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How To Deter Beavers From Your Property

Deter Beavers

Beavers are clever and hardworking rodents commonly found in the USA; they have a distinctive feature of transforming almost any freshwater environment into a home.

Sometimes they can be destructive and difficult to control, so you must take strict measures to keep them away from your property when you have them around your home.

That’s why you must know how to deter beavers from your property.

So, what are the most effective ways to eliminate these creatures from your property?

This post will share insightful tips on deterring beavers from your property.


Beavers can cause a nuisance to your property; they can cut trees and cause flooding. Their activity can threaten your property, health, safety, and agricultural products.

However, you can keep beavers away from your property with the right deterrent methods. Below are some methods to keep them away from your property.

  • Trap and Relocate them.
  • Use Repellents.
  • Destroy their Habitat.

Keep reading to learn more about how to deter beavers from your property.

Now, let’s see the six most effective ways of deterring beavers from your property.

6 Tips for Deterring Beavers From Your Property

Beaver Destroying Property

Beavers are large rodents commonly found in the USA. They are known for chewing on wood and constructing Beaver Dams.

Their hardworking nature sets beavers apart from other rodents; they create their home and change the existing ones.

These animals foist significant damage to human properties and infrastructure. Their jaws are capable of cutting trees with ease. When their activity gets out of hand, you can use the following methods to deter them from your property.

1. Get Rid of Their Source of Food

Beaver's Food

When looking for solutions to deter beavers from your property, note that beavers are herbivores and only eat vegetation and plants. Therefore, they mainly eat bark, twigs, aquatic plant, and leaves.

Hence, it is crucial to get rid of their food source, as this will help reduce the number of beavers that come around your property.

This process can be tedious, but it is essential to deter beavers from your property.

Since they eat bark and other parts of a tree, you can keep them away by protecting trees around your home with a metal wire fence around the trunks of the trees.

While using this method, consider the height and ensure that the fencing is strong enough, so they can’t destroy it with their teeth.

2. Pull Down Their Shelter

Beaver's Dam Made

After getting rid of their food source, the next step would be to locate the dam(s) built by these beavers around your property and their den and destroy them.

Note: To build a Beaver Dam, these creatures need trees and branches “they use their teeth to cut these materials for constructing their dams.” In addition to these materials, they use mud, grasses, and rocks in building their homes.

So, it’s essential to prevent them from getting the source of their food and building by taking the first step. After that, all you have to do is to locate their dam in the water and destroy the dam.

This method of deterring beavers from your property is effective, but it is unpredictable as well. However, it is effective as the beavers might leave your property once their shelter is destroyed.

On the other hand, it is unpredictable as they might start constructing another dam in the same area after the destruction.

Regardless, it is crucial to take this step when looking for how to deter beavers from your property.

If you can’t locate their dam in the water, you can employ the service of a professional to locate and destroy their home for you.

3. Trap and Relocate Them

Beaver's Traps

You can trap and move these beavers.

This is one of the most effective ways of deterring beavers from your property. By using this method, you can keep them away without hurting them.

However, it is not easy to trap beavers because they are cunning and can avoid traps easily.

So, you must pay attention to details when setting a trap for these creatures to ensure you successfully trap and relocate them.

Always move them far away from your property to prevent them from returning to your territory.

You can employ the service of a professional like (a wildlife removal service company) to complete the task for you.

4. Install a Fence

Electric Fence

Using a fence is another strategy for deterring beavers from your property. The best material for constructing the fence here is metal or wire mesh.

You can also use an electric fence, as it is the most deterrent method of keeping beavers away from your house. But, it can be the most expensive method of doing that.

If the cost is not a thing to you when looking to deter beavers from your property, constructing an electric fence should be the ideal method.

Since beavers are not good climbers, the fence does not need to be too high. However, attention to detail is crucial; be strategic and use materials that will make things difficult for beavers to destroy with their teeth.

5. Use Repellent

Repellent Spraying

The use of repellent is helpful but should be the last option to take when looking for how to deter beavers from your property.

You can use different repellents to keep these animals away from your home. The process is simple. If you spray repellent on their food sources, these products will alter the smell and taste of their food source, which helps to keep them away.

However, repellents should be sprayed at intervals as these animals will continue eating or sourcing for their building material once the odor stops. Most importantly, always use repellents approved by FDA.

6. Use Paint and Sand Mix

Tree Protection Painting

Painting a tree trunk is another strategy to prevent beavers from destroying your property. For this painting method, it is recommended to use latex and fine or masonry sand.

Note: These rodents hate gritty feelings in their mouth. So, while the gritty texture of the sand keeps them away from eating the tree, the latex enables the bark to breathe.

This method is not recommended for newly planted trees, and the process should be renewed every two years.


Beavers are intelligent creatures with a flair for changing their surroundings to suit their need.

They can cause damage to your properties when you have them around those properties. And that’s the reason why you need to learn how to deter beavers from your property.

By knowing how to deter beavers from your property, you can avoid any disastrous effect these creatures can cause on your property.

However, we have listed all the humane methods you need to take to deter them from your property.

These include repellents, destroying their source of food and shelter, painting, and much more. Follow the guide in this article and settle for the option that works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sound Do Beavers Hate the Most?

Beavers hate the sound of running water simply because it makes them think there could be a slit in their home.

Once they hear the sound of running water, they’ll work tirelessly to discover and fix the problem.

What Are the Major Problems Beavers Cause?

The major problems caused by these animals are flooding and tree-cutting.

Are Beavers Nocturnal or Diurnal Animals?

Although they are active during the day, they are nocturnal animals.

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