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5 Ways To Keep Birds Out of Soffit

Starlings On A Metal Bar

Waking up to birds singing in the morning can be so rejuvenating. It’s nice to have them around as long as they’re not wreaking havoc in your soffit.

To prevent that from happening, you need to keep birds out of the soffit area of your property.


Even though birds are gentle creatures only looking for shelter, they can cause more harm than good if they nest in the underside of your house’s eaves.

You can keep birds out of the soffit by doing the following:

  1. Placing predator decoys
  2. Using audio bird repellers
  3. Laying down bird spikes
  4. Installing motion sensor lights
  5. Blocking the soffit with wire mesh

These are simple preventative measures to fend off the birds before they make your soffit their new home.

Birds flying around your home and garden may seem lovely, but if they make a permanent nest in your soffit, it can lead to many problems. Let’s find out why birds can be nuisances and what steps can ensure that they don’t feel at home in the underside of your eaves.

Why Prevent Birds From Nesting in the Soffit

Soffit Of The House

Birds are a crucial part of the natural ecosystem, but sometimes they need to be kept at a distance.

Even though they’re acting upon their survival instinct, it can lead to some major property damage and health hazards.

Here are some reasons why birds should not be allowed to nest in soffits:

1. Bird Poop

Bird Droppings On A Black Surface

When birds inhabit your soffit area, they won’t just poop and mess in that spot.

Every time they fly in and out, they’ll be sky bombing their droppings all over your property.

What if it lands on your head or clothes? Not a pretty sight!


Bird droppings can be playgrounds for infectious diseases and viruses such as Salmonella, E.colli, and Psittacosis.

These harm humans as they lead to severe diarrhea and digestive infections.

2. A Lot of Mess

A Mother Bird Feeding The Young Birds In The Soffit

Besides the poop, birds will be laying eggs and bringing all sorts of edibles to feed their young.

This will create even more mess as the younglings poop and spread the food all over the place.

All this leftover gunk will attract more pests and germs to come to you and become permanent residents of your house.

3. Damage to Property

A Bird Living Under A Damaged Roof

Building on the bird poop and the mess they make, bird droppings, feathers, and nest debris extensively damage buildings.

The acidic nature of the excrement eats through the construction material, allowing the germs and bacteria to spread into the property’s ventilation and plumbing system.

Also, the nest debris can clog up the ventilation and drainage systems, leading to more repair expenses.

4. Health Hazard

A Man Suffering From Diarrhea

The biggest reason to keep birds from nesting in the soffit is the potential health hazard they pose to humans and pets due to the reasons mentioned above.

Damaging the property is one thing, but if it leads to you or your loved ones getting sick, that is something you need to take seriously.

5 Ways To Deter Birds From the Soffit

Before the birds can cause any issues, here are 5 ways to hinder their visit to your soffit:

1. Placing Predator Decoys

Predator Decoy

Birds are scared of big predators like large owls, eagles, and cats.

You can’t get real animals to act as a deterrent, but birds aren’t that smart and can get scared easily.

So, get some large-sized and scary-looking natural bird predators with big staring eyes.

Place the decoys at strategic entry points of the soffit to scare off the birds.

2. Using Audio Bird Repellers

Ultrasonic Repellent

Placing an audio deterrent in the soffit next to a visual one will add to the scare factor.

The birds will be sent flying away due to the large predator making high-frequency sounds.

You can get bird-repelling devices specifically made for this purpose.

3. Laying Down Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes On The Roof And Soffit

Okay, these aren’t sharp spikes that would impale the birds or anything. In fact, these spikes are made in a way that doesn’t allow the birds to land on an even footing.

The difficulty of moving around the spikes will prevent the birds from thinking of your soffit as an ideal living space.

These comb-like strips are harmless and a humane way to tell your flying friends to find another spot for nesting.

Did You Know?

Birds don’t like slippery or overly smooth surfaces. You can spread baking soda on the nestable soffit spots to bother them, making the area not so ideal!

4. Installing Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Sensor Lights Near The Soffit

Birds like to nest in safe, hidden, and somewhat dark places. This makes the soffit the perfect area to keep their eggs and nestlings.

So, light up the soffit by installing motion sensor lights. This way, when a bird comes close and within range of the sensor in the soffit, it will scare off the bird with the sudden dancing of the lights.

5. Blocking the Soffit With Wire Mesh

Roll Of Wire Mesh

This may be an arduous and a bit costly measure, but if all things fail, this is the best way to keep birds and other pests from inhabiting your soffit.

By installing high-quality and sturdy mesh in the underside of your property’s eaves, you will block off all entry points for the birds.


Most domestic birds are protected under state and federal laws, so make sure you don’t do anything that would harm or kill them.

By following these preventive measures, you can keep the birds out of the soffit in a humane manner:

  1. Placing predator decoys
  2. Using audio bird repellers
  3. Laying down bird spikes
  4. Installing motion sensor lights
  5. Blocking the soffit with wire mesh

Remember, if for any reason, you’re not able to perform any of these ways to deter birds, you can always get in touch with your local bird’s nest removal professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Spray the Soffit With Bird-Repellent Spray?

Yes, you can make a concoction that consists of equal parts vinegar, water, and some crushed dried red or green chili peppers.

Infuse the ingredients by heating the mixture for a while and letting it cool.

Pour it into a spray bottle and apply it onto the soffit area.

Will Wind Chimes Keep the Birds Away?

Yes, they can. However, over time, the birds might get used to the noise and come back.

Will Reflective Tape Work To Repel Birds?

Reflective tape can work really well to create visual disturbances for the birds.

The tape also moves in the breeze making squishy sounds, making it increasingly annoying for the birds.

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