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What Kills Roaches, but Is Safe for Pets?

What Kills Roaches, But Safe For Pets?

One of the nastiest intruders that can enter your home is the cockroach.

Roaches are a bane in nearly every household; they damage properties and transmit diseases, posing a health risk to you, your family, and your pets.

They love to hide in the most unlikely places—but they can be even worse if they end up on your skin and in your food.

Roaches are challenging to deal with, and having them on your property can be insanity-inducing.


When considering killing roaches, you must ensure that your chosen method does not affect your pet. Heat treatment is the only true cockroach treatment method that:

  • Is non-toxic to pets
  • You can apply within hours or minutes, ensuring that the treated rooms are safe to access on the same day
  • Kills adult roaches along with their larvae and eggs

Choose a route that protects your furry friends and drives out these pesky intruders.

The heat remedy is effective, and you can reclaim your space from roaches without putting your pets at risk.

3 DIY and Pet-Safe Ways To Use Heat To Kill Roaches

Diy And Pet Safe Ways To Use Heat To Kill Roaches

It is discouraging when you find out you have a roach problem.

Dealing with it safely when you have pets causes an even bigger headache since the most common strategies, such as using chemicals or roach bait, are out the window.

However, it is possible to rid your house of these pesky pests without using dangerous insecticides and roach traps.

Let’s explore some DIY ways to use heat and kill roaches without harming your pets:

1. Apply Dry Heat on Hard-To-Reach Surfaces

Apply Dry Heat On Hard-To-Reach Surfaces

Roaches do not develop or reproduce and cannot survive when the temperatures are too hot, above 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Domestic cockroaches best adapt to the temperatures we maintain in our homes. Therefore, hot temperatures leave no chance for their survival.

Use a heating gun to apply dry heat directly to the wall surface. Maintain a 3 feet distance from the wall and circulate the heat throughout the room.

Gradually increase the heat until it reaches a temperature to kill the roaches and target every corner to prevent escapees.

A couple of reasons it works best is that the heat builds up without the cockroaches realizing it, so they do not escape in hard-to-reach areas that could protect them.

It also leaves no cold spot when shifting the heat gun as the temperature rises and circulates throughout the area that you are treating. You can target hidden areas like floorboards or other potential hiding spots.

You can also adjust your hair dryer to the highest setting and use it as long as you place it at least 3 feet away from where you want to treat.

The most common places where cockroaches hide and where you can apply dry heat include:

  • Behind wall decorations (pictures, paintings, etc.)
  • In cracks between tiles or carpeting
  • Inside and on top of cabinets
  • Behind light switches

2. Steam Heating Is Effective

Steam Heating Is Effective

Another heat source that can help kill adult roaches and their larvae and eggs is steam. The ability to blow hot steam into confined spaces makes steamers handy.

The steam must be at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit, but it shouldn’t have a strong airflow because that could scatter roaches. To avoid scattering, use a diffuser. Also, choose a steamer with a large water container and a pinpoint nozzle.

Cover the nozzle’s tip with a microfiber cloth and fasten it to the wand with bands to increase efficiency. The fabric raises the temperature at the nozzle tip while assisting in steam pressure release. Navigate the nozzle through each crack.

Steam all flat surfaces to destroy eggs, remove roach stains, and disinfect clothing. The fabric should be damp but not completely soaked. The furniture will probably need up to 24 hours to dry.

You can also kill cockroaches and keep pets safe. Mix essential oils with water to the steam cleaner before steaming the entire interior of your home.

Avoid applying steam on electrical surfaces and target cracks, crevices, and areas such as carpets, between tiles, and around window sills.

3. Pour Boiling Water on Drains and Areas With Roach Activity

Pour Boiling Water On Drains And Areas With Roach Activity

Cockroaches thrive in damp, dark, and cool environments with easy access to food scraps and water, such as those found in kitchen drains.

By frequently pouring boiling water down the drain, you can prevent roaches from hanging out in this area and from entering other parts of your home. This effectively destroys any hiding cockroaches and their eggs.

Another suggestion is to keep food and dirty dishes out of the sink.

You can also extend this boiling water treatment to your bathroom drains. Bathrooms are ideal roach breeding grounds providing soap and water from drains and/or sinks.

Pouring boiling water down the bathroom drains and sinks effectively kills roaches and their developmental stages in one efficient sweep.


Killing roaches with heat keep your family and pets safe and eliminates cockroaches at any stage of their life cycle.

It is chemical-free and environmentally friendly, providing a roach solution to pet owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Prepare for a Roach Dry Heat Treatment?

Dry heat treatment is far safer for your family and pets. The main precautions you should take are removing pets and kids from these areas.

Also, keep those things away that could spoil at higher temperatures, for example, wallpaper and foodstuffs. You can leave electronics through the heat treatment as long you unplug them.

How Do I Prepare for a Roach Steam Heat Treatment?

To prepare for a heat steam treatment, keep the area clear and accessible. You do not want roaches escaping and seeking refuge in bags or boxes.

Also, cover all cracks, crevices, and other hiding places the cockroaches can use to hide from the steam.

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