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How To Get a Hummingbird Out of Your House

Ways To Get A Hummingbird Out Of Your House

Hummingbirds are beautiful creatures who often get trapped in garages, kitchens, or skylights. It becomes a safety issue because these places usually have electrical appliances plugged in.

Since hummingbirds have a fast metabolism, it prompts them to search for food. Plus, they are attracted to bright hues such as red.

So anything red that vaguely resembles a food item will lead them into the house.

You must be careful when removing them to avoid the chances of them getting hurt.


While hummingbirds don’t cause any harm, removing them from your house is essential.

As hummingbirds feel danger, they panic; their only instinct is to fly upwards toward a possible escape channel to get out of harm.

There are some ways you can follow to remove them safely, including:

  • Removing harmful objects
  • Opening all doors and windows
  • Hanging a brightly colored feeder outside
  • Using a broom or vacuum cleaner
  • Using sugar water

So, let’s dive into how we can protect our feathery friends and be mindful of their little furry presence inside our homes!

7 Easy Ways To Get a Hummingbird Out of Your House

Easy Ways To Get A Hummingbird Out Of Your House

So, here are seven ways that you can use to help a hummingbird escape your house:

1. Remove Harmful Objects

Remove Harmful Objects

If any extra objects are lying around that could harm the hummingbird, remove them. It includes not just objects but children too.

This is because when hummingbirds smell danger, they panic. Even though these objects might not threaten the bird, they will put it under further stress.

Likewise, switch off televisions and music. In addition, turn off any ceiling fans that could harm the bird.

2. Open All Doors and Windows

Open All Doors And Windows

To further ease the hummingbird’s escape, it is advised to open all possible channels for the bird. For instance, open doors, windows, blinds, and skylights, if any. So that the bird can leave.

Usually, the stuck hummingbird will fly at varying speeds to find a way out. Therefore, having several options will aid the bird’s escape.

If the bird does not fly away on its own, then there may be an issue with its wings. Try to help the bird in a way that does not threaten it.

3. Hanging a Brightly Colored Feeder Outside

Hanging A Brightly Colored Feeder Outside

There are feeders designed explicitly for hummingbirds so that they get attracted to them.

Place a hummingbird feeder close to the most accessible exit. This will attract the bird’s attention and entice it to return to the outdoors.

If there are no feeders available, then do not worry. We have got a simple hack for you to make things easier.

Just grab anything red, such as a flower bouquet, a piece of clothing, a towel, or a toy. Put food on it and place it at the possible opening that the hummingbird can use to escape. The bird will get attracted to it and fly out, hoping to get the food.

4. Use a Broom or Vaccum Cleaner

Use A Broom Or Vaccum Cleaner

Use a broom or any other long-handled tool to relocate the hummingbird outside. Try to move the broom close to the bird while maintaining distance. This will entice the bird to sit on the broom.

Then slowly move the broom towards an opening door or window. Don’t make any loud noise because it can scare the hummingbird.

If this doesn’t work, you can use the vacuum cleaner’s hose to move the bird to an opening that it can use to fly away.

Make sure the vacuum cleaner is at a very slow speed. You jeed little air to guide the bird outside the house.

5. Use Sugar Water

Use Sugar Water

A combination of water and sugar works best to attract hummingbirds.

Add sugar to water and mix well. Then place the liquid inside the hummingbird’s feeder. The fragrance of the sugar water attracts the hummingbirds.

Make sure that the sugar water does not attract more hummingbirds. The hummingbird will fly away once the sugar water gets finished.

6. Use a Live Trap

Use A Live Trap

Another way of getting hummingbirds out of your house is to use a live trap. A live trap is a device to capture live animals and then release them in the wild.

So if you have a live trap, you can use it to get the hummingbird out. Here are some steps you can follow to proceed with this method:

  1. Set the live trap near any opening.
  2. Next, you can either wait for the hummingbird to fly into or lure it by using either a bright red object or sugar water.
  3. As soon as it gets inside, it closes the trap.
  4. Then release the bird outside. Ensure all doors and windows are closed, so it does not fly back inside.

7. Use a Net and Place It Near Open Doors and Windows

Use A Net And Place It Near Open Doors And Windows

If none of the above methods work, you can use a thin, mesh-like net. Ensure the net is not too small because it can hurt the hummingbird.

Nets or other lightweight fabrics, such as nylon, cotton, or linen, can help capture the hummingbird.

Certain steps need to be followed for this method:

  1. Start by opening all the doors and windows of the room where the hummingbird is hiding.
  2. Next, place the net close to the openings. Make sure that the net is big enough to cover the entire opening.
  3. Then wait for the hummingbird to fly through the opening. As soon as it does, tighten the net around it.
  4. Release the bird outside. Keep an eye on the hummingbird as it is released. Often the bird gets confused and flies right back inside.
  5. Lastly, close all doors and windows so it does not fly back.

Tips To Prevent Hummingbirds From Getting Trapped in the House

Tips To Prevent Hummingbirds From Getting Trapped In The House

If hummingbirds frequently fly into your house, taking a few precautionary measures is best. So that you can prevent the bird from getting trapped in your house again and again.

Here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. Firstly, install screens on your doors and windows. Keep the screens closed to minimize the chances of the hummingbirds flying inside your house.
  2. Avoid keeping red objects in your house as they attract these birds. Additionally, you can save something red outside your home so that they stay there.
  3. Remove hummingbird feeders from any potential entrances.
  4. Remove any plants that can attract them. Plants that have brightly colored flowers produce more nectar, thus attracting hummingbirds.

If the bird somehow gets inside, switch off all lights and open all doors and windows. Hummingbirds dislike traveling in the dark as they can’t see properly.


We understand that presence of hummingbirds in your house can make you panic. But you must be kind and gentle with these birds.

Hummingbirds are not dangerous and do not harm you. So there is no need to get frightened because of their presence.

Relax and carefully follow the methods such as removing harmful objects, closing all doors and windows, using sugar water or live trap, etc.

These methods will allow you to safely move the hummingbird out of your house.

Don’t forget to follow the tips above to prevent the hummingbird from getting trapped in your house again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Pick a Hummingbird To Get It Out of My House?

No, it is advised not to pick a hummingbird because they are very sensitive and can get hurt. They may even bite you if they feel threatened.

Is Having a Hummingbird in My Home an Advantage?

If you believe in myths and omens, then yes. Hummingbirds are said to bring joy and healing. They are a sign that difficult times are over.

Are Hummingbirds Harmful to Humans?

No, while hummingbirds do not pose a threat to humans, if they feel threatened or unsafe, they can bite you.

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