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5 Bugs That Pine-Sol Repels

What Bugs Does Pine Sol Repel?

Pine-Sol, for some, is an all-purpose home cleaner. But like bleach and other home cleaners, Pine-Sol also repels specific bugs.

A report shows that pine oil is an effective mosquito repellant. That answers part of the question.

Since we use pine oil to make Pine-Sol, it is safe to say that it repels mosquitoes and many other bugs.

So, what other bugs does this cleaning agent repel? Let’s settle that here!


Pine-Sol is famous for its bleaching and cleaning properties. But like most other cleaning agents, Pine-Sol can do beyond removing dirt from surfaces.

With proper application, Pine-Sol can also serve as a deterrent for several bugs. Some bugs that Pine-Sol can repel include:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Flies
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders
  • Roaches

In the following sections, we will identify five bugs Pine-Sol repels and how to apply the solution against each of the bugs on the list.

Also, we will examine how safe this bug-deterring solution is and the safety precautions to adhere to while using them.

Finally, we will outline alternative strategies to deter bugs besides using Pine-Sol and answer common questions about the wonder-working bug repellant.

5 Bugs That Pine-Sol Repels

Bugs Pine-Sol Repels

Pine-Sol is an effective deterrent against several bugs.

Below, we consider some of them:

1. Anopheles Mosquito

Anopheles Mosquito

Having mosquitoes around can be uncomfortable, and it is worse when their presence can cause harm to you.

The Anopheles mosquitoes are responsible for the spread of malaria, and Pine-Sol repels them.

Besides this particular breed of mosquitoes, other “harmless” species find pine oil irritating and avoid any area containing it.

So, how do you use Pine-Sol to deter mosquitoes? It is pretty straightforward.

Mix a Pine-Sol cap with warm water and pour it into a spray can. Then shake the can for the solution to mix correctly.

Afterward, spray the mixture around your trash/garbage area or any other entry point. This action will deter mosquitoes from coming around the house and kill most of them on the spot.

Pine-Sol will also eliminate these mosquitoes at the larvae stage, making their growth in population impossible.

2. Flies


Pine-Sol may have a fresh pine scent for us humans.

For flies, however, the opposite is the case. Any pine-related smell stinks, and they avoid such fragrances.

So how do you use Pine-Sol to keep flies off?

Mix a little cap of Pine-Sol with vinegar and water in a spray can and shake thoroughly.

Then spray the mixture around the surfaces that the flies often come to. After a while, those flies won’t come around again.

Remember that it is not only about spraying Pine-Sol around the house; a clean environment is also essential.

You can clean the house more and use Pine-Sol for better results.

3. Roaches


Pine-Sol is an effective roach repellant. You can prepare a DIY repellant like the ones described above and use it.

Sprinkle the repellant around your toilet bowl, drainage holes, and bathtub to keep roaches away.

Depending on the quantity, Pine-Sol may not kill roaches upon direct contact. But using more Pine-Sol can kill the roaches when they come in contact with it.

You can also sprinkle the Pine-Sol mixture around your house or specific entry points to keep roaches away.

Most homeowners mix Pine-Sol and bleach for more results, but it is not advisable.

Roaches may be very stubborn, but mixing bleach and Pine-Sol is more dangerous. You may end up inhaling harmful chlorine or acid or have burns on your skin.

4. Spiders


A Pine-Sol solution may not kill the spider, but it does repel them.

The application process is quite similar to those described above.

However, for spiders, you need to add some vinegar when preparing the Pine-Sol solution for better results.

Spiders detest vinegar a lot. Adding some to the Pine-Sol solution can help eliminate spiders permanently.

5. Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

These reddish-brown creatures usually hide behind old furniture and lurk around your bed.

They feed on human blood and leave people with bites and blood stains on their beds.

If you have ever encountered bed bugs, you would agree that it is difficult to spot them.

With Pine-Sol solution, you can shut the door of your house against these blood-sucking household pests.

A Pine-Sol solution kills bed bugs by removing their outer skeleton upon contact. It is almost impossible for bed bugs to escape the wrath of Pine-Sol.

If they don’t contact the solution directly, the alcoholic smell from the Pine-Sol will repel them.

Bugs that Pine-Sol repels are ants, fleas, gnats, wasps, and ticks. Using the same methods mentioned above will help you deal with any of these bugs.

Why Is Pine-Sol Very Effective?

Why Is Pine-Sol Very Effective?

Pine-Sol isn’t just any disinfectant. It has proven the potency of keeping surfaces clean and removing stains. As the name applies, it is made from pine oil (over 10%) from pine trees.

It is a concentrated cleaning agent that contains benzoic acid, sulfonic acids, alcohol ethoxylates, and a host of other substances.

Thankfully, Pine-Sol doesn’t contain ammonia, and this is another advantage it has.

Since it does not contain ammonia, you can use it as a deterrent against pet pee around the house.

Pets are known to pee around the house to mark their territory. You can clean surfaces your pets are likely to pee with Pine-Sol. The smell would deter them from peeing there again.

The ingredients in Pine-Sol make it a multipurpose substance that you can use to achieve a neat and pest-free home.

There is also a common practice of testing pregnancy with Pine-Sol by pouring out a small quantity and peeing on it. If the color changes, you are more likely pregnant.

Is Pine-Sol Safe?

Is Pine-Sol Safe?

Seeing that this is a powerful, concentrated substance, you may have your concerns.

Pine-Sol is effective if you use it moderately and store it safely afterward. As we said, please do not mix it with bleach or pour large quantities.

Imagine pouring it mistakenly into your pet’s plate, it could be very hazardous, and your pet may not survive the poisoning.

Excessive usage of Pine-Sol may lead to eye irritations and nausea.

Pine-Sol is generally good, although the producers recalled the products they manufactured between January 2021 and September 2022.

They recalled their lavender and lemon products, which contained some harmful bacteria. But thankfully, there was no report of injuries or harm from any user.

As long as the manufacturing date of the Pine-Sol you have doesn’t fall between the duration above, you are good.

Remember to apply it carefully and keep it away from food items and children’s reach.

Alternative Bug Repellants

Alternative Bug Repellants

Besides Pine-Sol, there are other DIY bug repellants you can use.

Borax acid, for instance, is effective when mixed with water and vinegar. You can put the mixture in a spray can and sprinkle it around your house.

Herbs like rosemary, citrus plants (lemon, pineapple, etc.), lavender, and thyme also help deter bugs.

Similarly, essential oils like peppermint, cedarwood, tea tree, and sunflower oil are good bug repellants. You can sprinkle them around your house and entry points for the best results.

Garlic, chili pepper, and cinnamon powder are other effective natural bug repellants.

While the above repellants are natural, chemical repellants also keep bugs away. These chemicals come as traps, insecticide spray, or insecticide powder.

For the traps, you can sprinkle food substances as bait. When roaches or spiders come around, they get stuck in the traps.

For the insecticide powder, you can pour it around the house or close to an entry point.

Above all, declutter, thoroughly clean (using Pine-Sol), and cover up holes and possible entry points.

Where all these methods fail, you can call an exterminator to fumigate your house and deploy other deterrent measures that can help your bug infestation problem.


Bug infestation seems inevitable, but it is not.

If you follow the correct steps, Pine-Sol is an all-purpose cleaner that can help keep them at bay. This solution repels mosquitoes, spiders, ants, bed bugs, etc.

It is understandable if you have any safety reservations because of Pine-Sol’s concentration.

However, remember that some insecticides and chemical repellants have similar properties. You will be fine if you adhere to the safety precautions outlined in the guide.

However, you can add other alternative deterrent strategies from those discussed above.

Depending on what is readily available, you can apply insecticide sprays, use natural deterrents like citronella, or hire a pest control company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Pine-Sol Smell Last?

Pine-Sol has a long-lasting refreshing smell that lasts for over a week. Since the scent lasts such a long time, you can say goodbye to bugs forever with the solution in your bug-deterring arsenal.

Can I Boil Pine-Sol and Water?

Yes, you can! Just ensure that the quantities are equal and you reduce the heat. This option is best if you want to achieve a long-lasting fragrance.

How Long Does Pine-Sol Last?

Pine-Sol can last up to a year from the manufacturing date. At the point of purchase, you can check the date before taking it home to avoid underperformance.

Is Pine-Sol Flammable?

No, it is not. Pine-sol is a non-flammable disinfectant. Sprinkling Pine-Sol around your fireplace or using it to clean the kitchen won’t cause any fire outbreak whatsoever.

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