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How To Keep Rats Away From My Pond

How To Keep Rats Away From My Pond

Did you know that different sorts of creatures are attracted to water bodies? As a result, numerous living forms are constantly drawn to any water body anywhere on the planet.

A pond is not an exception, but not every animal is good for it.


Ponds are a vital source of fresh water and food, which occasionally draws:

  • rats
  • mice
  • muskrats
  • minks

Rats and mice eat everything edible in your pond, including fish. There is so much food in and around it.

The easiest approach to prevent rats from entering your pond is with pets like cats and dogs.

The smell of fish food or other foods from ponds frequently attracts rats. One of the main reasons they go to your pond is because they are constantly searching for food. They will be discouraged from moving farther if they come across your dog or cat close to the pond.

Rats eat fish in ponds. They have great swimming skills and will try to catch any fish they can see in the pond. Rats can easily enter shallow ponds and gorge themselves on the fish.

7 Ways To Keep Rats Out of Your Pond

Keep Rats Out Of Your Pond

Pond fish must be kept safe from predators.

Take all the necessary precautions to stop rat infestation in the pond and the surrounding area.

The following seven strategies will help you:

1. Construct a Fence

Construct A Fence

The best method for safeguarding pond fish is to install a fence around it. Rats will move out of the area if they cannot get to the pond.

To stop rats from digging holes, you can build a high wooden or metal fence out of thick hardware.

An electric fence can also be set up, so rats do not nibble through it. Fish in ponds will thus have increased security and safety.

2. Netting


Utilizing nets to capture predators is a tried-and-true technique. One can use several different kinds of nets for protection.

You can choose a nylon net rather than an easy-to-break plastic net.

To keep the net from slipping, place large pebbles on its corners.

3. Use of Traps

Use Of Traps

Placing traps should be one of your top priorities if you have a rat infestation in your garden or next to your pond.

An efficient approach to get rid of the rats dwelling nearby is with glue boards and traps.

4. Rats Repellents

Rats Repellents - Lavender Plant

In your garden near the pond, grow plants that deter rats, like:

  • garlic and pepper
  • oregano
  • eucalyptus
  • lavender
  • tomatoes

They deter rats because of their potent smell. It is better to use natural repellents than artificial materials.

5. Design of the Pond

Design Of The Pond

The structure is the first and most vital step for those who do not have a pond yet. Before you build the pond, you must examine its design.

Ensure the pond is not shallow if you want to keep the fish predators out because rats may easily jump into small ponds.

Instead, concentrate on making the fish pond as steep as you can. It will keep the rats away.

6. Human Decoys

Human Decoys

It serves as a psychological deterrent for rats. Rats cannot approach the pond if human decoys are nearby.

The human decoy will move at night due to the wind, creating a more realistic effect.

7. Keep Fish Food Away From the Pond

Keep Fish Food Away From The Pond

Avoid overfeeding your fish because rats invade ponds mainly because of fish food.

Do not leave any excess fish food floating on your pond’s surface or anywhere around.

Fish can obtain the majority of nutrients from the pond’s ecosystem if it is well-balanced.


As soon as you become aware of a rat issue, you must take immediate action to get rid of the rodents and ensure they do not return.

Because of the fish feed, water plants, and small fish, ponds provide rats with a complete diet.

Ponds draw the rats as a source of food. They will not second-guess their decision to dive into it.

Take these safety precautions for your pond before rats cause any damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fish Attractive to Rats?

Rats will be drawn to the fish, particularly the decaying, foul-smelling fish. Every fish, whether cooked, raw, or rotten, attracts them. Rats can generally detect the strong smell of fish from great distances.

Why Do the Fish in Your Pond Attract Rats?

Rats are drawn to any location where there is food, and your fish pond is no different. As soon as it locates a consistent food source, it will probably construct a nest close to the pond.

Is It Okay To Use Rat Poison?

Rat poison should not be used next to an outdoor pond, even though it is convenient to control the rodent problem.

The wildlife in and around the pond may be at risk due to the poison. Rat poison can find its way into your pond when it is washed away by rain.

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