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How To Keep Funnel Web Spiders Away

Funnel Web Spiders

Funnel-web spiders are common indoor creatures that seek shelter and breeding grounds inside your home. They are usually the main reason cobwebs are present in the darkest corners of your property, especially in the basement or attic.

They may not be as aggressive as bigger pests and bite you, but their cobwebs can make your home look messy and unclean.

You should also know that funnel-web spiders can make any place their home. They are versatile pests that can spin webs in wooded areas, grass, corners, small caves, and bushes.

And because they mainly eat insects, you often see cobwebs with trapped flies and mosquitoes. This makes your home look filthy and haunted.


To ensure your home does not encounter a funnel-web infestation, you must be aware of how to keep these spiders away. Although funnel-web spiders might look peaceful in their cobwebs, they can attack anyone or anything that provokes them.

This guide talks about two main things:

  • The best ways to get rid of funnel-web spiders.
  • Dangerous effects of these spider species.

If you encounter an issue regarding funnel-web spiders invading rooms in your home and creating huge cobwebs, you are not alone. You don’t want your property looking like it’s always Halloween Season, do you? So we’re here to help.

The Dangerous Bite of Funnel Web Spiders

When funnel-web spiders grow in size, they can transform into fierce creatures. We understand you might not immediately feel scared upon encountering one. But as their cobweb size grows, you must understand that this can be detrimental to your home.

Moreover, when funnel-web spiders start to feel uncomfortable, disoriented, and intimidated, they can lunge toward you and initiate an attack.

The Spiders’ Bite

Spider's Bite

The most dangerous of funnel-web spiders is their dangerous and poisonous bite. These creatures can get very aggressive when they feel threatened, especially when you start an attack against their cobwebs.

These spider bites can range from minor swelling, inflammation, or irritation to becoming serious bites that can be fatal. The following are the risk factors associated with the severity of a spider bite:

  • Age – the elderly and children are the most vulnerable groups.
  • Health status – immunocompromised people have a greater risk.
  • Location – spiders are more aggressive in areas commonly inhabited by humans.

The Symptoms of the Bite

Symptoms Of The Bite

Symptoms vary depending on the risk factors we’ve mentioned. For example, some people experience only mild discomfort or pain around the area, while others encounter swollen bites accompanied by the following:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Severe muscle spasms.

Knowing that when you encounter a bite, you must treat it right away is essential. This prevents the sting from becoming more severe, which can even cause death within hours.

Remember that a funnel-web spider’s bite can cause respiratory problems and muscle paralysis.

Because the damage can get extensive, you should seek medical assistance immediately when you encounter a bite. This is important, even when your symptoms are as mild as feeling itchy or swollen.

An antivenom injection should be administered right away to prevent any effects from the spider’s venom.

The Best Hacks To Get Rid of Funnel Web Spiders

Ultimately, the best way to keep funnel-web spiders away is never to let them enter your space. You must always perform preventive measures so that you won’t have to suffer from the consequences of a funnel-web spider invasion.

But if you are the unluckiest person and encounter a spider infestation, do not worry. We’re here to give you the best hacks and get rid of them fast.

1. Declutter and Reorganize

Declutter And Reorganize

Decluttering and cleaning will always be your first step, regardless of what pest you try to avoid. Pests love anything filthy and messy, including funnel-web spiders.

You must ensure that all your things are as organized as possible, especially inside the dark rooms of your home.

If you’re keeping old stuff in your attic or basement, ensure they are properly placed in airtight containers with no holes or cracks.

Otherwise, you will experience a possible spider invasion in no time. And the more junk scattered around, the more likely funnel-web spiders will be able to find potential spaces where they can make their cobwebs and thrive.

2. Remove Cobwebs

Remove Cobwebs

One thing you should know about spiders is that they cannot survive without their cobwebs. These serve as their home, where they can trap insects as their food sources.

To get rid of these pests, you must take down their cobwebs. And one of the most effective ways is using a cobweb duster head.

Duster heads specifically designed for taking down cobwebs have bristles with special nylon that can easily remove cobwebs and detach them from walls or corners.

Moreover, these duster heads can also take down any spider eggs in the cobwebs.

Even better, you can use these cobweb duster heads in harder-to-reach places. But, then, you must attach its threaded end to a long pole.

3. Seal Up Cracks, Gaps, and Holes

Seal Up Cracks

Funnel-web spiders are tiny and flexible pests. They can easily enter through even the tiniest holes or cracks at home. Moreover, their bodies are so thin they can fit anywhere. With this, you should be smarter.

A possible way to prevent their entry into your home is by immediately sealing up cracks, gaps, and holes.

You can use caulk or sealant to patch up tiny cracks or gaps. But for larger ones, using a copper mesh and stuffing it in the involved area is ideal.

4. Treat With Insecticide


Insecticides also work against funnel-web spiders, but you must be careful where you apply them. Since these creatures can crawl and run fast, you must ensure you have treated the entire room with the product, including the darkest corners and tiniest gaps.

We also recommend using natural repellents instead of products that contain several toxic substances. However, remember that harmful chemicals are also unsafe for your pets and kids.

Insecticides can also work as successful preventive hacks outside your home. This way, you’re not only eradicating funnel-web spiders, but you’re also preventing other types of pests from entering and invading your property.

5. Place Glue Traps

Glue Traps

After treating your room with insecticide, the final step is setting up glue traps. The traps will catch the insects from the removed cobwebs, which will help eliminate the spiders’ food sources.

Without food and proper breeding ground, funnel-web spiders won’t be able to survive and will likely escape looking for better hiding spots.

6. Other Prevention Tips

Prevention Tips

We’ve said this before, but prevention is always key. If you are determined to keep funnel-web spiders away from invading your home, the following tips should help:

  • Prevent moisture by inspecting your sewage system for potential leaks and faulty pipes.
  • There should be a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule to tidy your home even when you’re busy.
  • If you have a firewood collection, it should be properly stacked away from your home’s foundation.
  • It’s best to rake your lawn to prevent debris accumulation that could serve as the spiders’ hiding spots.

Protect Your Space From Funnel-Web Spiders

It can be tricky to catch funnel-web spiders because they act quickly in spinning their web and escaping from humans.

Moreover, they are exceptional weavers who can create huge cobwebs and trap more insects. This can make your home look filthy and haunted.

With this, you must always protect your home from spider invasion by regularly cleaning your space, treating it with insecticide, removing cobwebs, and sealing gaps and holes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Survive From a Funnel-Web Spider’s Bite?

Even when the symptoms are mild, all funnel-web spiders contain venom when they bite. They can be poisonous and lead to severe respiratory issues or even death in humans.

How Quickly Can You Die From a Funnel-Web Spider’s Bite?

A bite from a funnel-web spider can lead to a human’s death as quickly as 10 minutes. These spicer species are classified as one of the most deadly spiders worldwide.

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