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How To Keep Lizards Out of Potted Plants

How To Keep Lizards Out Of Potted Plants

How can one keep lizards away from potted houseplants? What smell do lizards detest the most? Is it possible to prevent lizards from entering a house?

Plants are edible to lizards. Although most eat insects, it is occasionally possible to spot them nibbling on plant leaves. Certain lizards, like the iguana, only consume plants.


Some gardeners sprinkle hot sauce around the perimeters of structures to deter lizards from entering. If you wish to attempt this home treatment, remember to reapply it frequently. The hot sauce degrades quickly in the environment.

One can use various sprays to keep lizards away from potted plants. A hot sauce spray is one of them. Lizards avoid the strong smell of:

  • cayenne
  • pepper
  • hot sauce
  • Eucalyptus
  • peppermint

You can combine eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils to create a spray you can use on your potted plants to repel lizards.

You can permanently remove lizards from your house and garden in a few simple actions. There are also some natural approaches to lizard eradication.

11 Effective Ways To Keep Lizards Away

Effective Ways To Keep Lizards Away

Lizards will crawl to your house in search of their favorite plants.

Here are eleven secure methods to deter such lizards:

1. Training Your Pets

Training Your Pets

Cats and dogs are excellent lizard catchers if you train them to do it.

To keep lizards at bay, trained pets can remain close to potted plants.

And luckily, these crawling creatures are harmless to both people and pets. They are not venomous.

2. Use Onions

Use Onions

Cut an onion into small pieces and put them in the flower pot to deter lizards.

Because of the pot’s strong onion smell, which irritates their eyes and nose, lizards will avoid it.

However, onions are momentarily beneficial when keeping lizards away from outdoor plants.

Air will quickly dispel the pungent odor that the thinly sliced onions emit. To keep the onions working, replace them every three days.

Making an onion spray is the most effective approach to prevent lizards from munching on garden plants.

3. Lizard-Repelling Garlic

Lizard-Repelling Garlic

Garlic has a potent concentrated smell that naturally deters lizards.

One should chop up the garlic and place the pieces on the pot’s base to keep away lizards from consuming indoor plants.

As a result, they will not climb and damage the plants.

4. Using Flypaper To Capture Lizards

Using Flypaper To Capture Lizards

Flypaper works just as well to catch lizards as it does to catch flies.

Place it where you see the lizards on potted plants or walls.

5. Use of Cayenne Pepper

Use Of Cayenne Pepper

Plant-eating lizards dislike any unusual flavors. Spraying the plants with a cayenne pepper mixture will guarantee they will not eat the leaves. Here is how to create the solution:

  • Put one teaspoon of cayenne pepper, half a teaspoon of ginger, and a quarter of a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a jar.
  • Add half a cup of warm water, stirring to combine.
  • Allow it to stand for two hours until it cools.
  • Put it in a hand sprayer and spray on the plants.

6. Electric Distractions

Electric Distractions

Some electrical appliances emit ultrasonic waves that only lizards can hear.

Using such a sound is a good method of keeping lizards away from potted plants.

7. Spraying Hot Sauce (Tobasco)

Spraying Hot Sauce (Tobasco)

Although it will not harm your plants, Tobasco hot sauce spray will irritate and deter lizards.

It is a practical method for keeping lizards from wrecking potted plants.

Spray the plants with a solution consisting of six tablespoons of Tobasco with eight ounces of water.

Due to their sensitivity, lizards will stay away from the smell. They will not enjoy the bitter taste of the leaves if they try to eat them.

They will also conclude that the place is not a suitable habitat for them, increasing the likelihood that they will relocate.

8. Coffee Components

Coffee Components

Create some balls by combining equal amounts of coffee and tobacco, then scatter them next to the plants.

They will avoid the area because they detest the stench.

9. Balls of Naphthalene

Balls Of Naphthalene

Naphthalene balls can poison all varieties of lizards due to their strength.

They cannot stay close to those balls since the fumes will impair their sense of smell and obstruct their airways.

You only need to place naphthalene balls in the pot on top of the sand to deter lizards and other insects like roaches from eating potted plants.

10. Use Lemongrass

Use Lemongrass

Lemongrass has a strong sweet smell that repels lizards.

Adding a few blades of Lemongrass to plant pots and other areas in your home will effectively keep them away.

11. Lay Out Several Eggshells

Lay Out Several Eggshells

Lizards despise the strong smell of eggshells.

Additionally, it deceives them into believing that there are predators nearby.

To deter them, scatter some crushed eggshells across your garden and in the indoor plant pots.


It is not necessary to use insecticides to keep lizards away. One can repel lizards using organic products.

The techniques above are among the most efficient ways to keep lizards away. However, you need to know their favorite potted plants in your home.

Using some of these repellents to cover a big area is expensive. Removing the cover and eradicating insect populations is the other most effective method of lizard management in your home.

The lizards’ stay on your property will be less pleasant if you clear away rubbish, cut up dense bushes with low-hanging branches, and remove water sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Rid of Lizards for Good?

Taking away lizards’ food source is the greatest approach to getting rid of them for good. This covers many tiny insects, such as mosquitoes, mealworms, spiders, and crickets.

You will probably need to spray insect repellant in the places that draw the bugs to get rid of them.

What Draws Lizards to Your Residence?

Lizards frequently seek out human residences in search of food and water. Since many of them are carnivores and will consume meat and produce, they find human food to be tasty.

Never leave food out in the open. Instead, put everything away and clean up the leftovers after meals.

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