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How To Keep Pests Away From Garbage

How To Keep Pests Away From Garbage

So many different bugs and animal species may cause trouble around your trash in various ways. Depending on where you live, some of these species may be more common than others.

They can scatter garbage, cause a mess, and even breed disease; this makes it necessary to keep pests away from garbage.

If you are struggling to keep these pests away from your garbage, there is no need to worry; various simple approaches can help you.

Continue reading the steps outlined in this article, and you will be able to keep your trash safe and pest-free in no time.


One of the most common household issues is pests’ attraction to your garbage. Bugs and insects are often drawn to food scraps and other organic materials and can cause foul smells and messes in your home.

Having pests rummaging through your garbage cans is an all-too-common problem for many homeowners. Fortunately, several tactics are listed in the article below to keep critters out of your garbage to avoid the mess and hassle associated with these unwelcome visitors.

In the next section of the post, you will learn techniques for dealing with trash and garbage to keep the pest’s activity minimum around them. In the end, the frequently asked question about garbage handling will follow a brief conclusion.

7 Useful Tactics To Keep Pests Away From Garbage

Useful Tactics To Keep Pests Away From Garbage

Keeping pests away from garbage could be challenging, as they are always in quest of food, and garbage could serve as their potential food source.

However, to help keep pests out of your waste, below are a few tips and recommendations to help keep the area fresh and free from pests:

1. Install Motion Lights

Install Motion Lights

Pest around your house can be a considerable nuisance when rummaging through your garbage.

Consider installing a motion-sensor light to keep pests away from your garbage cans. This bright light will deter even the bravest backyard animals from looking for food in your trash.

These motion sensor lights are great tools as they only turn on when nearby movements activate. This can make it difficult for animals to approach the area in search of food and alert you that something is lurking outside.

Plus, these lights are designed with energy efficiency in mind and use minimal electricity, so you wouldn’t have to worry about high electric bills either!

2. Use Double Bags

Use Double Bags

Double-bagging can be an effective solution to keeping pests away from your garbage.

This method help contain any lingering odors in the bag and offers an extra layer of protection against pests looking for a food source.

To maximize the effectiveness of double-bagging, use strong-smelling bags for your garbage. These bags are designed to mask any scent that may be attractive to critters and keep them away from your rubbish.

Additionally, ensure that these bags are tightly sealed before disposing of them to prevent any smells from escaping and attracting unwanted visitors.

3. Use Sprays

Use Sprays

Spraying smelly substances like diluted bleach, Windex, or ammonia on or inside the bags can effectively repel pests from the garbage.

The smell acts as an effective repellent that keeps these creatures away while also helping deodorize the area where you keep your garbage can.

Be sure to do what is necessary since too many of these substances may be more overpowering than helpful.

4. Wash Waste Containers

Wash Waste Containers

Keeping pests away from garbage is essential for maintaining a healthy and safe environment. A simple solution to this problem is to wash your garbage can or dumpsters with soapy water or bleach.

Doing so regularly will discourage any visits from critters looking for food scraps or nesting materials. Though this method requires some extra effort, results can be effective.

Start by cleaning outdoor bins regularly using warm, soapy water and a stiff brush.

If necessary, bleach can also be used to help disinfect the container while killing off any lingering bacteria.

Allow the bin to air-dry in direct sunlight before disposing of the waste inside it again.

5. Repair Holes or Cracks

Repair Holes Or Cracks

It’s no secret that pests like to hang around garbage cans. Not only does their infestation cause a huge mess, but it can also introduce germs and diseases into your home.

The best way to keep these pesky critters from getting near your trash is by patching up any cracks or holes in the garbage cans with solid adhesive material.

Epoxy or fiberglass reinforcement tape is one of the most valuable ways to close off entryways for small insects.

Start by cleaning the areas around the hole, and then apply some rubbing alcohol to ensure it’s clean before laying the epoxy or tape.

Once you have applied enough layers of material, use a knife to cut away any excess tape and let it dry overnight before using the can again.

6. Keep Trash Cans Away From Your Home

Keep Trash Cans Away From Your Home

Having a garbage can close to the home invites pests to come and make themselves at home.

That’s why it’s crucial to know how to keep pests from your garbage cans. The first step in keeping pests at bay is placing the trash cans far away from the house so they don’t attract unwanted attention.

Make sure you store them in a well-ventilated area with plenty of open space. This ensures that any odors produced by the trash are dissipated quickly instead of lingering around your home.

Additionally, it keeps rats and other small rodents from quickly accessing the contents inside, as there will be fewer places to hide and move about freely.

7. Make a Trash Enclosure

Make A Trash Enclosure

Trash enclosures can effectively keep pests from garbage and keep your property neat and organized.

Constructing a trash enclosure is an easy project that only requires a few materials, some basic knowledge of DIY projects, and time.

It can also help reduce odors associated with waste, which is beneficial for both residential and commercial areas.

To construct a trash enclosure, measure the area you plan to use for the section to ensure it fits the space allotted. You will also need to decide on what material you want, such as wood or vinyl fencing panels.

You will then need to attach the chosen fence material around your bins using fasteners such as screws or nails before adding hinges and latch so you can access your containers when needed.


Keeping pests from garbage is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

It can be done by keeping lids close on garbage cans, disposing of food scraps in the compost, regularly cleaning garbage cans, spraying repellents around garbage areas, and using natural predators as deterrents.

Pests around the garbage can pose serious health risks when they enter your home. So treating them effectively is crucial.

Every effort to keep pests away from garbage is eventually an effort toward a healthy future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Put in the Garbage Can So It Doesn’t Smell?

Any effective deodorant can be used for this purpose. However, adding baking soda to the garbage to avoid the smell is an effective, inexpensive, and easy approach.

What To Spray on Garbage To Repel Pests?

While sprayed on a garbage bag, various natural and artificial repellents can stop the lingering smell that attracts pests. However, an easy way is to mix one part ammonia and one part water to spray inside your trash cans.

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