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Why Do Roaches Come in the Bathroom?

Why Do Roaches Come In The Bathroom?

Roaches are one of the most irritating insects people dread and seek to eliminate at all costs.

Their presence usually is more associated with a dirty environment and one that has not been used for some time. However, the bathroom is one place these insects will gladly fight their way into in an occupied apartment.

But why would these insects hang around a place with no edible food or life? We answered that question and more in this article.


It is typical for roaches to always hang around dark and wet areas. If you wonder why they love to come into the bathroom, we give you five possibilities to consider below:

  • They need food
  • They need water
  • They love dirt
  • They are in search of dark areas

In the following sections, we will discuss common reasons roaches come into the bathroom and identify practical ways to keep them at bay.

5 Reasons Why Roaches Come Into the Bathroom

Reasons Why Roaches Come Into The Bathroom

Showering and feeling an insect crawling on your legs could be scary. Trust me — this can be extremely disgusting and shocking. It could even frighten the kids.

You begin to wonder what the insects are doing in your bathroom, of all places. Why didn’t they remain in the basement? Why wasn’t the kitchen enough for them?

Below, we will walk you through five possibilities:

1. They Need Food

They Need Food

Roaches can be weird insects. What food could they possibly seek in the bathroom? Well, roaches can eat just about anything. They don’t mind feasting on dirty tissues, soaps, and used sanitary pads and items alike.

So, if they get bored with the basement and kitchen supplies, their next stop will be in the bathroom. They also love germs and decayed matter and can linger around the bathroom drain or sinkhole.

What more? If you have a trash can in the bathroom, they may convert it into supplies for the day or week. Your toilet brush is another snack they may want to check out.

Remember that the toilet brush usually comes with a casing for putting it back after use. This casing helps the brush drain out water after use. The germs on the toilet brush are enough attraction for these unwanted visitors.

2. They Need Water

They Need Water

The leftover water in the bathtub or sink is another reason roaches may come into the bathroom. Since many water-related activities occur in the bathroom, roaches may see it as a permanent water supply.

Water from the heater and toilet bowl, and water heater is also enough to attract roaches. The same way they need food is the same way they need water to survive.

3. They Get Stuck

They Get Stuck

Sometimes, you see roaches in the bathroom because they get stuck in the bathtub or sink. They get stuck because they cannot get out of the bathtub. Helplessly, they fall inside and remain there.

Climbing the wide, slippery bathtub may be difficult for them after they’ve eaten and drunk to their satisfaction.

Though their small sizes help them maneuver through any little space, they can hardly climb slippery tubs and sinks.

4. They Love Dark Areas

They Love Dark Areas

Roaches are hardcore nightcrawlers that you would scarcely find during the day. They love to stay in dark corners and do all they want — little wonder why they almost disappear when you show up with the lights on.

If your bathroom light is usually switched off when not used, don’t be surprised when you find roaches lingering.

Even if your bathroom light is always switched on, the areas behind your bathtub and toilet bowl are good hiding areas. These roaches feel comfortable in dark places and can hide in the sinkhole or drains to avoid the lights.

5. They Love Dirt

They Love Dirt

If you clean it once in a blue moon, don’t be surprised to find roaches in your bathroom. Imagine the number of germs and toxic organisms that could be amassed in a dirty bathroom.

The same goes for people who leave lots of sanitary pads or tissues for a long time. Those people are now extending an arm of friendship/invitations to these roaches.

If you want to avoid roaches, a dirty sink, bathtub, and floor is the last thing you need. Roaches thrive in polluted environments, and cleaning takes a lot to get them out.

Now, let’s look at how roaches get into the bathroom.

4 Ways Roaches Get Into the Bathroom

Ways Roaches Get Into The Bathroom

During the day, you scarcely see them, but at night they come in their numbers. How did they enter?

Here are four ways roaches could get into the bathroom:

1. Walls and Ceilings

Walls And Ceilings

Roaches are small and can almost fit into any space. They can fit through and come in their numbers if there is space in the walls.

Since the walls are connected to other apartments, any roach invasion can reach your bathroom. Another thing to consider is how long your building has been around.

The older your bathroom, the more chances your walls are cracked, which could lead to a roach infestation.

Little gaps in the ceiling could also give room for roaches to evade your bathroom.

2. Pipes and Drains

Pipes And Drains

Pipes and drains are among the commonest ways roaches get into the bathroom.

Damaged pipes leave a seamless channel for roaches.

These insects can even make more holes from the leaks in the pipes and have multiple channels of entry.

A minor fault in the drainage system can give roaches access.

3. Doors


Roaches, though tiny, can be brilliant. They may not come from outside but can move from somewhere within the house to the bathroom.

Such places include the kitchen, bedroom, or basement. They enter under the door or when it is left ajar.

They could also climb the doors and go over them through spaces in the door frame.

4. Faulty Tiles

Faulty Tiles

If tiles are not placed properly, they can serve as a channel for roaches to enter.

These roaches come from underneath the floors, foundation, and fittings. They could have cracks and leave roaches to enter freely if they are old.

It is best to regularly check these tiles and ensure they are not broken and do not have holes in them.

Now that you know how roaches enter bathrooms, let’s look at some practical ways to get them out.

5 Ways To Get Roaches Out of the Bathroom

Ways To Get Roaches Out Of The Bathroom

The following are effective ways to eliminate roaches from the bathroom:

1. Do Clean-Ups Regularly

Do Clean-Ups Regularly

Roaches thrive in dirty environments, so keeping a constantly clean bathroom is a smart move.

Consider taking out the trash daily or twice a day. You can also clean the edges and corners with suitable disinfectants and safe chemicals. Also, wipe your sinks, mirrors, and water closet frequently.

Keeping your bathroom sparkling clean, amongst other things, will keep roaches off your bathroom. This cleaning applies to your bathroom and other areas of your house.

If you have a neat kitchen, bedroom, basement, and store, there will be no roaches to relocate to your bathroom. Work towards having a clean apartment, and you won’t need to worry about roaches.

You can also decide to have a medium-sized dumpster to collect all the trash in the house. This way, there won’t be trash scattered all over, and roaches won’t enter.

2. Cover Up Holes and Leaks

Cover Up Holes And Leaks

To keep roaches at bay, you may need to refurbish some areas in your house. Holes and leaks often indicate that the house and furniture are old and rickety.

It could also signify that whoever did specific installations did a lousy job. Contacting a plumber or carpenter will be a good idea. You can also change the pipes or drainage system for the best results.

Another space to cover is the sinkhole. Since you cannot have a sealed sinkhole, you can use a rubber blockage to protect it before bed. Blocking the sinkhole will prevent any roach from getting in.

For leaking walls and ceilings, you can call a carpenter to change the boards or convert them to a pert/insect-proof material. You can also run glue or tape to cover small holes if you are working with a slim budget.

3. Insecticides


Insecticides are effective in warding off roaches. Spraying insecticides often chase roaches off, especially when spraying them in corners or sinkholes.

One of the downsides, though, is that these insecticides have a choky effect. You would have to stay away from the bathroom and return after some time for the smell to dissipate.

But you could spray the insecticide at night when everyone has gone to bed. If anyone wakes up at night to use the bathroom, the smell of the insecticide won’t affect them by then.

Consider looking for more effective yet less toxic insecticides. Some insecticides ward off roaches when you spray them once. However, you will need to spray others often to get better results.

Aside from sprayable insecticides, there are other types made from solid glue. When you purchase it, sprinkle a bait around it that would lure the roaches, then keep it in a corner.

The roaches will be attracted to the bait, trapped in the glue, and die afterward. You can dispose of the glue after that or remove the roaches and use it again.

There are also insecticides in powder form. You can sprinkle them around your bathroom edges to keep roaches out. In addition, you can as well spray it around the sinkhole and pipes outside.

One of the extra advantages of using insecticides is that it eliminates roaches and other insects. Flies, ants, fleas, and other insects, will be affected by the insecticides.

When storing any form of insecticides, remember to keep them out of edible items and the kids. You can keep them in a dry place but totally out of the kitchen.

4. Keep the Bathroom Dry

Keep The Bathroom Dry

One of the reasons why roaches enter the bathroom is because of the wetness or humidity of the bathroom.

It is one thing to have a neat bathroom and another to have a dry bathroom.

After using the bathroom, you can put on the dryer or open the windows to dry it naturally.

Close the window nets properly to prevent pest and insect invasion. However, leave the windows open.

5. Natural Methods

Natural Methods

Suppose buying insecticides or refurbishing your house is out of your budget. There are several natural and less expensive methods you can deploy.

One of these natural methods is pouring hot water into the drain.

Other natural methods involve the application of natural roach repellents. These include:

  • Essential oils like lemon oil and lavender oil. Apply them around the bathroom corners, sinkhole, and drain.
  • Bay leaf, garlic Cameroon pepper, onion powder, rosemary, and thyme. Place them around the drain, sinkhole, and pipes.
  • Natural insecticides like DE (Diatomaceous Earth). It burns the outer skin of the roaches and kills them instantly. Do exercise care when applying Diatomaceous Earth to avoid skin reactions and cough.
  • Plants like lemongrass, citrus plants, and cucumbers. You can place cucumber peels around the bathtub. Similarly, you can use lime and other citrus fruits to repel roaches.


It is typical for roaches to always hang around dark and wet areas. If you wonder why they love to come into the bathroom, we give you five possibilities to consider above.

They could be hunting for food, water, and dark areas or are drawn to the dirt in the infested bathroom. Another possibility is they are stuck in the bathtub or sink and cannot find their way out.

Above, we shared five DIY-friendly strategies to keep these insects at bay from your home. Repelling roaches is easier than you think. Be rest assured the strategies above will help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Smells Keep Roaches Away From Bathrooms?

Mint products are strong repellants for roaches. You can sprinkle peppermint oils around your sinkhole.

As mentioned earlier in the guide, you can also use cinnamon, cedarwood, and other oils to repel roaches.

What Can I Pour Into the Drain To Deter Roaches Forever?

You can pour hot water, vinegar, boric acids, and baking soda into your drains. These substances are toxic to roaches, and they can’t survive them.

That said, be careful of pouring other chemicals that can damage the pipes into the drain.

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