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How To Keep Raccoons Out of Dumpster

Raccoons Out Of Dumpster

Raccoons are typically simple-minded creatures who often get themselves stuck in dumpsters. This is because they like to forage in the garbage in search of food, as it is a prime source of sustenance for them.

They love garbage so much that they will go out of their way to find a dumpster they can plunder. Unfortunately, once inside the dumpster, they create a huge mess and are difficult to remove.


The presence of raccoons can be problematic as there is a risk of spreading disease. Plus, their droppings can ruin your property. However, there is no need to panic because there are multiple ways to remove raccoons from your dumpster.

These include:

  • Use smells that raccoons hate.
  • Use light and sound.
  • Keep your garbage cans clean.
  • Make your trash can harder to get into and harder to knock over.
  • Use animal-repellent sprays.

So, without wasting more time, let’s dig into all the beneficial ways to keep raccoons out of the dumpster.

6 Ways To Keep Raccoons Out of Your Dumpster

Raccoons are mainly attracted to food scraps such as meat, bacon, chicken, corn cobs, bread crumbs, fruit peels, etc.

This is because they can smell the odor of food from afar, and if it is pleasant, they will come looking for it. But that does not mean that you can’t get rid of them.

Here are some ways you can keep these feisty little fellows out of your dumpster:

1. Use Smells That Raccoons Hate

Spicy Pickled Sliced Chili Vinegar

Raccoons get attracted to your garbage because they can smell all the food items lying in your dumpster. This is the number one reason they can easily find dumpsters and invade them to get food. They have a keen sense of smell, acting like navigation tools.

However, as useful as this strong sense of smell is in finding food sources, it is also a drawback. They dislike solid and harsh scents like vinegar, ammonia, or hot pepper water.

You can, therefore, spray these smells around your dumpster, and the raccoons will stay miles away from it.

2. Use Light and Sound

Outside Home Light

Another way to deter raccoons is by using light and sound around your dumpster area. Raccoons usually raid dumpsters in dark and hidden places. So if you hang some lights in your dumpster area, it will surely deter them from entering and plundering your garbage.

Suppose your raccoon invasion is getting serious, and string lights have become insufficient. In that case, you should invest in floodlights or motion sensors and install them.

This will give you a more permanent solution. Moreover, using some sound also helps eliminate raccoons. For example, you can place a radio in your garbage area to fool the raccoons that humans are nearby.

3. Keep Your Garbage Cans Clean

Garbage Can Clean

When trying to deter raccoons from invading your garbage, it is essential to keep your garbage clean. While this sounds redundant, all it means is to ensure that food scraps are not rotting in the trash cans for days.

Secondly, it is necessary to wash and clean your garbage can every once in a while. This will help eliminate smells that raccoons get attracted to.

Moreover, cleaning your garbage can also eliminate other insects that raccoons eat and use as a source of sustenance. Ideally, keeping your trash in a heavy-duty bag and then in the bin would be best.

4. Make Your Trash Can Harder To Get Into and Harder To Knock Over

Hard Trach Can

One of the most efficient ways of deterring raccoons from entering your dumpster is to make it inaccessible for them. For example, you can keep your garbage can on an elevated platform.

Then install wire mesh fencing to seal the gap between the ground and your porch or deck.

Moreover, you can even fasten the lid of your dumpster with a bungee cord so that raccoons won’t be able to open it.

If you have a roll-away cart, you can store your garbage and take it out on collection day.

Ideally, seal your dumpster as best as you can. Then place it in an inaccessible space, such as an elevated platform.

5. Use Animal-Repellent Sprays

Animal Repellent Sprays

Another way to keep the raccoons out of the dumpster is using animal repellant sprays. You can buy it from your local store or use some ingredients in your house to make the solution.

Animal repellent sprays work in the same way as insecticides.

However, they do not kill these furry menacing creatures. On the contrary, these sprays rather repulse them, so they don’t dare to come near your garbage again.

6. Do Not Leave Pet Food Outside

Pet Food Outside

One common mistake pet owners make is leaving pet food outside. Unfortunately, this is an open invitation for the raccoons to come and get free food.

They will come running to devour the food and get additional flavors from your dumpster.

So, if you are a pet owner, feed your pets inside and never leave their food for the raccoons.


Now that you learned how to keep the raccoons out of the dumpster, there is no need to panic when you see one foraging for food in your garbage. The methods mentioned above are easy remedies that are also effective in getting rid of raccoons.

You must call animal control if the above methods don’t work for you. Just know there is always a way out. So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of raccoons today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Raccoons Open Dumpster Lids?

They can, especially if the dumpster’s lid is not secured tightly. We suggest using a bungee cord to seal the dumpster’s lid to avoid any trouble.

Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Yes, raccoons are dangerous as they carry diseases such as rabies. Moreover, their droppings are even more harmful as they can cause salmonella, leptospirosis, and raccoon roundworm.

Can Raccoons Attack Humans?

No, raccoons do not attack humans as they are inactive during the day. A female raccoon may get defensive to protect her offspring, but it will still not attack a human.

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