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How To Get Rid of Fleas on Pitbulls

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Fleas are a common menace to dogs, and pitbulls are no exception. These small, parasitic insects can cause a multitude of problems for your furry friend, ranging from mild discomfort to severe health issues. If you’re a pitbull owner dealing with a flea infestation, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know on how to get rid of fleas on pitbulls.


To get rid of fleas on pitbulls, start by using a flea comb to physically remove fleas from your dog’s fur. Then, bathe your dog using a flea shampoo and apply a flea prevention product recommended by your vet. Treat your home and yard by regularly vacuuming, washing pet bedding in hot water, and using yard sprays or diatomaceous earth. Always consult your vet before starting any flea treatment regimen.

Identifying a Flea Infestation

Before we dive into the solutions, it’s crucial to recognize the signs of a flea infestation. Symptoms can include excessive itching, scratching, licking, or chewing of the skin, red, irritated skin, scabs, or sores, and visible fleas or flea dirt in your dog’s fur.

Treating Your Pitbull

Once you’ve identified a flea infestation, it’s time to take action.

1. Use a Flea Comb

Regularly comb your pitbull’s coat with a flea comb. This simple tool can help you physically remove fleas and their eggs from your dog’s fur.

2. Bathe Your Dog

Flea shampoos, such as Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo or TropiClean Natural Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo, can kill fleas on contact. Make sure to follow the instructions on the label for the best results.

3. Apply Flea Prevention Products

Products like Frontline Plus, Advantage II, or K9 Advantix II are designed to kill fleas and prevent future infestations. Consult your veterinarian to find the most suitable product for your pitbull.

4. Use Natural Remedies

Natural remedies, such as essential oils or apple cider vinegar, can also help repel fleas. However, it’s crucial to consult with your vet before trying any home remedies to ensure they are safe for your pitbull.

Treating Your Home and Yard

Fleas can survive in your home and yard, waiting for the perfect opportunity to re-infest your pitbull.

1. Clean Your Home

Vacuum your home regularly, especially carpets and pet bedding. Washing your dog’s bedding in hot, soapy water can kill any lingering fleas.

2. Treat Your Yard

Use yard sprays or diatomaceous earth to kill fleas in your yard. Maintaining a clean and well-kept yard can also help prevent future infestations.

Preventing Future Infestations

Prevention is the key to keep your pitbull flea-free. Regularly inspect your pitbull for fleas, use flea prevention products, and maintain a clean home and yard.

Health Risks of Untreated Flea Infestations

Untreated flea infestations can lead to severe health issues such as tapeworm infestations, canine Bartonellosis, anemia, flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), and flea-borne diseases.


Getting rid of fleas on pitbulls requires a multi-faceted approach that includes treating your dog, your home, and your yard. Always consult with your vet before starting any flea treatment regimen to ensure it’s safe and suitable for your pitbull. With the right information and tools, you can help your pitbull live a happy, healthy, and flea-free life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I bathe my pitbull with flea shampoo?

You should bathe your pitbull with flea shampoo once every week until the infestation is under control. Afterward, you can reduce the frequency to once a month as a preventive measure. Always follow the instructions on the shampoo bottle.

Are flea combs effective for all sizes of pitbulls?

Yes, flea combs are effective for all sizes and ages of pitbulls. The key is to ensure that the comb reaches the skin through the coat for it to effectively remove the fleas and their eggs.

Can I use human products to treat fleas on my pitbull?

No, you should not use human products to treat fleas on your pitbull. Human products may contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs. Always use products designed specifically for dogs.

How often should I treat my yard for fleas?

It’s recommended to treat your yard for fleas every 30-90 days. The frequency can vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the product you are using.

Can fleas affect humans too?

Yes, fleas can also bite humans and cause itching and irritation. In some cases, they can also transmit diseases. Therefore, it’s crucial to eliminate fleas not just for your pitbull’s health, but for your own health as well.

Can I use the same flea prevention products on my puppy pitbull?

Not all flea prevention products are safe for puppies. Always check the product label and consult your veterinarian before using any flea prevention product on your puppy pitbull.

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