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How To Get an Iguana Out of Your House

How To Get An Iguana Out Of Your House

Iguana infestations are common, and they often cause property and agriculture damage. Iguanas, like other reptiles, also carry bacteria that can make people sick.

Their intestines have Salmonella, and they can spread the bacteria to any surface they touch, any body of water they jump into, or any hand that touches them without taking the necessary precautions.

If you want to eliminate iguanas from your home, we’ve got you covered in this article! Even with their looks, iguanas are considered exotic pets. Also, they are big lizards that eat almost anything.

However, if you have iguanas in your garden, they could do a lot of damage to the plants you’re growing. These reptiles carry diseases that can spread to other animals like your pets. It is also against the law to have them inside a house.

Iguanas are also very aggressive and have a strong sense of territory. If a new iguana finds its way into your house, you should get rid of it immediately.


Having an unwanted Iguana in your home may be quite unpleasant, especially if you don’t know how to deal with them.

However, prevention is preferable, and we will reveal the top six techniques to prevent them from entering your home. They are;

  1. Maintain a clean and healthy environment
  2. Keep your home cool
  3. Get a cat
  4. Don’t feed your animals outside
  5. Seal cracks in windows, doors, and other openings.
  6. Utilize natural repellents

Now that you know how to repel them; However, you will also need to implement some strategies if you continue to observe iguanas. The question that has to be answered is, “How can I get rid of these iguanas?”

Below are the steps that need to be taken.

  1. Spray them with water
  2. Utilize a noise-activated motion detector
  3. Make use of traps
  4. Contact pest control

We often recommend using traps to remove iguanas; this article will discuss the most successful types of traps on the market and the procedures required to install a trap properly.

When you read this article and follow all of the procedures, tips, tricks, and directions mentioned, you will be happy to see your home free of iguanas and keep yourself, your pets, and your family safe.

In this article, we will discuss the best practices for removing an iguana from your home or yard, how to keep them away, and even some additional bonuses, so make sure you read carefully to avoid missing out!

5 Best Ways To Prevent Iguana From Entering Your Home

In the following paragraphs, we will go through the top five simplest steps that you can take to prevent iguanas from entering your house.

1. Maintain a Clean and Healthy Environment

Clean And Healthy Home Environment

One of the best ways to keep iguanas away is to keep the environment clean and healthy.

Iguanas will come inside your home if they detect the odor of food or garbage anywhere on your property, including your garden.

Be sure your garbage is always kept in closed dumpsters, and don’t leave food inside or outside.

By vacuuming your floors regularly and cleaning up any food or garbage you see, you’ll be able to keep the iguanas away!

2. Keep Your Home Cool

Cool Home

Iguanas are most comfortable in warmer areas. If the temperature within your home is far cooler than that of the surrounding areas, you will likely discourage any iguanas from entering your home.

So, keeping your home cool is important if you want to repel iguanas.

3. Get a Cat

Get A Cat

Iguanas are naturally afraid of cats, and because most cats have a natural instinctive hate for iguanas, it’s possible that any iguanas in the area would avoid your property if you have cats roaming about.

On the other hand, cats can hunt down and kill any iguanas they come across. This could be seen as either a positive or negative outcome, depending on how you view it.

4. Don’t Feed Your Animals Outside

Don’t Feed Your Animals Outside

Feeding your pets outside can create a smell that attracts iguanas, and pet food can make a strong odor.

Iguanas are likely to find their way inside your house if you have pet food scattered around outside.

5. Seal Cracks in Windows, Doors, and Other Openings

Seal Cracks In Windows, Doors, And Other Openings

The key to preventing iguanas from entering your property is to seal gaps and holes, especially those between door and window panes.

Iguanas may easily enter your home via even a small opening.

Always use weather stripping or caulk to fill gaps beneath your doors and windows.

6. Utilize Natural Repellents

Swiss Chard Plant

This is also a great way to keep iguanas away from your house because many plants are toxic to iguanas and scare them away.

We propose using spinach, carrots, beets, Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, broccoli, and turnips to deter iguanas from gardens since we have found each of these plants beneficial in this regard.

How To Get Rid of Iguanas From Your House

Now that we know how to keep them away, let’s look at the four ways you can get rid of them if you find them inside your home, including the pros and cons of each removal method.

1. Spray Them With Water

Spray Them With Water

Iguanas are very sensitive to the sound of water spraying at them because it produces a unique sound that the iguanas find unpleasant.

In addition, a spray of water will frighten iguanas, causing them to flee your house immediately.

  • If you spray water on iguanas, it will scare them and make them run away.
  • It’s easy; all you need is water and a hose pipe.
  • It is one of the quickest, safest, and most humane solutions.
  • One problem with this method is that it might not work for some iguanas, and they might keep coming back.

2. Utilize a Noise-Activated Motion Detector

Ultrasonic Devices

If the iguanas are outside, you might want to buy a noise-making motion detector.

However, if the iguanas are within your home, try turning up the volume of your sound system.

In addition, iguanas can be prevented from entering an area using ultrasonic devices, which produce a high-pitched noise that is audible to the Iguanas.

Iguanas do not like being around loud sounds, and they will likely leave a location that is not peaceful and quiet.

  • It is a humane solution to get rid of Iguanas.
  • Iguanas are sensitive to noise and flee the area if they hear it. This makes the method risk-free and very successful.
  • Loud noises can disturb neighbors and pets.
  • It’s not a long-term solution.
  • Installing a noise-activated motion detector is costly.

3. Make Use of Traps

Iguana Traps

Trap usage is widely acknowledged to be both the most effective and the most recommended strategy for eliminating iguanas from your home or yard.

Iguanas can be caught with cage traps, snare traps, and sticky traps, among others.

However, cage traps are the most common type. Cage traps, on the other hand, are considered to be the most humane type. Here is how to use it:

The first thing you need to do to catch an iguana in your home is to place a cage trap where you often see the iguana.

The second step is to open the trap door and secure it. Then, if you want, you can put pieces of fruit in the trap to lure the iguana.

Since iguanas are diurnal or active during the day, we suggest you check your trap frequently.

After completing all of the previous steps and successfully capturing an iguana, the next step is to transfer it as quickly as possible to a local wildlife agency.

  • It is a long-term way to get rid of iguanas.
  • It is a highly efficient method for getting rid of iguanas.
  • Aside from the iguanas, you may catch another animal, maybe your pets, because they’ll be drawn to the bait.
  • Some traps are inhumane.
  • If the required measures are not performed, traps have the potential to cause injury to you as well as your children.

4. Contact Pest Control

Contact Pest Control

If you have tried all the strategies in this article and still suspect or see an iguana in your yard, contact your local wildlife specialists or pest control service, provider.

The iguana will be removed once the pest control team arrives. However, you don’t want one in your yard because it may transmit harmful illnesses and parasites, as well as cause damage to your yard and property.

  • Pest control is a long-term solution.
  • Professional pest control can help protect your health by eradicating your iguana issue.
  • They are experienced and know just how to manage the problem.
  • They do not kill the Iguanas but rather release them safely into the wild.
  • Pest control can be expensive compared to do-it-yourself options.
  • Some businesses utilize chemicals that might be toxic to animals and other environmental inhabitants.
  • Some pest control companies lack professionalism.


Awareness of the potential risks of having iguanas living inone’ss house is essential. Because of this, it is essential to get rid of them as soon as possible.

It might be challenging to remove an iguana from the confines of your home. Therefore, you must locate a risk-free method of releasing it that does not inflict any harm on the iguana and does not put you in danger of being attacked.

However, we reviewed several techniques for getting rid of and repelling iguanas. When preventing iguanas from entering the area, we recommend trapping them and then releasing them in another location, especially in the wild.

After reading this article, you should have a strategy for removing iguanas from your house. If you plan and carry out the removal process correctly, you can easily remove the iguanas from your house.

Thank you so much for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Lure an Iguana Out of Hiding?

We suggest putting cages where iguanas like to hang out to get them out of their hiding spots. You must use bait, such as an iguana-appetizing fruit or vegetable. As iguanas are attracted to flowers, it is also advisable to use them as bait.

What Is the Best Way To Get Rid of Iguanas?

Consider putting an iguana repellant in your yard and around your plants. These are safe and include natural substances, so they will not hurt iguanas. Garlic spray and neem oil are also effective for certain individuals.

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