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How To Keep Bugs Out of Deck Box

How To Keep Bugs Out Of Deck Box

Imagine the stress you had to endure in dealing with the bugs in your bathroom and furniture. Then, you purchased a cute deck box for your sports items and kids/pet toys and discovered the same bugs again.

You thought getting a deck box would help you declutter and keep critters away from your home. But now you are scared that you are approaching something you tried to avoid.

If you have a bug infestation in your deck box, we’ve got some helpful tips for you in this post. Happy learning!


Bugs love to hide in dark and warm places. If you spot them in your deck box, the following strategies can help keep them away:

  • Avoid keeping edibles around your deck box. Bugs like ants, for example, will always come in their numbers to feast on sugary food items.
  • Place plants and herbs inside the deck box, like mint leaves, garlic, cedarwood, etc.
  • Inspect and clean items properly before storing them in your deck box, etc.

The following few headings outline five ways to keep bugs out of your deck box. We will also answer other common queries about bug infestation in deck boxes.

5 Ways To Keep Bugs Out of Deck Box

Bugs in your deck box are worse because you usually leave stuff there for a while. Since it is more of a storage box, the bugs have more time to wreak havoc and cause much damage.

Whatever the reasons for their invasion in your deck box, you can deter them with the strategies below:

1. Inspect Items Before Putting Them In

Deck Box

The deck box may not be the problem, and the items could be. What do you expect from putting an infested pillow or mini-couch into your deck box? It would mean more infestation and damage.

Some common bugs in and around a deck box are beetles, spiders, roaches, bed bugs, and ants. They usually enter the box through the items put into it and multiply.

Pillows and cushions may have spiders and bed bugs lurking around them. Old plastic toys and sports equipment may also have spiders or roach larvae. So what do you do?

The toys could attract ants or roaches through food particles if you don’t clean them. Sports equipment like a bat or ball should be thoroughly cleaned too. These balls roll into dirt or mud and even fall into the garden.

If you don’t clean the balls correctly, ants and beetles can attach to them and get into the box. The same applies to your sportswear and boots. If you plan to keep them in the deck box, ensure that you wash and dry them properly.

You can put the cushions/pillows and clothing in an air-tight bag for better results. After that, you can neatly arrange them in the deck box for more protection.

2. Keep Edibles Away From The Deck Box

Edibles Away From The Deck Box

You will need to keep food items from the deck box to keep bugs away. Bugs of all kinds love to chew anything they can lay their mandibles on and can smell food from afar.

You can carve out a separate store for food items in your kitchen or leave them in the fridge. But, even if you have an overflow of fruits, nuts, and vegetables, please resist the urge to store them in your deck box.

Ants love sugary foods; they come in their numbers when they come. If there are food items and other materials, the ants will not only ravage the food. They will also explore different materials and create holes in them.

3. Keep the Deck Box Dry

Keep The Deck Box Dry

Although deck boxes usually protect your stuff from the rains and harsh weather, it is best to keep them dry. A constantly moist box will attract roaches and bugs alike.

Most bugs are usually attracted to moist and dark places, and a closed, wet box makes a perfect home for them. So, what do you do?

Take some time and dry your deck box before putting any possessions inside. It would be better if the rains beat the box’s exterior than put your items into a wet box.

Since you will often close the box, it could develop a damp smell because of the moisture inside. Aside from the scent, molds may form, and bugs may also come.

4. Use Bug-Repellant Plants and Herbs

Use Bug-Repellant Plants And Herbs

Mint leaves, garlic, and cedarwood are strong bug repellants. For deck boxes, using herbs is much better than spraying chemicals. In addition, chemicals may stain some of your materials and contaminate them.

You can keep some mint leaves at the base of the box. The leaves will also give the box a pleasant smell while keeping bugs away. Garlic, onions, and cedar are also effective; you can keep them inside the box.

The smell of these herbs makes bugs uncomfortable and irritates some of them.

5. Use Essential Oils

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils like cedarwood oil, peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, and clove oil are effective bug repellants. But, unfortunately, these oils choke bugs, irritate them, and make them uncomfortable.

You can apply the oils by sprinkling drops around and inside the deck box. The scent of these oils will keep away any bugs.

While most people mix the essential oil with water and spray around the box, you may consider sprinkling only the oil.

Remember that you are avoiding a moist box. Tiny drops of oil are sufficient.

Besides deterring bugs, essential oils can also give your deck box a pleasant smell.


Above are five practical ways we know work in deterring bugs, including those hiding inside deck boxes.

Please note that using an insecticide to ward off bugs from your deck box is not a good idea. Remember that you may have toys in the box. In addition, some liquid insecticides can also stain your furniture or clothes.

If you want to explore various insecticide options, you can try an insecticide powder like diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle the powder around the deck box for the best results.

Boric acid could have also been a good option, but it can stain the items in your box unless you sprinkle it around the box’s exterior. So all you need to know is that keeping bugs away from your deck box is possible.

Feel free to use any of the five tips above and wave bug goodbye.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Air-Tight Deck Boxes Keep Bugs Away?

Yes, they can. Some boxes have small openings around their edges, and bugs can come in from there. When shopping for a deck box, ensure it is air-tight to avoid bug infestation.

Can Vinegar Repel Bugs?

Absolutely, yes. White vinegar and acid cider vinegar are effective bug repellants. You can spray them around the deck box. You can also spray it inside the deck in small quantities.

Sprinkling much will make the box too moist, which won’t be great for keeping bugs away.

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