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How To Keep Bugs Out of Gazebo


Are you tired of swatting and slapping away insects? Are you sick of scratching mosquito bites or frustrated with flies buzzing near your ear?

True, nothing can ruin a summer evening outside with your family more than annoying bugs circling over your head. If this is you, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.


Keeping your gazebo bug-free may seem impossible, but it is actually pretty simple.

Using a few household products, herbal plants, or man’s best friend: technology, you can get rid of these bugs easily. A few tried and tested methods are:

  • Screens and partitions
  • Planting repellent plants
  • Outdoor fans
  • Outdoor lights

Please, keep reading to learn how to use these natural and man-made solutions to keep your gazebo bug-free.

4 Ways To Keep Bugs Out of Gazebo

Here are some ways you can easily keep bugs out of your gazebo and spend uninterrupted quality time with your loved ones:

1. Man-Made Methods

Let’s review some artificial methods that can help you keep bugs out:

Screens and Partitions


Gazebos are meant to be open on all sides to let the breeze in. This is also why they are vulnerable to pest or bug infestations.

A simple solution is to use nets, screens, or partitions. This will allow the wind to blow through but keep the unwanted guests out.

More often than not, the company you buy your gazebo from will offer to add screen doors and frameless screens to your gazebo.

If not, you can use frameless curtains that do the same work.


Keep in mind that frameless curtains are less effective ways to keep the bugs out of your gazebo.

Another similar installation can be gazebo windows. Windows are a more flexible option to prevent bugs from entering the gazebo. These can also be added at the time of purchase.

When adding screens or partitions to your gazebo, you have the following options:

Screen Doors
Screen Doors

Doors for your gazebo can be selected based on your choice of style. These doors are either made of wood or vinyl.

The screen allows the wind to pass through and keeps the view unobstructed.

Floor Screens

These are added to the lower openings on the gazebo or patio. And are usually behind the rails to keep out the creepy crawlies.

Fixed Screens

Fixed screens are just nets attached to the posts on the gazebo. These keep the view open and also allow ventilation in the gazebo.


Windows in the gazebo have a wood or vinyl frame with a screen in the center. This gives the same benefits as a fixed screen.

The only difference is that windows can be opened for easy access.

Adding the screens or partitions to your gazebo can be a fun DIY project before spring starts.

You can follow guides online to help you walk through the simple process.

2. Outdoor Fans


Nothing screams a chic cottage like an outdoor fan. Patios or gazebos can benefit from a fan in more than one way:

  • Insects like mosquitos and flies can be a real downer when enjoying time outside. Lucky for us, they are super weak fliers. A stream of wind from a fan is the perfect way to keep bugs away.
  • Summer and spring are prime gazebo seasons. To avoid being sticky and sweaty while you read your favorite book, install a gazebo fan. This will allow you to stay cool and enjoy your downtime.
  • Who doesn’t like a chic accessory? Gazebos are the perfect place to install small fans. Your gazebo will be functional while elevating the space’s interior design.

There are many options for outdoor fans on the market, with different styles and sizes to best fit your gazebo.

3. Insect Repellents

When we hear insect repellents, sprays or creams come to mind.

However, there are different types of insect repellents available. These can be used to keep bugs away.

Here are some options to choose from:



Misters are a low-cost but highly efficient addition to your outdoor gazebo. You can fill the chamber with a natural or chemical repellent, and the machine will do the rest.

Coils or Plug-Ins


These options are a great way to keep mosquitos away. Burning a repellent coil or plugging in a vapor mosquito killer is a great temporary fix.

Candles or Humidifiers


Scented candles or humidifiers filled with essential oils can also work to keep away insects.

You can use scents that repel specific insects for the best results—especially scents like citronella, lavender, or mint.

4. Natural Methods

There are two natural methods to keep bugs away from gazebos:



Insects thrive amongst plants, so this option may seem counterintuitive but trust us, it will work.

There are plenty of household plants that act as natural mosquito repellents. Whether tastefully planted around your yard or placed inside the gazebo itself, these plants do all the work.

All this can be done while elevating the look of your outdoor gathering spot.

Plants like lemongrass, citronella grass, lavender, or petunias are great for the job. There are a variety of these commonly found plants that can be used as bug repellents.

Plants are more suitable if you have curious kids or pets and want to keep them away from harmful chemicals in store-bought repellents.

Homemade Candles or Misters


If you don’t have a green thumb, here is another option.

You can use candles or misting fluids. Buy the necessary ingredients and crush the plant to release its natural scent. Then follow the instructions on the kit to make candles.

This can be a great DIY project to do with kids. Old candles can also be recycled to make new and improved ones.

If you are not into crafts, you can easily whip up a quick, homemade repellent using ingredients at home.


No matter what we do, insects find a way to infiltrate our built endeavors, especially if these endeavors are as open and vulnerable to imposters as gazebos.

You can use screens or partitions, outdoor fans, insect repellents, plants, and homemade candles to eliminate bugs.

This time, tick off one worry from your list by making your gazebo bug-free. Follow our suggestions and let us know your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Most Effective Natural Mosquito Repellent?

Citronella grass, lemongrass, and rose oil are the most effective natural mosquito repellents. These can easily help you get rid of bugs in your gazebos.

Are Natural Bug Repellents as Effective as Chemical Ones?

Unfortunately, natural repellents are not as effective as chemical ones. But they are a good alternative if you are short on supplies.

Are Outdoor Fans Worth It?

Outdoor fans are great for repelling flying insects. Simultaneously, they help you stay cool during humid seasons while keeping the bugs away.

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