer need? Toss them somewhere in your garage or basement, where they lie, forgotten?

Now, while these discarded pieces may mean nothing to you, they are everything to pesky roaches. These insects will make a nice feast out of a stack of boxes hidden in dark corners.

Other forms of clutter, like discarded toys, old clothes, and outgrown shoes, also provide the perfect hiding spot for roaches. But, then, consider that the hot Florida weather can heat this clutter, creating the ideal roach paradise.

What you can do to prevent this is first to switch your storage to plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. With no cardboard paper to nibble on, roaches will soon avoid your storage area for more comfortable spots.

Then, consider clearing up clutter inside and around your house. Throw out or recycle the things you do not need to eliminate potential roach nests.

Since roaches tend to avoid lights, fix some bulbs in your storage areas. That way, roaches will be too afraid to go near even if you stack items there.

5. Neighborhood Infestation

Dirty Neighbour

Sometimes, seeing roaches in your house does not mean there is a problem from your end. Most pests shuffle between houses in an area once there is an entry.

So, if you have untidy neighbors or if they are dealing with a roach infestation, your home might be next. If you suspect this to be the case, it may be best to speak with your neighbors about the situation.

But, if you stay in an apartment building, consider reporting the issue to the property manager. This person is in a better position to handle the situation without conflict.

However, if you are the property manager, you may want to take preventive extermination steps. This will help contain the roach infestation and stop it from spreading to other houses.

What To Do About Roaches Hiding in Florida Home

Cockroaches Hiding

Sometimes, despite your carefulness, roaches may still find their way into your premises. Plus, the presence of a lone roach often suggests that there’s more hiding in the area.

But there is no immediate cause for alarm because there are many ways to kick these pests out. You can use their strong sense of smell against them by littering your house with savory herbs.

These include spices like cinnamon, bay leaves, thyme, mint, and garlic. Alternatively, you can use essential oils as an effective remedy against roaches.

Pour some in a diffuser and let the scent waft through your house and into any hidden spot. This will make roaches uncomfortable, and they will soon find alternative nests outside your property.

Note, however, that using harsh chemicals against pests is unsafe and not advisable. For example, pouring bleach over roaches is a quick way to eliminate them.

But, the smell and fumes from concentrated bleach are harmful to vulnerable humans and pests, if you have any. So, don’t try any dangerous DIY remedy if you consider an infestation too much to handle.

Instead, call an exterminator to deal with the situation.


Roaches are a serious health risk, as they carry bacteria and often trigger severe breathing conditions like asthma. If you live in a hot region like Florida, then your house is a potential hiding spot.

This is thanks to the warm temperatures that roaches tend to love. If you wonder why you have a severe roach infestation problem in your Florida home, other possible reasons are neighborhood infestation, dead roaches, and careless cluttering.

We put this guide together to point you toward possible environmental attractants. With this information, you can better fortify your home against an infestation by eliminating these attractants. Let us know if this helps. Have further questions? You can check our answers to other common queries about roach infestations below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Roaches Enter Clean Houses?

Unclean environments are not the only reason why roaches come around. These insects are small enough to slip through cracks and other visible openings.

Are Roaches Drawn to Light?

Most roach species are nocturnal and will run from any semblance of light. That is why it is unlikely to spot them during the day.

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