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How To Get Rid of Fleas on Stuffed Animals

Fleas On Stuffed Animals

Fleas are pesky little creatures who can cause a lot of harm to pets and other living animals around them. So it would be best if you treated your pet for fleas, and your home and all your belongings must also be taken care of.

If your pet has been treated for fleas at some point, it’s essential to ensure that its toys, bedding, and other belongings, including the furniture in your home, do not have remnants.

This also applies when you get new furniture or transport items from a strange place into your home.

This article is for you if you want to get rid of fleas on stuffed animals.


When dealing with fleas, it is essential to note that they can quickly spread through an environment. Therefore, if your pet catches fleas, you should treat every item it has come in contact with as if there were fleas in them.

This preventive measure helps ensure that no stray fleas are walking around or flea eggs waiting to cause more havoc. Whether the stuffed animals belong to your pet or people in your house, they should be treated.

  • Fleas cannot withstand high temperatures, making heat your best weapon against them.
  • When getting rid of fleas, your focus is not only on adult fleas; flea eggs could hatch into more annoying fleas if left alone.
  • Stuffed animals can be saved from fleas. It just takes a little effort and time.

Treating stuffed animals for fleas can be done when people gift you stuffed toys or if you purchase pre-used stuffed animals.

You never know where the toys have been or if the animal who owned them has fleas, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In subsequent headings, this article explains the various methods by which you can get rid of fleas on stuffed animals. We have also created an FAQ section to answer more questions about fleas on stuffed animals.

5 Ways To Get Rid of Fleas on Stuffed Animals

Fleas are small, light-colored insects that seem to have mastered the art of camouflage. However, because of their size and the ability to hide in very small corners, it may not be easy to spot them on the bodies of stuffed animals.

It’s safer to treat all stuffed animals as if they had fleas once you have had a flea infestation in your home. Also, if the stuffed animals belong to your pet, the chances that it has fleas hiding away are higher.

These measures will help ensure that you do not have a repeat infestation in your home:

1. Separate Stuffed Animals From Other Items


The first step is to gather and isolate all the toys in question. The longer you leave them out in open spaces, the higher the probability that muscles will disappear and hide in other parts of your home.

So gather all the stuffed animals and save them in a plastic bag. If fleas are on the stuffed animals, you would probably still see one or two through a transparent plastic bag.

You can leave them sealed or secluded until you are ready to treat the flea problem.

2. Use a Flea Spray or a Flea Bomb

Flea Bomb

If you settle for a free spray, then all you need to do is spray the liquid generously all over the stuffed animals. However, you may want to pay close attention to the corners and seams.

You could also purchase a flea bomb and use it according to the instructions on your product. Sprays can be used in small rooms and left to settle into the fabric of the stuffed animal.

Most flea sprays have one of two substances that can draw fleas and then kill them. So you don’t have to worry about any fleas escaping.

3. Boric Acid Shake

Boric Acid

Boric acid is fatal to fleas and can come in handy in cleansing stuffed animals. First, wrap up the animals in a plastic bag, pour a generous amount of boric acid into the bag, and seal it.

Then shake the bag around to distribute the powder evenly. Boric acid is more effective on adult fleas and takes quite a while to do its job.

You can leave the bag in a corner for two-three weeks. Afterward, give the stuffed animals a good wash with hot water, and they are good as new.

4. Vacuum Cleaner Method

Vacuum Cleaning Method

The high-powered pressure of vacuum cleaners can draw out fleas from the fabric of stuffed animals and kill them in the process. It works on adult fleas and larvae, so you can be sure of getting a total sweep.

You may have to use smaller attachments, depending on the size of the stuffed animal. After vacuuming, carefully empty the garbage into a plastic bag and throw it out.

5. Hot Wash

Hot Wash

Hot water and soap are very effective for getting rid of fleas. You could boil some water, add soap and soak the animals for a wash.

Or you could pick a high temperature on your washer and throw in the animals. Either way, what matters is that the toy is immersed in hot water so that the heat can kill off fleas or flea eggs.


Getting fleas out of stuffed animals is not difficult if you have the right guide. Using the strategies in this article, you can rid your stuffed animals of fleas and hand them safely to your pets or back to their former positions.

While treating stuffed animals for fleas, you must ensure that you do not contaminate other parts of your home with the fleas on the stuffed animals.

Try to isolate the stuffed animals until you are sure they are entirely flea free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Rid of Fleas on Non-Washable Items?

For non-washable items, you could use a steamer to create heat and kill off fleas. Devices with high pressure are also known to be effective such as vacuum cleaners.

So turn on a vacuum cleaner and direct the pressure at your non-washable toy or device, which will suck out the fleas and kill them. You could also buy flea spray and spray it all over the item.

How Do You Kill Fleas on Fabric?

When animals catch fleas, it doesn’t just stay on their skin. Instead, fleas can jump or drop off on their bedding in any area, and your pet wanders into it.

That includes your furniture, and fleas are excellent at hiding in furniture fabric or clothing. Getting rid of fleas on fabric is pretty straightforward.

All you need to do is wash the fabric in hot water and some soap. The heat kills adult fleas hiding in the fabric and destroys flea eggs.

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