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4 Reasons Why There Are So Many Roaches in Florida

Why Are There So Many Roaches In Florida?

Roaches are one of the most common and disliked pests, and unfortunately, a common sight in Florida.

The worst thing about roaches is that they multiply at a fast rate.

Due to their ability to spread germs and diseases, there is also a health risk.

So, it would be best if you kept roaches out of your home.


Several factors contribute to the abundance of roaches in Florida. There are a lot of conditions that can encourage infestations of roaches in your home in Florida. These conditions include the following:

  • Climate
  • Moisture
  • Food sources
  • Dark environments

Let’s explore what makes your home in Florida so attractive to these pesky critters.

4 Reasons Why There Are So Many Roaches in Florida

4 Reasons Why There Are So Many Roaches In Florida

Here are some reasons which explain why there are so many roaches in Florida:

1. Climate


On average, Florida tends to maintain a warm temperature throughout the year. The region faces lower temperatures during a few winter months.

Summers in Florida are long, warm, and particularly humid. The conditions are favorable habitats for roaches to survive, thrive, and multiply exponentially. Thus causing a full-fledge infestation.

2. Moisture


Roaches are attracted to water and moisture.

Due to the prevailing hot climate, it is common for homes in Florida to have visual or interactive water bodies. Having excess moisture inside or outside your house also attracts roaches.

Even if there are no water bodies around your home, being a coastal state and having a sub-tropical climate, there is a lot of humidity in the environment. This humidity is a suitable living environment for roaches.

3. Food Sources

Food Sources

Leaving food out attracts roaches. This does not mean that roaches will come only if you leave whole pots and plates filled with food.

Even tiny food crumbs that may fall off while eating can also lead to roaches in your house. Food waste, including peels, coffee grounds, or leftovers in the trash, may also attract roaches.

So, ensure you periodically dispose of your garbage and get a tightly sealed dustbin to prevent food waste from attracting roaches.

4. Dark Environments

Dark Environments

To protect themselves from predators, roaches tend to hide in dark areas. They are also nocturnal, which means they get more energy at night than during the day, which is why they are active at night.

At night there is little human and animal activity, so that roaches can feed and reproduce undisturbed. It makes sense for roaches to explore in the dark because they have improved night vision which helps them navigate around in the darkness.

So, ensure you don’t have a lot of dark corners in your house.

Now that you know why there are so many roaches in Florida, let’s find out why they are such a big problem.

Roaches – A Problem

Roaches – A Problem

Roaches are not just unpleasant to look at. They can pose serious health threats to the people and pets living under the same roof.

All while potentially causing damage to your belongings on a smaller level and your property on a higher level, roaches can cause the following:

  1. Allergies and infections.
  2. Threat to your property.
  3. Bad odor.
  4. Infestation to the core.

1. Allergies and Infections

Allergies And Infections

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), roaches live with their feces. Due to this, they can transmit several diseases, including Leprosy, Cholera, Diarrhea, Bubonic Plague, Typhoid Fever, Salmonella, and viral infections. They can also cause food-borne illnesses.

Roaches may also cause allergies, with the common symptoms of sneezing, coughing, sinus infections, ear infections, and nasal congestion. These allergies may trigger underlying health conditions for some people.

2. Threat to Your Property

Threat To Your Property

Roaches tend to cause damage the interior of your home and the things in it.

Roaches are especially attracted to wood or paper in your household. Roaches are drawn towards starch, including all the materials that comprise starch.

In your house, they may consume book binds, ceiling boards, cardboard, paper, and even wallpaper if they are not dealt with in time.

3. Bad Odor

Bad Odor

Roaches leave a distinctive odor in every space they occupy.

The bad odor is something that the people living in the house get accustomed to after a while. An outsider can easily detect the unpleasant smell.

Furthermore, roaches also tend to emit a death stench when they die, which attracts more roaches.

4. Infestations


Don’t take it lightly if you see a roach in your house.

A mere sighting can turn into a full fledge infestation in a few weeks because of its fast reproduction rate.

Now that we know all the harm roaches can cause, let’s put our problem-solving hats on and see how we can prevent roach infestations.

Tips To Prevent Roaches From Infesting Your Homes

Tips To Prevent Roaches From Infesting Your Homes

Let’s look at what you can do to protect your home from roach infestations:

  1. Preventing roaches from coming into your home in the first place is the greatest strategy to control a roach infestation. Seal all openings near the front door, windows, and doorways from where roaches can enter your house.
  2. Repair all water issues, including dripping taps, and block downspouts promptly to avoid attracting roaches.
  3. Keeping your house clean helps to avoid roaches. This entails spraying disinfectants over all the food preparation spaces and sweeping or vacuuming the floors after every snack or meal.
  4. Leave no food out. This includes leftovers in pots over the kitchen counter or scrapes left on plates in the kitchen sink.
  5. Discard food waste in tight-fitting garbage bins.
  6. Disinfect the outdoor trash bins and the area around them periodically.
  7. Decluttering and organizing your stored stuff properly helps prevent roaches from nestling in them.
  8. Use a dehumidifier to help reduce moisture.


Roaches are a common nuisance in Florida, but there is a way you can enjoy life by the sea without these off-putting creatures.

Just know that the roaches infest your house because of hot weather, humid environment, food sources, and dark corners where they can hide.

Roaches can cause allergies and infections, damage your property, and produce bad odors.

So, follow the tips above to get rid of roaches once and for all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chemical Fumigation Helpful With Roach Infestation?

Yes, chemical fumigation is helpful with roach infestation and is advised if the infestation goes out of hand.

However, incorporating all the necessary steps to avoid an infestation is vital to avoid getting infested again after the fumigation.

On Rented Property, Is Dealing With Roaches the Responsibility of My Landlord?

Critical legislation states that the landlord is responsible for the extermination of roaches during the tenancy.

If you are dealing with a severe pest issue and your landlord refuses to help, you can break your lease with a notice period of 7 days.

Are Disinfectant Sprays Safe To Use on Surfaces Used To Prepare Food?

It is essential to examine the label of the chemical agent you are using to see whether it is safe on surfaces that will come into contact with food.

For example, the label on chlorine disinfection wipes specifies that they should not be used on surfaces that come into touch with food.

If these are used on a surface that will come in contact with food, the label also suggests rinsing with clean drinkable water.

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