Bed Bugs

What Kills Fleas And Bed Bugs

What Kills Fleas and Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs and fleas are some of the typical pests you can find in your house. And they can be a nuisance, biting anyone if they have the chance. So, …

How To Keep Bugs Out Of Stored Clothes

How To Keep Bugs Out of Stored Clothes

People who have custom closets enjoy the comfort of having an orderly arrangement and easy access to their clothes. However, these closets are susceptible to different pests because of the …

Bed Bug Cimex Lectularius At Night In The Moonlight

What To Eat To Repel Bed Bugs

Bed bugs feed off fresh human blood and depend on their strong sense of smell to identify them. Most people do not know this, but your diet can affect the …