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How To Keep Mosquitoes Away at Night

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away At Night

Mosquitos are all around us and could pose serious health risks.

Either they could be a source of various deadly diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and west Nile virus, or their annoying buzzing and biting sounds could be malice to you on peaceful nights.

Although they are not typically fatal, they can be dangerous if they bite someone while infected with malaria and other contagious diseases virus.

Mosquitos avoid sunlight, so usually, in the daytime, their activity is minimum. But when it’s time for the human body to rest at night, these creepy mosquitos get active and are most likely to bite the whole night.

This makes it necessary to take essential steps to repel them away from you at night.

In this article, we will discuss various approaches that can be fruitful in keeping mosquitos away at night.


Body heat and carbon dioxide attract mosquitos, and that’s why they are attracted to you while sleeping.

Moreover, during sleep, our body produces certain chemicals, like carboxylic acid and body scents, that also attract mosquitos.

Prevention is the key to dealing with mosquitos. Various techniques, including repellents, sealing their entry points, mosquito coils and traps, and natural remedies, could be practiced to keep them at bay.

For comprehensive knowledge of these practices and other effective methods, keep reading!

The next section will elaborate on the 10 most effective ways to keep mosquitos away. Then there will be a conclusion followed by frequently asked questions about mosquitos.

10 Most Effective Ways To Keep Mosquitos Aways at Night

Most Effective Ways To Keep Mosquitos Aways At Night

Mosquitos are pesky little insects that can cause much annoyance during summer.

They have a knack for ruining outdoor activities by buzzing about and biting, leaving itchy red bumps that take days to heal.

To avoid the annoying buzz and various deadly diseases caused by mosquitos, you can take these easy steps to help keep them away from you and your home.

1. Apply Mosquito Repellent

Apply Mosquito Repellent

Preventive measures to avoid being bitten by mosquitos are essential, as this can cause various mild to severe health risks.

Applying mosquito repellent at night is one of the most effective methods to keep mosquitos away and prevent bites from these pesky creatures.

The first and foremost for choosing a repellent is ensuring that the repellent has DEET or picaridin as an active ingredient. These two chemicals have proven very effective in reducing mosquito bite exposure.

In addition, applying your mosquito repellent before dusk will provide optimal protection through the night when mosquitos are more active.

2. Use Mosquito Nets While Sleeping

Use Mosquito Nets While Sleeping

Mosquito nets are an effective way of reducing mosquito-caused illnesses.

When placed over beds and other sleeping areas, they serve as physical barriers between humans and mosquitos, thus keeping them away.

These nets are designed to be lightweight and durable so that they can be used in various settings.

They also come in many different styles, such as dome-shaped hanging or rectangular frame nets that can be placed directly over beds.

Furthermore, insecticide spray on mosquito nets increases their effectiveness even further by killing mosquitos that try to enter through them.

Overall, using mosquito nets while sleeping is a simple yet effective way to protect against mosquito bites and their health risks.

3. Use of Smokeless Mosquito Coil

Use Of Smokeless Mosquito Coil

A smokeless mosquito coil is an easy and effective way to eliminate the critters from your property at night.

Their use is simple. It’s an incense-like safety device that releases insecticides into the air that kill mosquitos on contact.

The coil emits no odor or smoke, so there will be no lingering scents in the air after use.

All you need to do is to ignite one end of the coil and place it in an appropriate holder on your patio or decking area, ensuring it is away from any flammable area.

4. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

Mosquitoes can be a nuisance, especially in summer’s humid and warm temperatures.

Lavender oil is an excellent natural substance that repels mosquitos.

You need to use this lavender oil, which will deter the mosquitos with a trade of some nice aroma in your surroundings.

5. Avoid Scented Body Products

Avoid Scented Body Products

Mosquitos are attracted by body heat and exhaled carbon dioxide, but besides these, using scented body products when you’re outside can worsen the situation.

Various studies have demonstrated that mosquitos are attracted to fragrance, so if you’re spending time outdoors in the evening, it’s best to avoid any strongly scented lotions and colognes.

Additionally, researchers indicated that certain ingredients in sunscreen lotions and bug repellents could attract mosquitos.

To minimize your risk of getting bitten, consider using natural and unscented products for skincare and bug protection.

6. Remove Water Sources

Remove Water Sources

The intensity of mosquito infestations surges in summer due to the availability of optimum temperatures. Thus knowing what attracts mosquitos can help you take steps to prevent their presence in your home and yard.

The most critical factor for mosquito breeding is water availability; without it, the population of these bothersome bugs will significantly decrease.

Removing sources of standing water, such as the kiddie pool, buckets, plant trays, and birth baths, can significantly reduce their numbers around your property.

Other than this, It’s essential to keep an eye out for any stagnant water source; this immediately needs to be emptied.

7. Stoping Their Entry Into the Home

Stoping Their Entry Into The Home

One more effective way to keep mosquitos away is by banning their entry into your home.

Besides open doors and windows, these annoying pests can invade your home through the small holes in your home’s doors and windows screens.

The NIH report also found that certain mosquito types are more apt to enter homes through small gaps in doorways, windows, and other crevices.

This makes it essential to inspect their entry points and close any gap, especially in window and door screens, to curb their entry into the house.

8. Use Garlic Water

Use Garlic Water

Garlic, the pungent bulbous plant, is a powerful natural mosquito repellent that can help protect your home from these pesky and potentially dangerous pests.

In addition to its repellent properties, garlic contains compounds such as Allicin that are toxic for some insect larvae and are believed to reduce their number effectively.

The most common way for homeowners to use garlic as a natural mosquito repellent is by planting it around the perimeter of their property in pots or directly into the soil.

Additionally, crushed cloves can be rubbed onto clothing or skin or mixed with sprays for application on entry holes like window sills at night when mosquitos are most active.

9. Wearing Long Sleeves and Long Pants

Wearing Long Sleeves And Long Pants

Wearing long sleeves and long pants when going out at night can effectively reduce the chances of mosquito bites.

Mosquitos are tiny pests that live in almost every environment on earth.

They are attracted to human exhaled carbon dioxide and body heat.

So by wearing protective clothing, you can prevent mosquitos from getting close enough to bite you.

10. Moving in Lawn and Light Colors

Moving In Lawn And Light Colors

Lawns that are constantly kept moved are less likely to be a hiding place for mosquitos.

This keeps down the number of mosquitos that breed in cesspools, which can contaminate water supplies.

Moving in lawns regularly also allows for better air circulation, which reduces the likelihood of mosquito-borne illness.

Furthermore, wearing light colors may also prove helpful in keeping these blood-sucking insects away, as they tend to be attracted to darker colors due to their heat signatures.

This could be an extra barrier between you and mosquitos.


Mosquitos are pesky creatures that can cause discomfort when they bite.

Completely avoiding them is impossible; however, precautions can be helpful to keep their effect minimum.

Avoid getting bitten in the first place. Further, you can practice above explained approaches to keep the mosquitos away from you and your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Beneficial Ways To Keep Mosquitos Away at Night?

The most effective way to keep mosquitos away is by using repellents, screens on windows and doors, and keeping your areas clean.

However, natural remedies like garlic water and lavender oil can also yield effective results.

How Can I Prevent Mosquitos From Coming Into My Home?

  • Use mosquito traps
  • Seal all possible entry points for mosquitos
  • Use mosquito repellent to keep them at bay

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