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How To Keep Frogs Away From My Porch

How To Keep Frogs Away From My Porch

Frogs are not aggressive as other pests, but they can also take over your front porch if you don’t do something about it. Because they prefer moist and swamp areas, they will often target your garden, yard, or swimming pool.

And because frogs are not cute animals, you might often find it annoying to always see them having fun at home.

With this, you are often asked, “how can I keep these frogs away from my porch?”


Even though frogs are not dangerous, seeing them at home is not pleasant to the eyes. So, if you plan to keep them away from your front porch, try out the following effective methods:

  • Create physical barriers
  • Turn off the lights on your front porch
  • Always ensure proper drainage at home
  • Sprinkle salt around
  • Try using coffee grounds

A vinegar mixture also works as a frog repellent. If barriers don’t do the trick, try mixing equal parts of water and vinegar instead.

If frogs are not welcome at home, you must do whatever it takes to keep them away, especially from your front porch. This guide gives all the juicy details you need to get rid of frogs and keep your front yard clean.

5 Effective Ways To Keep Frogs Away From Your Porch

Ways To Keep Frogs Away From Your Porch

Using insecticide is one of the most inhumane ways to keep frogs away because of their thinner skin.

This means toxins from the chemical products will be more easily absorbed than in other animals.

Be a little kinder and do these preventive measures instead:

1. Create Physical Barriers

Create Physical Barriers

Physical barriers like fences should work. You can DIY or buy ready-made ones and install them around your yard’s landscape.

This has been proven to prevent frogs from further invading your front porch. Physical barriers are even more effective if you live near damp or swampy areas or when a body of water is near your place.

Installing fences near bodies of water prevents frogs from escaping from their natural habitats and invading your yard.

For the best material, choose fine-mesh ones or those made of wood. These materials can prevent even big frogs from hopping over and reaching your porches.

2. Turn-Off Your Lights on Your Porch

Turn-Off Your Lights On Your Porch

If you have been observant about your front porch, you might have seen insects commonly flying around your lights, especially when they are turned on. This is because insects are attracted to light.

You might be wondering about the relationship between insects and frogs. Here’s the thing, frogs are amphibians, and they generally feed on insects to survive. When frogs spot areas where insects are diverse, they will likely reach that area and thrive there.

This also explains why frogs love living in front porches. When lights are switched on, you will see several insects, which means more food sources for the frogs. So what’s the solution? Turn off your outdoor lights.

Dark front porches will become unattractive to insects, preventing frogs from visiting your property.

3. Always Make Sure Your Home Has a Proper Drainage

Always Make Sure Your Home Has A Proper Drainage

As previously mentioned, frogs love water. Moreover, they need it to survive. When there’s water, frogs will likely lay their eggs. And when the eggs hatch, baby frogs or tadpoles also need water to survive.

The only way to stop the frog’s life cycle on your front porch is to ensure your home has proper drainage.

This means there should be no water leaking in your front porch that could attract frogs.

Additionally, your porch should remain dry and water-free to keep these amphibians away.

4. Sprinkle Salt Around

Sprinkle Salt Around

Another way to deter frogs away from your porch is sprinkling salt around.

Remember that frogs have thin skin, so they can readily absorb salt in areas where they are hopping. Absorbing skin can dehydrate them, so they will try their best to avoid your porch.

It would be best to remember that you could never sprinkle salt directly on the frog. If you do this, frogs can die right away. This is also why it’s better to spread salt around your porch instead of using it directly on the frog.

Try sprinkling salt around the pond where frogs normally live on your porch. But if you’re using salt around your plants, don’t sprinkle too much. Some plants don’t like salt because it damages them.

5. Coffee Grounds Could Also Work

Coffee Grounds

Try using coffee grounds if you still want your garden or front porch to smell great while deterring frogs away.

Like salt, coffee grounds can dehydrate the frogs’ skin, causing them to avoid the area as much as possible.

Moreover, coffee grounds have also been proven to deter other pests, including the following:

  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Fleas
  • Roaches

By using coffee grounds, you are allowing your house to become pest-free instantly.

Why Should You Keep Frogs Out of Your Porch?

Why Should You Keep Frogs Out Of Your Porch?

Even though frogs are not as dangerous as other pests, they can still carry certain bacteria and pathogens harmful to you and your kids.

And when you come in contact with these animals, you risk your health with potential infections. An example of a common bacteria is salmonella, which can spread to your body easily.

Frogs also love to make noises, which can be annoying, especially when you hear them daily. Frogs also love croaking to attract mates. Imagine how noisy it would be when more than one frog starts to live on your porch.

Depending on the frog species, they can also be poisonous, especially those with unique skin patterns and bright colors.

If you don’t do anything about frogs entering your porch, these types of frogs can secret lethal poison that can automatically kill humans.

Keep Your Front Porch Clean

Keep Your Front Porch Clean

Front porches serve as your home’s entryway where you greet your visitors.

This is why you should always ensure they are kept organized and clean.

Don’t let frogs invade your front yards, and follow our suggestions to keep them away as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Prevent Frogs From Pooping on My Front Yard?

Remove water resources that could attract frogs.

Also, it would help if you regularly trim your porch’s green landscape.

Vinegar should also work.

What Smells Keep Frogs Away?

Essential oils like peppermint have been proven effective in deterring frogs away.

You can also use peppermint oil to make your peppermint spray, which effectively keeps frogs and other pests away from your home.

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