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How To Get Roaches Out of Leather Couch

How To Get Roaches Out Of Leather Couch

Your furniture pieces at home, especially leather couches, are expensive investments you must take care of to last long. This includes making sure they are thoroughly cleaned and won’t be victims of common pest infestations.

However, during unfortunate situations, you can encounter a few bugs or roaches invading or crawling on your leather couch, even when you are religious about cleaning your furniture regularly.

And when this happens, you must immediately take action; otherwise, you risk your other home essentials getting damaged by these vermin roaches.


Aside from the filth and germs roaches bring, their infestations can also cause food contamination, which is never good for our health.

If you encounter roaches living on your leather couch, check out the following solutions we have tried and tested below:

  • Vacuum your leather couch.
  • Use shampoo and white vinegar to wash your couch.
  • Apply insecticide or diatomaceous earth on your couch’s underside.
  • Create homemade baits for roaches.
  • Kill adult roaches by creating a soap and water solution.

You cannot let your fear of roaches take over you, or else these filthy pests might invade your entire property.

Why do roaches love invading your furniture pieces, especially your leather couch? Discover all about that and more in this guide.

Roaches’ Journey for Food

Roaches' Journey For Food

Cockroaches enter your home for two main reasons: to look for food and a place to nest or lay eggs.

One thing you must know about roaches is that they love anything dark, moist, and warm. Any potential space they could enter, they will do so.

And aside from your kitchen or pantry, which is packed with food, drink stains, and crumbs you accidentally leave on your couch, it can also become their target.

Once roaches have secured these food crumbs, they will find your couch a great place to nest, thrive, and even lay their eggs.

If you don’t seek preventive measures immediately, these pests will continue living on your furniture pieces, which can get really disturbing.

Roaches can also bring certain diseases caused by food and drink contamination and worsen homeowners’ asthma conditions.

5 Ways of Getting Roaches Out of Leather Couch

Ways Of Getting Roaches Out Of Leather Couch

Encountering roaches on your leather couch is not rare.

Most homeowners have also experienced a roach infestation, so you don’t need to freak out.

In these situations, you should remain calm and follow our suggestions on how to get them out.

1. Vacuum Your Leather Couch

Vacuum Your Leather Couch

We know we keep on telling you this. But cleaning any furniture is essential to keep it neat and away from pest invasion. And because leather is more high-maintenance than other materials, you must be meticulous in taking care of it and keeping it clean.

With that in mind, one of the best ways to maintain your leather couch is by thorough vacuuming.

When you eat on your couch, chances are you’ll leave food crumbs that are not visible to the naked eye. And because they are too small to be seen, you’d think you did not leave any residue or dirt on your furniture.

This makes you think you’re not obliged to vacuum or at least remove the crumbs. Remember that roaches are tiny pests that see little crumbs or stains you leave on your couch.

These are potential food sources they can eat to help them survive. That’s why it’s essential to vacuum your leather couch regularly.

Remove the couch cushions so you can easily vacuum every corner of the sofa. Detaching the cushions can also help you reach the sofa’s underside and all the cushion surfaces.

After vacuuming, it’s essential that you immediately throw what it has picked up. Open the trash compartment of your vacuum and throw them in your trash bin.

2. Wash Your Couch

Wash Your Couch

Vacuuming is not enough to make sure roaches will not return. When roaches crawl on your sofa, their tiny little feet can leave marks or residues, which could attract a new set of roaches.

If you don’t take the time to wash and shampoo your couch, you’ll be looking at a new roach invasion in no time.

The best way to wash your leather couch and ensure the leather won’t get damaged is by using shampoo and white vinegar.

You can use your carpet’s shampooer upholstery attachment to wash your couch. All you need to do is mix half a cup of white vinegar and carpet shampoo into your shampooer. Give it a good shake and apply it across your couch surface.

The shampooer is proven effective in totally removing food stains and residues. And with the help of vinegar, it can repel the food smells attractive for roaches to make your couch feel and smell like new again.

3. Don’t Forget the Couch’s Underside

Don't Forget The Couch's Underside

It’s normal for most homeowners to only get concerned about the surface of the couch they can see. But when you forget to clean your sofa’s underside, it can cause several problems, including the following:

  • It can make your couch smell and look filthy.
  • The underside is a potential area where roaches and other pests invade because it’s dark and warm.

When cleaning the couch’s underside, remove the seat cushions and move the sofa away from your wall. Ask help from someone else in your family to tip the couch’s back a little bit so you can see the sofa’s underside frame.

But you must be careful not to scratch or damage the couch’s leather surface.

Cleaning the sofa’s underside involves either spraying insecticide or using Diatomaceous earth (if you want to be a little friendlier to the environment.) More often than not, store-bought insecticides have instructions on their packaging, so you can follow them.

But it’s always better to use something more natural, like Diatomaceous earth. In fact, this substance has been proven to be one of the best home remedies to prevent bugs and insects from infesting homes.

4. Create Homemade Baits for Roaches

Create Homemade Baits For Roaches

Suppose you want to be a little more experimental. What’s good about this if you can mix and match several ingredients or look up the internet for different recipes you can try. And trust me, homemade baits have always been effective if done right.

One type of bait you can try is mixing equal parts of powdered boric acid, white flour, and powdered white sugar. The boric acid’s responsibility is to kill the roach, while the sugar and flour are food sources that could attract the pest.

You can sprinkle the powder mixture on the underside of your couch. But if you’re feeling an aver, you can also sprinkle some directly on the leather surface.

Another possible homemade bait is mixing two parts flour with equal or one part boric acid. This mixture is more effective in killing smaller groups of roaches, but it requires you to reapply the bait at least three times before the roaches die tonight.

5. Soap and Water Solution for Adult Roaches

Soap And Water Solution For Adult Roaches

If you suspect adult roaches are invading your couch instead of their tiny little ones, small amounts of homemade baits might not always work. This is where the mixture of water and soap can become handy. Plus, it’s easy to make. What could possibly go wrong?

Mix equal parts of soap and water in a spray bottle. The mixture should be thin enough so you can easily spray it. Spray the mixture anywhere on the leather couch where you think adult roaches are nesting.

Even though the solution only has two ingredients, sprinkling even just two to three drops is already enough to kill the roaches. But you should ensure the solution is targeted at the roach’s head.

When the roaches feel the mixture, they will still try to escape. However, the effect is so quick that you can guarantee they are killed immediately.

If you’re wondering how a simple soap and water solution can kill roaches, the mixture can actually block their breathing pores, suffocating them.

Protect the Beauty of Your Leather Couch

Protect The Beauty Of Your Leather Couch

Roaches are perfect examples of small but terrible pests that can make your lives miserable by simply nesting in your home.

Their germs can lead to a multitude of diseases and can also contaminate your food and drinks.

To protect the beauty of your leather couch from these vermin pests, our tried and tested hacks should be your companions.

Don’t freak out; create homemade baits or simple water and soap solution. These should kill roaches and prevent them from invading your perfect leather couches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Roaches Stay and Survive in Your Furniture?

Yes, roaches can nest in furniture if they favor their environment. If it is dark, warm, and damp, expect these pests to find a way to live and survive.

Even the tiniest holes can become a place for them to live if the conditions permit them to do.

Is Boric Acid Safe?

Pets and babies are not safe from boric acid, especially when they accidentally ingest the powder. But it’s not lethal, so it won’t be as toxic as when pests eat boric acid.

One thing to remember is that boric acid is safest when it is used outdoors. So, if you’re sprinkling your leather couch with it, do it outside.

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