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How To Keep Ants Out of Hot Tub

How To Keep Ants Out Of Hot Tub

A well-deserved hot tub session at home is one of the best ways to destress and relax after a long work day.

You fill the tub with hot water, use your favorite scented bath bombs, and pour yourself a glass of wine. And as you’re about to hop in the tub, you notice one thing: your favorite relaxing spot just got invaded by ants! Stressful.

Ants, especially the carpenter breeds, love invading wooden hot tubs, especially when they are moist and covered.

Remember that damp wooden tubs can increase the potential for the material to rot, which ants love more.


If you experience ants and other pests invading your hot tubs, the following solutions should do the trick of keeping them away:

  • Change your hot tub filter regularly.
  • Utilize ant bait stations.
  • Use a bleach solution to wipe ant eggs completely.
  • Use insecticides and ant repellents.
  • Check for leaks.

Ants can crawl even in the tiniest corners of your hot tubs, so you should be smart enough to inspect and check for signs of their infestation.

This guide explores why ants love invading hot tubs and how you can keep them away from your favorite destressing spot.

Why Ants Love Invading Hot Tubs

Why Ants Love Invading Hot Tubs

Ants invade hot tubs for several reasons. Remember that ants prefer moist and warm environments; these tiny pests love thriving in these areas because they have ideal conditions for ants to survive.

Next, if your hot tubs are made of wood, always check the surface for any decay or rot. Ants also prefer these surfaces and will likely utilize the space to nest or lay their eggs.

And finally, ants love hot tubs because they can have potential food sources. If any particles are near the tub, especially sweet choices, expect more ants to invade the spot.

We all know ants are not as dangerous as rodents and other pests, but they can still make you miserable. Their presence can be a nuisance, especially when they disturb your “me-time” in your hot tub.

Moreover, ant bites can also be painful and cause swelling. That’s why even though ants won’t cause any toxic disease, you should still prevent them from occupying your personal space.

5 Natural Ways To Keep Ants Away From Hot Tubs

Natural Ways To Keep Ants Away From Hot Tubs

Before calling for a professional company’s help, you can always keep ants away by employing various natural methods.

These hacks are effective and simple, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Let’s consider what you can do to ensure aggressive pests do not invade your hot tubs.

1. Change Your Hot Tub’s Filter Regularly

Change Your Hot Tub's Filter Regularly

If you have had your hot tub for a long time, it’s normal for its filter to become filthy and get clogged. If you don’t inspect your tub’s filter, chances are hair strands get stuck inside.

Not only will you get your hot tub clogged, but ants who drowned in the water are likely to accumulate in the filter too.

This is certainly not good, especially since the water will become filthy every time you use the tub. This is why we recommend that you inspect your hot tub filter regularly.

If you don’t have extras lying at home, washing the filter at least once a week would also be nice. You’re doing a lot of good by rinsing the filter regularly because it prevents clogging and ensures you’re using only fresh water while bathing.

You can also soak your tub’s filter in a bleaching solution to ensure that dead ants and their eggs are completely removed. But we recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions on how to remove the filter.

2. Utilize Ant Bait Stations

Utilize Ant Bait Stations

Ant bait stations are useful to attract and kill ants that invade your hot tubs.

Ants see the bait, which they think is an ideal food source. When this happens, they will quickly march toward the area, get the bait, and return to their colony. These pests will naturally eat the bait, and soon after, they will die.

Additionally, ant bait stations have provided effectiveness as long-term solutions. They don’t only kill ants that invade your hot tubs, but ant bait stations also have the potential to kill an entire ant colony.

This ensures your tubs won’t get a second ant infestation.

3. Use a Bleach Solution

Use A Bleach Solution

As simple as a diluted bleach solution is effective if you want to wipe out a whole colony of ant eggs.

You can commonly find ant eggs on your hot tub’s cover. It’s why cleaning and maintaining your hot tub’s cover is as essential as taking care of the entire tub.

To create a diluted bleach solution, follow this simple step-by-step hack:

  • Create a bleach and water mixture by mixing one bleach with nine parts water.
  • Get a clean rag and soak it in the mixture.
  • Wipe the hot tub cover with the soaked rag.
  • Always be meticulous when cleaning, especially the tiniest nooks and crannies. These are places where ants can potentially hide.
  • Wipe across the entire surface, and remove all white substances because these could be the eggs.

Bleach solutions effectively kill ants and ensure no scent trails are left behind for a possible infestation of the new colony.

4. Use Insecticides and Ant Repellents

Use Insecticides And Ant Repellents

Resorting to ant repellents or insecticides is also a great idea. You can find many insecticides that come in powder, spray, or ant bait forms.

Always use protective equipment when applying insecticides because they can be too toxic for your skin.

Powder insecticides are effective in killing an entire colony of ants. After sprinkling them around your hot tub, ants touching the powder will likely die and poison their fellow ants from their colony.

The key to using insecticides successfully is staying consistent, especially when your hot tub is outdoors.

Remember that wind or rain can easily wash away powder substances, so always reapply as needed.

Using ant sprays as insecticides should also work. But spray around areas where ants can enter if you’re using them.

What’s nice about insecticide sprays is that they work magic immediately. You can guarantee ants will die on the spot.

5. Check for Leaks

Check For Leaks

Finally, eliminating their possible entry points is one effective way to keep ants away from hot tubs. And by entry points, we mean the tiniest and darkest holes or corners where ants can fit in.

This means you must be responsible for regularly inspecting your tubs for signs of leakages or cracks.

It’s always best to seal leaks or cracks you notice around your hot tubs by caulking them or using sealants.

Tapes can also serve as temporary solutions before calling for professional help.

Stop Ant Infestation Around Hot Tubs

Ants can be the least dangerous pests, but their presence can also cause trouble.

Moreover, hot tubs should be where you can chill and relax without being preoccupied with a pest invasion.

The next time you encounter ants, you finally know what to do with our practical yet effective hacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Pool Skimmer Work Against Ants?

Pool skimmers will only work if your goal is to remove floating ants in your hot tub. They can scoop up all dead ants in one go, or you can do it by batch.

If you’re using pool skimmers, choose products with the tiniest holes between the mesh.

Can I Use Vinegar To Keep Ants Away?

If your goal is to keep them away, vinegar works wonders!

Its scent triggers these tiny pests, making them escape and permanently leave your space.

The main reason behind this is that vinegar can confuse ants, especially their ability to crawl in a straight direction. Vinegar solutions confuse the ants’ pheromones, causing them to feel dizzy and get lost.

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