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How To Get Roaches Out of Stove Clock


Roaches are irritating pests, so it is not news that no one likes them. You see them scurrying around or, in some instances flying.

It’s even more irritating when you see roaches inside your stove clock. You start to wonder how they got inside.

If you’re going through this article, this is probably the case for you.

So, keep reading to see how you can eliminate these burdensome insects.


Roaches can gain access anywhere, even the most random of places. They can also reproduce alarmingly fast, especially if the area is conducive.

The stove clock is not left out as their choice of breeding and resting sights. Roaches hide there as a result of the level of comfort it provides them with.

Having them in the stove clock would not have been an issue if not for the diseases they carry. Some of the diseases include diarrhea, salmonella, leprosy, etcetera.

There are several efficient ways of getting roaches out:

  • Boric acid
  • Pressurized air
  • Cleaning the exterior and interior of the stove

It is imperative to get rid of roaches. Eliminating these insects will also stop the spread of diseases. The following are proven ways to get the job done effectively.

4 Ways To Get Rid of Roaches in Your Stove Clock

The first step is to tamper with the comfort they are enjoying there.

That is, make the stove clock area unfavorable for them. Here are easy ways to get that irritating pest out of your stove clock.

1. Keep Your Stove Clean

Clean Stove

Cleaning is first on the list. Dirty spaces tend to attract roaches.

Food particles stuck to the stove and leftover crumbs as well serve as an attraction to them.

A clean exterior will prevent them from entering inside. You can also clean the under and sides of the stove. It is also good to mix the cleaning water with vinegar or active cleaning agents.

Using a spray and brushes is an alternative to cleaning the interiors. But, in cases where it is not feasible, heat the stove up to chase the roaches.

It is not advisable to use things to poke the stove clock as it can get damaged.

2. Apply Boric Acid to and Around the Stove

Boric Acid

This is another means of ridding your stove clock of roaches. Most times, cleaning does not affect the interior of the stove clock, as one is careful not to allow water inside.

Applying boric acid is an effective option. Boric acid combines hydrogen, boron, and oxygen chemical compounds. It takes the form of crystals or powder.

Apply the boric acid in a straight line around the stove. When the roaches walk into it, they die.

You can also use a syringe to inject the boric acid inside the stove clock to destroy them.


While Boric acid is effective in getting rid of roaches, care has to be taken. Being an acid, human consumption can lead to acute boric acid poisoning.

It is also advisable to keep the roach-killing powders from humans and furry animals. Any such powder should be stored properly to avoid mixing with other substances.

However, small quantities cannot harm humans or pets.

3. By Using Pressurized Air


It is another means of getting roaches out of your stove clock. Pressurized air, also called compressed air, is condensed oxygen in a can.

The first step when using pressurized air is to take the stove outside. When the stove cannot be moved, it is imperative to clear the space around it.

The next step is to get a pressurized air can with a tiny tip.

Apply the needed pressure to the stove in its entirety. Be careful to give a reasonable distance between the can and the stove.

The air released into the stove will cause the roaches to come out, including the eggs, debris, and live ones lurking inside the stove clock.

It is an effective way for a hard to reach places.

4. Bait Gel

Bait Gel

Bait gel is a kind of insecticide with the function of baiting roaches or pests.

A destructive active compound is mixed with the food bait to lure them out from their hidden places.

When the pests consume the bait, they indirectly absorb the active compound, leading to their death.

Bait gels are efficient because they can be used in inaccessible places. Just a crack or hole allows for easy usage.

Bait gels can be used in solid or powder form.

Why Do I Have To Get Rid of Roaches in Stove Clock?

Here are some reasons you must eliminate roaches in your stove clock. Without some of these reasons, you might as well allow them to take over your space.

1. They Are a Source of Contamination

Roaches contaminate whatever they come in contact with, such as food, water, and utensils. Their skins, dropping, are carriers of diseases and filth.

2. They Can Be Embarrassing

Nothing can be as embarrassing as seeing roaches run inside your stove clock, especially when a guest wants to use the stove.

3. Roaches Trigger Allergies

Coming in contact with roaches can trigger asthma allergies. These insects also produce allergens that can cause sneezing, runny noses and eyes, cough, and even breathing issues.


Having roaches in your home is terrible, even more so in sensitive areas. They reduce your kitchen from a hundred to ten.

The methods listed above to eliminate roaches in your stove clock are effective and safe. Plus, they are cost-effective, so you don’t have to spend so much to do the job well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Easy Is It To Remove Roaches From a Stove Clock?

It is a bit difficult as roaches are stubborn. They also have fast reproductive and resistance rates. However, it is not impossible to get rid of them, as shown above.

How Long Does It Take To Be Free From Roaches’ Infestation?

It depends on the number of roaches in a nest. The fewer they are, the faster it takes to get rid of them.

However, with constant and consistent application, you might see results earlier. The whole eradication process may span from three days to two weeks.

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