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How To Keep Pigeons Away From Window

Pigeons Sit On Windowsill

Pigeons choose high places like chimneys, gutters, or windows in high buildings to build their nests. The higher and more challenging to reach their spot is, the safer they feel about laying eggs in it.

These birds have no regard for tenancy laws or any laws. Once they set their sights on any place that fits their specification, it becomes their forever home, or so they think.

If pigeons have hijacked your window and you are wondering how to reclaim your space, look at these tricks to keep pigeons away from your window.


Pigeons are beautiful to watch and occasionally feed at the park. But they can be a nuisance when they decide to take the friendship further and cohabit with you.

To keep pigeons away from your windows, here are a few things to note:

  • First, never feed pigeons near your home. If you habitually feed pigeons in your home, they will take it as an invitation to make their home close to you.
  • If you have pet birds, keep their bath out of the reach of pigeons. These creatures like to take an occasional dunk and may decide to take full advantage of your bird bath.
  • Pigeons are quite homely and return to their nesting spot even if you destroy it. So, stay persistent and patient.

This article will discuss proven strategies to keep pigeons permanently away from your windows.

You will also find a detailed FAQ Section that will provide further insight into effective pigeon repellents.

5 Ways To Keep Pigeons Away From Your Window

Pigeons are invasive animals. They can be quite noisy and messy, so you know they have visited their window seat each time they do. Especially when a pigeon chooses to roost at your window, they have a habit of returning daily to rest on ledges or balconies.

Imagine cleaning up after a guest who messes up your home daily without so much as an apology.

Pigeons are attracted to windows and high parts of buildings because it allows them a view of their surrounding, particularly food.

A pigeon who chooses to nest on your building must have discovered a nearby food source, perhaps from a large garbage bin or an overly enthusiastic person who feeds them.

Looking into possible reasons why a pigeon feels at home in your area is essential. However, you may be able to eliminate those factors, such as cutting off their access to food.

In any case, there are several strategies to help you get rid of pigeons, and here are some of them:

1. Shut Down Food Sources

Young Man Out With Garbage

You may have to look around your home for waste bins or outlets from which pigeons could be fed. If you have birds, then they may be sharing with your pets.

Or they could be eating out of your garbage can or nearby garbage. Pigeons like to keep their food in their line of sight and can easily adjust to patterns of food availability.

Also, you could have a neighbor or someone in your home feeding them. It goes without saying at this juncture that if you have been feeding pigeons by your window, you ought to stop.

Although pigeons have a solid attachment to places they have chosen to brood, a pigeon is less likely to stay as long as it used to if it stops finding food in the area. Typically it would search for food and perhaps make a new home.

2. Install Pigeon Nets

Net That Prevent Bird Live

Pigeon nets are especially handy if the birds are prone to feeding off your garden or farm. Then, you could cut off their access to your property instead of using poison or shooting off the birds.

Most Pigeon nets are designed with much durability, allowing them to withstand heavy weather. So it is a good investment. When installing the net, ensure enough space between the net and the area you are trying to protect.

You could also position them at angles that make it hard for them to land and perch.

A pigeon net will not serve your purpose if you aim to minimize droppings. Instead, it would be best if you tried an option that keeps them away, for instance, Pigeon-repelling gels.

3. Use Pigeon-Repellent Gel

Liquid Get

Pigeon-repellent gels are non-toxic gels with a sticky texture. Unfortunately, it retains its stickiness after application, and birds find this texture uncomfortable.

So, apply the gel in even layers across the surfaces pigeons would normally land. Then, when the bird perches and feels the gel, it will move off in search of a dry surface. This is a safe yet effective way to keep your windows pigeon-free.

4. Scare pigeons

Plastic Crow Meant Keep Pigeons

In this case, your scare pigeon aims to fool pigeons into thinking that a predatory animal or bird is perched around your home. Pigeons are afraid of hawks, falcons, and owls.

You can get a life-size plastic display of these birds. Some designs have unique features like rotating heads or blinking eyes. For more authenticity, you may move the bird around in different locations near your home, where the pigeon will likely set eyes on it.

5. Electronic Pigeon Repeller

Ultrasonic Pest Repellants

Ultrasonic Bird repellers emit low-pitched noises that pigeons find upsetting. However, the frequency is low enough that it will not disturb you or anyone around you.

This is a pretty decent way of signaling to pigeons that your window ledge is no longer a suitable resting spot for them. Some repellers are designed with sounds simulating the noises predatory animals make.

Not only will this make any overly friendly pigeon wary of your building, but other pigeons within hearing distance will also steer clear of your home and, of course, your windows.

You may have to pay attention to periods when the nesting pigeons come to your building for a more targeted approach.

If you already have bird pets, this may not be ideal since you do not want to get them agitated.


Pigeons are homing birds, so they will likely return to the spot they have chosen as a home over and over. So, do not be surprised if a pigeon returns to reclaim its old spot.

When you choose your eviction strategy, repeat it until you are confident that it has moved elsewhere.

It is also important to clean off droppings and remove any remnants of its nest so it no longer feels comfortable in your space.

These strategies for keeping pigeons off work are effective for lone birds and flocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Scent Will Keep Pigeons Away?

Pigeons have a strong sense of smell. Although this comes in handy in helping them locate food and directing their travel, it also makes them sensitive to strong smells.

And pigeons do not like strong smells. So, you can keep items whose scent would repel pigeons close to your windows or plant them in your garden.

Here are some scents that are sure to keep pigeons away:

  • Cinnamon
  • Peppers
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Vinegar
  • Peppermint

What Are Pigeons Afraid Of?

Pigeons are prey animals, meaning they have predators who hunt them for food. So naturally, pigeons are afraid of big birds and strong smells.

Here is a list of things pigeons are afraid of and will always stay away from:

  • Hawks
  • Falcons
  • Owls
  • Snakes
  • Cats
  • Smells of Cinnamon or pepper juice

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