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How To Get Rid of Fleas in Apartments

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Apartments

Getting rid of fleas seems like a herculean task most times.

They are so tiny, can jump swiftly, and lay numerous eggs. Some reports have shown how easy it is for pets to have fleas and why you should get them out quickly.

But it doesn’t end with pets. You would also risk experiencing itches or getting the “plague” and other infections.

You can’t just afford to have them share your apartment with you. But how do you send them packing and shut your apartment door against them?

We have some strategies here for you!


You can get rid of fleas in your apartment by:

  • Combing your pets out with a flea comb.
  • Steaming and vacuum cleaning.
  • Applying essential oils, etc.

The sections below will discuss five ways to eliminate fleas and answer other common queries about their infestation.

5 Ways To Get Rid of Fleas

Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas

It is not enough to be tidy or have a clean apartment. Fleas can come into your home for a quick walk with your pet.

Let’s say you recently moved into your apartment and are wondering where fleas came from.

They were likely in your old furniture, carpet, or pet. So, how do you get rid of these blood-sucking, body-itching fellas?

Stay put and explore the options below:

1. Use a Flea Comb

Use A Flea Comb

So, you noticed your furry buddy scratching all the time and looking uncomfortable. You suspect fleas and decide to see for yourself, only to unravel some fleas buried deep in their fur. The good news is you can comb the fleas out.

Buy a flea comb from any pet store around you and run it through your pet’s skin to eliminate fleas. Please note that flea combs are not just any type of comb. Unlike the regular hair comb, the sole purpose of a flea comb is to remove fleas from furry pets.

The comb’s teeth are tiny and modified to trap fleas and their eggs. While removing the fleas, the teeth also pick up dirt and other particles that hide behind your pet’s fur.

When you comb out the fleas, you can dispose of them by dipping them in soapy water nearby. Better still, you can buy an electronic flea comb that kills the fleas while combing them out.

Various flea combs exist for cats and dogs, and they are affordable and easy to use.

2. Use a Steamer or Vacuum Cleaner

Use A Steamer Or Vacuum Cleaner

It isn’t enough to remove the fleas from your pets. Who knows how the fleas got into your apartment and if they are still hanging around?

To be safe, you should steam every nook and cranny of your apartment.

Suppose you do not have a pet in the house. You can steam the furniture, rugs, carpets, and other upholstery. You can also steam pillows and mattresses to ensure these fleas do not have anywhere to hide.

The heat from the steamer is harsh for fleas and surviving it is impossible for them. The heat also kills them in all their stages, from the egg to the adult.

When using the steamer, take your time to steam the edges of whichever object you are steaming. It would be best not to rush the process. Remember, you are trying to get them all out.

Vacuum cleaning is also an effective method for getting rid of fleas. Little wonder statistics show that vacuum cleaners can eliminate over 90% of adult fleas.

As we described, vacuum all your upholstery and floors for steamers to get rid of fleas. If you suspect that the fleas enter through specific points, vacuum those points too.

Most vacuum cleaners have detachable parts that can fit into tiny corners and edges. Use those parts to vacuum deep places the regular cleaner won’t reach.

Be ready to use the vacuum cleaner for as long as you stop noticing fleas in your apartment. Asides from the usual vacuum cleaning for dirt and litter, you can vacuum for fleas for one to three months.

Fleas are tiny, and they produce more than 40 eggs in a day. Using the vacuum cleaner once won’t give you the results you desire.

3. Apply Essential Oils

Apply Essential Oils

Most essential oils are generally effective against fleas and insects alike. They usually leave your apartment scenting great while removing stubborn critters.

Peppermint, lavender, clove, and cedarwood oil are strong repellants against fleas. Some may not be safe for your pets, so you must make inquiries or ensure they are not close to the pets.

Essential oils tend to stain surfaces due to their chemical properties. So, what do you do in this case? Try them out on a piece of clothing before using them on your rugs or furniture.

Avoid mixing essential oils with water before use. Pour tiny drops of the undiluted oil on affected areas or possible entry points and vacuum later.

4. Mow and Fumigate Your Lawn

Mow And Fumigate Your Lawn

Sometimes, your apartment’s interior may be clean, but the exterior is not. Fleas love to hide inside grasses, and if your lawn is overflowing with grasses, expect some fleas.

You won’t stay indoors forever. You and your pet can take a little walk around the house and come in with fleas. It would be best if you mowed your lawn regularly to reduce flea infestation and kill the ones there.

After mowing the lawn, you can fumigate parts of your front porch, deck, and fences.

5. Hire an Exterminator

Hire An Exterminator

Trying to get rid of fleas can be a thing, and calling an exterminator won’t be out of place.

Exterminators have enough skills, training, and experience to produce the best results.

If you try to get rid of fleas, you may spend some months, but exterminators will take a few weeks.

Suppose you are considering the budget-friendliness of this approach; hiring a flea exterminator is not as expensive as you think. Besides, you can be sure to get value for your money.


It is time to finally eliminate those fleas that won’t let go of your apartment. It is also time to end your pet’s suffering too.

That is why we provided the five flea-deterring strategies above. It would be best if you took quick action to eliminate these pests.

For one, their bits can bring harmful infections. The itches, too, are uncomfortable both for you and your pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Fleas Enter My Apartment?

Fleas can enter through critters like rats and raccoons. Sometimes, fleas hid underneath the critter’s skin and spread to other house areas.

Does Baking Soda Keep Fleas Away?

Yes, it does. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet, rug, or other upholstery and spread the powder. After some time, vacuum the area where you sprinkled the baking soda.

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