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How Do I Deter Hedgehogs?

How Do I Deter Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs are small mammals that have spikes. They are typically found in parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Hedgehogs are generally thought of as helpful species in the garden. However, hedgehogs can become pests, especially in places where they were introduced by mistake and lack predators.

They are considered pests because they damage the native fauna. They have been particularly harmful to some species, such as birds, lizards, and insects.

They eat the eggs and chicks of ground-nesting birds. Therefore, as a result, it has led to the extinction of 15 different species of birds.

They can also transmit a characteristic fungal skin infection to human handlers and other hedgehogs. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of hedgehogs.


There are several ways that you can use to deter hedgehogs. It would be best if you tried eliminating them without killing the spiky animal. These methods include:

  • Installing fences
  • Using electronic repellents
  • Installing traps
  • Drilling holes in your garden
  • Getting rid of water bodies

So, without wasting more time, let’s dive right into learning all the different methods of getting rid of hedgehogs.

8 Ways To Get Rid of Hedgehogs

8 Ways To Rid Of Hedgehogs

Here are eight effective ways that you can use to get rid of hedgehogs:

1. Install Fences

Install Fences

Installing a fence is an excellent way of preventing hedgehogs from invading your garden in the first place.

This is an easier and more sustainable idea than frequently catching hedgehogs and getting rid of them.

A fence will help you keep out all the hedgehogs. A strong, rigid wire fence will have about a 3″x3″ opening. This makes an ideal fence.

A helpful tip is to ensure that the fence goes deep into the ground so the hedgehogs cannot dig underneath it.

2. Use Electronic Repellents

Use Electronic Repellents

Electronic repellents are efficient hedgehog deterrents because they do not hurt or kill the creature. Rather these create an atmosphere that repels them.

Motion-activated sprinkler repellents are a unique way to keep hedgehogs out of your garden. A blast of water is used to scare away the animal safely and efficiently.

These devices generally use infrared technology to sense an animal’s heat during the day and at night. They can spray water up to 8 meters away.

When a hedgehog is identified, the device releases a sudden splash of water. This scares the creature away from the area. It is also cost-effective to use such systems.

3. Install Traps

Install Traps

One of the most efficient ways of deterring hedgehogs is by installing traps in your gardens. You can buy these traps from your local convenience store or make homemade ones.

Tunnel traps are also an excellent option because they can be hidden using a wooden box. You can even install them in grassy areas that hedgehogs frequently visit.

The box directs the hedgehog in the direction required to trap it. It is advised to install the traps near fence lines, along hedges, or alongside a fallen tree. This helps eliminate the chance of the hedgehogs missing the trap by going around it.

You can use different types of food to bait the hedgehogs. However, the most efficient are either pet food, fresh chicken, or eggs with shells still on.

4. Drill Holes in Your Garden

Drill Holes In Your Garden

Hedgehogs are typically small creatures, so they get easily stuck in holes in the ground.

Therefore, you should dig some holes in your garden so that the hedgehogs get caught in them. You can remove them manually afterward.

Just remember not to cover any large depressions, open drain pipes, or other holes that are present in your garden.

Just ensure the holes are too small so your children or pets don’t get stuck.

5. Get Rid of Water Bodies

Get Rid Of Water Bodies

One thing that attracts hedgehogs is the presence of water.

These spiky mammals will stop for a drink on a hot summer day. Be it a pond, fountain, or even your pet’s water bowl, hedgehogs are bound to visit it.

Therefore, it is advised to drain out standing water, empty buckets filled with water, and even bird baths that can attract hedgehogs should be kept out.

6. Remove Pet Food Bowls From the Outside

Remove Pet Food Bowls From The Outside

Hedgehogs typically eat insects. However, if they see protein-rich food, such as your pet’s food, they won’t resist it.

To deter hedgehogs, bring your pet’s food bowl inside.

Relocate your pet’s eating area inside so no food gets out of your house and attracts the hedgehogs.

7. Trim Your Hedges

Trim Your Hedges

Overgrown hedges, a pile of logs, or a patch of long grass and native plants are also places hedgehogs look to take refuge during winter and summer.

Clean up your garden by trimming the hedges and clearing out old plant matter to keep the hedgehogs out of your garden.

8. Choosing the Right Plants

Choosing The Right Plants

While hedgehogs do not eat plants, insects do. The hedgehogs then eat those insects. You should avoid planting plants that attract insects.

The insects eaten by hedgehogs typically eat tasty plants, especially those with tender foliage. Plants rich in nectar and pollen are also eaten by these insects, which attract hedgehogs.

So, you should thoroughly research all plants before planting them in your garden.


While hedgehogs are sometimes needed for your garden, they can become a nuisance instantly. They can damage your plants and property. Hedgehogs can even mess up your garden. However, you should not just kill them.

There are multiple ways by which you can deter hedgehogs so that they don’t cause trouble for you and your garden. For instance, you can install fences, use electronic repellents, install traps, drill holes in your garden, etc.

So, try these methods and let us know which works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hedgehogs Destructive?

Hedgehogs dig, but unlike moles, which may wreck your lawn, or rats, who may not be welcome, hedgehog digging does minor damage.

Why Do Hedgehogs Keep Coming Into My Garden?

Hedgehogs come mainly due to food. If you see a skinny-looking creature, there is a solid chance it is a hedgehog looking for food.

What Diseases Do Hedgehogs Carry?

Hedgehogs have Salmonella germs in their droppings. So, it’s best to keep your distance from them.

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