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How Does Electric Mosquito Repellent Work?

Mosquitoes Around The Child

Mosquitoes could be a menace, disturbing your sleep and causing multiple health risks.

Since various techniques and products are available to curtail mosquito activities, electric mosquito repellents could be the best choice due to their efficiency and significantly fewer health risks.

However, for a comprehensive approach, it’s necessary to understand how electric mosquito repellent works.


Different mosquito repellent products have surfaced in online stores in recent years.

A study by Allied Market Research concludes that the mosquito repellent market will reach $6 billion by 2027.

Out of this, 30% are electric mosquito repellents.

While everyone claims to be the best option to prevent mosquitoes, consumer reviews do not substantiate their claims.

Generally, two problems are associated with mosquito repellent’s efficiency: health risks and effectiveness against mosquitoes.

Electric mosquito repellents are convenient, effective, and safe. They have various types and models, but the most famous categories include the following:

  • Repellent machines with liquids
  • Devices with a heater to burn mats
  • Mosquito-capturing devices
  • UV-light electronic mosquito killers

Read the complete guide to get the full essence of how they work and their effectiveness.

We will briefly describe the different mosquito repellents. We will also review their pros, cons, and safety precautions during their use. Lastly, we will add some frequently asked questions about electric mosquito repellents.

What Are Electric Mosquito Repellents?

Mosquito Repellents

Electric mosquito repellents are devices designed in various ways to work against mosquitoes.

Their working principle depends on their type. They release fumes that kill mosquitoes but generally are harmless to humans.

Their efficiency depends on the material used to produce fumes.

Types of Electric Mosquito Repellents

There are many types available, but the most widely used are:

1. Electric Liquid Vaporizer

Electric Liquid Vaporizer

The electric liquid vaporizer consists of a carbon electrode and a liquid bottle. The liquid is a mixture of aerosol and allethrin.

When plugged in, the electrode heats and converts liquid into vapors.


These machines are very effective in a limited area.


The liquid chemical could harm a person vulnerable to allergic reactions. They could induce problems like nausea, eye irritation, skin allergy, and dizziness.

Furthermore, the device needs a continuous electric supply which could be a problem in areas prone to power cuts.

Safety Precautions

Babies are more sensitive to these fumes. So avoid sleeping in closed areas with babies while the vaporizer is on.

The liquid is dangerous if swallowed, so keep away from children’s reach.

2. Anti-Mosquito Mat Machine

Anti-Mosquito Mat Machine

The anti-mosquito mat machine consists of a heater and additional mats.

When plugged in, the heater heats. The mat is placed on the heater. It eventually releases fumes over its period of use.


The mats are very effective in repelling mosquitoes in a limited area. In case of a power cut, the mat can also be heated with the help of ordinary coals.


The mats release toxic smoke. This smoke can cause multiple health risks, including breathing problems, cough, skin allergy, asthma, and eye irritation.

Also, the device needs a continuous electric supply to burn mats.

Safety Precautions

Do not use mat machines in closed areas. Instead, using mosquito entry points like doors and balconies is safe.

While burning mats on ordinary coals, keep away from flammable things. Also, don’t let babies play with mats, and put them away from babies’ reach.

3. UV-Light Electronic Mosquito Killers

Uv-Light Electronic Mosquito Killer

These devices use UV-light lamps to attract mosquitoes and other bugs.

With contact, the mosquitoes die instantly. Moreover, some of these devices also have fan vortex to inhale mosquitoes and stop their escape.


These devices are very effective in large areas and cover an area of almost half an acre. They also have no potential health hazards.


These devices burn mosquitoes and other insects, which results in a foul smell. They also need an uninterrupted power supply to work.

Besides killing mosquitoes, they also attract beneficial insects, eventually killing them.

Safety Precautions

UV-light mosquito killers are expensive devices. The UV rods are easily breakable.

Hence, intensive care is required during their setup. Plus, they use electricity, so install them away from babies’ reach.

4. Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellents

Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellents


Ultrasonic mosquito repellents are devices that emit high-frequency sounds. As per the manufacturer’s claim, these sounds are inaudible to humans but very effective against repelling mosquitoes.

These devices are safe, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and have no impacts on human health.


The trials to test their effectiveness are currently in process.


Mosquitoes can not only irritate you while sleeping, but their bite can cause severe health problems.

Electronic mosquito repellents may have minor disadvantages, but they work best against mosquitoes.

However, a wise approach when selecting an electronic-repellent device could be more beneficial for you and your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Electric Mosquito Repellents Work?

To be straightforward, the answer is yes. These electric devices are very effective in repelling mosquitoes. Though some have minor health disadvantages, none of them is severe.

Which Electronic Mosquito Repeller Works Best?

Every electronic mosquito repellent has a different working principle. Some work best indoors, and some outdoors.

It depends on individual needs. You need to opt for repellent according to your needs.

How Does Electric Liquid Mosquito Repellent Work?

The electric liquid mosquito repellent consists of two main parts: the heater and the liquid. When plugged in, the heater heats the liquid, which emits vapors to repel mosquitoes.

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