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7 Ways To Keep Raccoons Out of the Garage

How To Get Racoon Out Of The Garage

Like every other critter, raccoons are uncomfortable to have around. They look cute and harmless most times, but they can give you so much work to do.

You deserve peace; your kids do not need a scary raccoon in their favorite place. So, how do you keep them away from your garage?

We will walk you through some practical strategies in this post.


Because there are strict laws regulating how to handle raccoons, picking a deterrent strategy can be overwhelming.

If you find these critters invading your garage, here are some law-compliant ideas you can apply:

  • Use repellants against them.
  • Shut the garage door when not in use.
  • Use sounds and lights.

Here are three raccoon-deterring ideas. We discussed these and more in the guide.

The sections below will identify and discuss seven strategies to keep raccoons at bay from your garage.

We will also answer some common queries about handling raccoon infestation in homes.

7 Ways To Keep Raccoons Out of the Garage

Ways To Keep Raccoons Out Of The Garage

Raccoons are not aggressive, though you may get frightened at first glance.

Instead of trying to hurt or kill them, it is best to employ measures to keep them away. How so?

Specific state laws are very strict about how people handle animals, especially raccoons. And the last thing you want is a lawsuit.

Regardless of where you stay, here are some law-compliant strategies you can take to keep these critters from your garage:

1. Declutter


Deciding the main items that you will keep in your garage is essential. You may get caught in your daily activities and turn your garage into a dumpster.

You could also set up a little fun activity in your garage and forget to pack up afterward. Since the garage is not a prominent part of the house, you will most likely ignore it.

Such a scattered environment can attract raccoons and critters alike because they would love to help themselves out with leftovers.

Moreso, raccoons don’t mind eating anything, be it food or other stuff, so they can find their way into the garage and make a mess of it. You can take time to clear up your garage to solve this issue.

Remove old clothes, furniture, and stationery. Even if you are storing some foodstuff or pet food in the garage, try keeping them in an airtight bag.

Also, after fun activities or get-togethers, pack up the trash and leftovers and dispose of them properly. Remember to clean up afterward, as a clean garage has fewer chances of attracting raccoons and other pests.

2. Use Effective Repellants

Use Effective Repellants

There are so many repellants that can keep raccoons out of the garage. Some are finished products, while others are DIY items. Some are natural substances, and others are inorganic.

Raccoons generally detest the smell of garlic, onions, and essential oils. Similarly, raccoons hate vinegar, so any substance with vinegar repels them. The same goes for ammonia. Ammonia has a similar scent to urine which may indicate that another animal is close.

Raccoons are neat when it involves their babies and won’t pee close to their shelter. Perceiving urine would make them believe that someone is around and cause them to leave immediately.

You can take advantage of this to frighten these unwanted creatures from your garage. Get some ammonia, soak in some clothes, and keep them around your garage. You could also do the same with apple cider vinegar for effective results.

Other repellants that ward off raccoons are hot pepper sauce, peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, and Epsom salt. Mix any of these spices with warm water and sprinkle around your garage.

3. Physical Presence

Physical Presence

This method may not be as effective as others, but it could serve. Raccoons are not troublesome creatures and will understand the message when they spot you.

Because they love their babies so much, they would not want any problems. You may want to ensure they leave with their babies when shooing them off.

You can involve a raccoon control agency to avoid lawsuits. Do this because some state laws prohibit the relocation of raccoons.

Always check out the laws of the state you are in before taking action.

4. Use Lights and Sounds

Use Lights And Sounds

Raccoons are generally nocturnal animals, even though you may see one or two during the day. They love dark and quiet corners where no one would disturb them.

One way to get them out is by installing flood lights or leaving the regular lights on before you sleep. You can also put on a speaker and make sounds to scare them off.

They may go and come back. However, leaving the lights on every night will keep them away permanently over time.

5. Contact an Exterminator

Contact An Exterminator

Sighting a raccoon is not the same experience for everyone. Finding one in your garage can be scary, maybe in the middle of the night or when you try to park your car.

Raccoons may not be aggressive, but they can defend themselves when scared. Defending themselves could mean scratching you or jumping at you.

The implication is that you may sustain some bruises or contract rabies. Female raccoons have more tendencies to be aggressive because they are die-hard protectors.

When you come face-to-face with a raccoon or gaze of raccoons, and you don’t know what to do, leave. When you leave, call an exterminator or the pest control agency immediately.

6. Shut the Door

Shut The Door

Do not make a habit of leaving your garage door open.

It is not just about keeping raccoons out but avoiding other pests also.

After you finish any activity in the garage, shut the doors immediately.

7. Seal Holes

Seal Holes

You may want to ask yourself where the raccoons came from.

First, remember, these are desperate creatures looking for where to get food and shelter and where to nurse their babies.

Look out for cracks in the wall or ceiling, and seal them quickly.


Keeping out raccoons can be dicey, especially when trying to adhere to your state’s rules. Traps are effective methods of catching raccoons and keeping them away, but you must comply with state laws.

Using repellants seems the safest way, but an exterminator is just a call away. It would also help if you closed your garage doors when not in use. Look out for holes through which raccoons can enter and seal them properly.

If possible, install floodlights in the garage and leave them on every night. Suppose you are running on a slim budget; you can use regular lights instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can Raccoons Hide in My Garage?

Raccoons can hide in vehicles that have not been used for a while. They can also hide in any enclosed dark area that is not noticeable or a pile of books or furniture.

What if a Raccoon Tries To Attack Me?

First of all, raccoons are less likely to attack you. They may approach you out of curiosity when you try to chase them away. The best thing to do is move away slowly, especially if you are dealing with a female raccoon.

What Pets Are Raccoons Scared Of?

Dogs may scare injured or baby raccoons, but cats aren’t huge enough to scare raccoons. Large predators like coyotes and bobcats threaten raccoons. Humans also scare them.

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