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What Smells Deter Geckos

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Geckos are one of the most common pests that can invade your home. These small lizards can easily squeeze into tiny cracks and crevices and make their way inside. Fortunately, certain smells are proven to be effective in deterring geckos. This article will discuss what smells you need to threaten their presence and keep them at bay.


The following are some smells that deter geckos:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Garlic
  • Lavender
  • Citrus peels

The sections below will identify some smells that deter geckos and how to apply them. Before we go into all that, let’s peek at some unusual facts about these household pests.

What Are Geckos?

Tokay Gecko Clings Into A Tree On Green Blurred Background

Geckos are small, nocturnal reptiles found throughout the world. They range from one to six inches long and come in various colors and patterns.

Geckos are harmless and do not cause any damage to the home, but they can be a nuisance due to their presence and noise. These reptiles love to stay in warm and humid places, such as behind furniture and appliances, where they can hide during the day.

But why do they invade homes? Let’s answer that shortly in the next section.

Why Do Geckos Invade My Home?

Close Up Of Tokay Gecko (Gekko Gecko) Climbing Wall.

If you have geckos in your home, the reason for their presence is not far fetch. Your location is the primary determinant. The natural habitat of geckos is any area covered with vegetation. Hence, any building in such an area may have geckos around.

Though, geckos are not harmful to both humans and pets. So, seeing them around means they have searched for their food, primarily insects. So, having them around helps you to do away with other insects or pests like bugs or mice.

However, keeping geckos at home may, at a point, become unbearable as their number increases. Then, it would be best if you kept them off. Doing these might be challenging. But believe me. It is easier than you can imagine.

So, let’s move on to consider several effective ways to keep geckos away.

6 Natural Smells That Deter Geckos

Below, we examine a few natural repellents that deter geckos:

1. Peppermint Oil

Mint Oil In Glass Bottle And Fresh Peppermint Leaf Isolated On White Background.

Several varieties of smells can help keep geckos away. One of the most effective is peppermint oil. The strong scent of peppermint is famous for repelling geckos and other pests.

You can create a peppermint solution. Add a few drops of peppermint oil in a bottle with a few drops of dish soap and water. Mix thoroughly and spray at the corners of your home where or where you usually find the geckos.

You can also make a mixture of just peppermint oil and water. This mixture is equally effective, and you can spray it around the perimeter of your home to keep geckos away.

2. Garlic

Garlic Cloves Isolated On White Background

Aside from using peppermint oil, you may also want to use garlic. Garlic is a natural repellent that can help to keep geckos away. However, the pungent scent of garlic is unpleasant to geckos and will drive them away.

You can use garlic powders to keep the geckos away. Sprinkle around your furniture or in warm corners where you often visit.

You can also make a mixture of garlic and water. Put a few garlic bulbs in a blender and blend properly. Take this mixture and spray it around the perimeter of your home to keep geckos away.

3. Lavender

Lavender Flowers Mix Isolated On White Background

Lavender is such a lovely smell that many humans love. Geckos, on the other hand, do not share the same sentiments.

The geckos will stay away with a few drops of lavender oil in their diffuser. You can also mix it with water and spray it around your home.

4. Citrus Peels

Twist Of Citrus Peel On A White Background.

Another natural repellent is citrus peels. The pungent smell of citrus peels will surely deter geckos. In addition, citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, and limes, contain a powerful scent that geckos find unpleasant.

You can spread citrus peels outside your home or place them in places where geckos often congregate.

You can also place slices of citrus fruits around your home or mix citrus peels with water and spray them to keep geckos away.

5. Cayenne Pepper

Chili Spur Pepper (Cayenne Pepper, Long Fed Pepper, Spur Pepper) On White Background

Among the variety of natural repellents that can keep geckos away, cayenne pepper is one of the most effective. It has a strong smell and is hot too!

Sprinkle cayenne pepper sprinkle around your home to keep geckos away. Be careful if you have kids or pets, so they do not touch the cayenne pepper.

If you do not like how strong the scent of the cayenne pepper is, you can add a few citrus peels to the mix. This mixture is just as effective and will keep the geckos out.

6. Coffee Grounds

Coffee Beans And Ground Coffee Isolated On White Background

Coffee is a well-known ingredient found in many homes. The scent is so strong and fills up any room quickly.

You can get coffee grounds and drop them around your house. Geckos will quickly detect the smell and scurry away. Just don’t put too much so you can stay around.

Store-Bought Repellents To Keep Geckos Away

There are a variety of store-bought repellents that you can use to keep geckos away. One of the most effective is a product called Repel-Gecko. This product has a blend of essential oils known as repel geckos.

Another popular product is GeckoGuard. This product contains essential oils and other ingredients known to repel geckos. You can use it both indoors and outdoors to keep geckos away.

Other products include GeckoX and GeckoGone. These products contain essential oils and other ingredients known to repel geckos.

Tips for Using Repellents To Keep Geckos Away

Tokay Gecko With Curved Tail On Gray Wall

When using repellents to keep geckos away, you should keep a few tips in mind.

First, make sure to reapply the repellents regularly. This will ensure that the scent remains strong and effective. Second, make sure to spread the repellent around the perimeter of your home. This will ensure that the scent spreads out evenly and more effectively. Third, use the repellents in areas where geckos usually congregate. This will help to keep them away from your home.

Benefits of Using Smells To Repel Geckos

Basket With Beautiful Lavender In The Field In Provance With Lavander Water And Candles.

Using smells to repel geckos has a variety of benefits.

First, it is a natural and non-toxic method of repelling geckos. This means it is safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Second, it is a cost-effective method of repelling geckos. Many of the ingredients used in DIY repellents are inexpensive and easy to find. Third, it is a relatively simple method of repelling geckos. You don’t need any special equipment or knowledge to make your repellent. Finally, using smells to repel geckos is an effective method. It is very effective in keeping geckos away from your home.


Geckos can be a nuisance when they enter your home. Fortunately, there are ways to keep them away. One of the most effective methods is to use scents and smells to deter them.

This article has already put together all you need to keep geckos out. Use the tips listed above and enjoy a gecko-free home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Deterrent for Geckos?

The number one repellent for geckos is garlic. Its smell is so strong that it will chase the geckos away in no time.

Can a Gecko Bite You?

Yes, but geckos do not usually bite. They only do so if they feel threatened.

Do Lemons Repel Geckos?

Yes, lemons repel geckos alongside other citrus fruits.

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