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How To Keep Birds Away From Raspberries

Bird On A Raspberries Plant

Do you ever wonder how you can keep birds away from your raspberries? Or how you may cover a raspberry plant to protect it from birds? Do you want to know how to stop birds from eating raspberries most efficiently?


Ripe raspberries are irresistible to birds. However, the birds also cause several harms to your raspberries, including:

  • They knock off raspberries when they are eating and jumping.
  • They leave raspberries roughly eaten.
  • They puncture and pluck your raspberries.

Bird netting is one of the best methods for keeping birds away from berries. When put in place two to three weeks before the fruits ripen, bird netting safeguards tree fruit and berries.

To keep your raspberries safe, you have a variety of options. Many birds find berries to be pleasant and nutritious, but not all of them enjoy eating raspberries.

Small birds, like finches, only peck and prick your raspberries, while large birds, particularly pigeons, consume the entire fruit.

5 Ways To Keep Birds Away From Raspberries

Every raspberry cultivator hopes for plentiful production. Unfortunately, you discover that the birds are looking at the same produce.

The birds put a lot of work into harvesting raspberries. They can destroy your raspberry garden in a matter of days.

Fortunately, there are numerous techniques to keep birds away from your raspberries.

These are the top five strategies:

1. Scaring Birds With Reflective Flash Tape

Scaring Bird With Flashing Tape

The reflective tape scares the birds away. Flash tape, which is highly reflective and glossy, is used to scare away birds from outdoor areas.

The wind blows flashing tape and other dazzling items. Due to all of this activity, it appears as though a lot is going on close to the raspberries.

Pest birds often err on the side of caution and avoid the unfamiliar, which can keep them out of gardens and fruit trees.

2. Utilize Bird Nets

Cherries On The Tree With Protective Netting

One of the most successful strategies to keep birds away is exclusion. The best defense against birds to protect your raspberries is using bird netting.

You can use netting to protect your raspberry bushes from birds that are stealing the fruits. The netting is a floating textile mesh net.

If you drape the net over your berries, birds cannot be able to consume them. The ideal time to apply some form of netting to the raspberry area is a few weeks before the raspberries’ maturity.

Your berries will be secure because the birds cannot get to them. Your netting also provides shade for your fruits. The birds will have to move to a different area to try their luck.

3. Create Bird Feeders

Bird Feeder In The Garden

If you give birds food, they can decide to disregard your raspberries. Place the bird feeders close to your raspberry areas, and the birds will go there instead of your crops.

4. Set Up Scarecrows

Scarecrow In The Garden

Scarecrows can serve as fictitious predators. You can position counterfeit predators such as humans, snakes, or raptors close to the raspberries. The birds will not eat the raspberries when they see them.

The scarecrows are also available in stores.

After a few days, you must move the scarecrow. The birds eventually get the intelligence to realize that’s all it is.

5. Create a Birdbath

Birdbath In Garden

Most birds are said to be thirsty, which is why they raid your raspberry plants for juice. The birds may disregard your raspberries if you supply them with a water source.

It might even be better to include the sound of water falling through a fountain.


Any strategy you choose will undoubtedly produce some advantages. Unfortunately, the birds are initially startled away, but they soon become used to the disturbance, and later they are back to gorging on your raspberries.

The best way to keep birds away from raspberries is probably to prevent them from getting to the fruit in the first place. You should avoid worrying once the berries start to mature by covering them.

To protect your raspberries, use bird netting. The likelihood of a big harvest will increase. Without protection, you risk losing a lot of money.

It takes time and works to use netting and other similar materials to protect the raspberry patch, but it is time well spent because you get to preserve the raspberries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Using Bird Netting the Best Method for Protecting Raspberries?

There are many methods to deter birds, but bird netting is the most successful. The birds are kept away by the nets.

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