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How To Keep Scorpions Away While Camping

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Scorpions are considered the most deadly pests because of their sting. From paralysis to cardiac arrest, their sting can be deadly in many ways. Their venom also contains neurotoxins that directly affect the nervous system and can result in severe consequences.

Camping is fun until these little creatures are away from you. Their presence could be really dangerous, especially when camping with kids.

While many campers have reported the presence of scorpions in their shoes, clothes, and sleeping bags during camping, it’s necessary to practice all approaches presented in this article to repel these venomous pests away from camps.

This post will explore various strategies you can opt to keep scorpions away while camping.


Your chances of encountering scorpions increase when camping in rocky and dry areas. Usually, scorpions are not aggressive but could be dangerous when provoked.

Curb the factors that can attract scorpions. Also, bear in mind that they consume insects as their food. So they are attracted to food scraps, rotten roots, and tree branches because of the potential availability of their food, insects.

You can further avoid their sting while camping by:

  • Securing and cleaning your tent.
  • Camping away from dry and hilly areas.
  • Using scorpion repellents.
  • Being careful while dressing up.

The next section will briefly discuss various ways to protect yourself from scorpions while camping. In the end, there will be a detailed summary and frequently asked questions about scorpions.

8 Effective Ways To Keep Scorpions Away While Camping

Scorpions are highly dangerous that’s why it’s necessary to keep them away from camps. Below are some ideas to help you be safe and to make your camping memorable without the fear of scorpions.

1. Choosing the Site for Camping

Camping And Tent Under The Pine Forest Near Water Outdoor In Morning And Sunset At Pang-Ung, Pine Forest Park , Mae Hong Son, North Of Thailand

Sandy, dry and rocky places are natural habitats of scorpions. During day time, they hide in dark and dry pits. So it’s necessary to inspect your surrounding before setting up your camp.

Open spaces are ideal for camping because scorpions are more active near trees and caves. Furthermore, inspect old debris and caves near you because these areas could be ideal for scorpions to hide since they like dark spaces.

What tent should you buy for camping?

Depending on their manufacturing material, various tents are available in the market. While buying, ensure that your tent is made of thick material and is fitted on the ground leaving no spaces for insects to enter. This is necessary because if your tent is made of thin material, scorpions can tear it up and gain entry.

2. Closing Their Entry Points

Emperor Scorpion Is A Species Of Scorpion Native To Rainforests And Savannas In West Africa.

Scorpions can stretch their body. So it’s necessary to understand that they require a very small space to enter your camp. Once you set up your camp, inspect all your tent doors, windows, and patches and close them. Furthermore, check all the small holes in the ground and seal them.

Scorpions are afraid of daylight. So they attack more at night. Therefore, ensure all your windows and doors of your tent are closed and only open them when necessary.

3. Use of Repellents

Small Bottle With Essential Peppermint Oil.

Insect repellent is necessary while packing your backpack for camping. Various chemical and natural repellents are available in the market that can effectively dispel away insects and pests.

Natural Repellents

Like the other insects, scorpions also hate strong smells. Therefore, essential oils like Citronella, Lavender, and Peppermint could be hefty tools for repelling scorpions.

Nepetalactone is a very effective natural chemical against scorpions. Mint and Catnip leaves contain high amounts of this ingredient in their leaves. Thus these leaves can also help repel scorpions.

Chemical Repellents

Many chemicals are available for repelling insects, but prallethrin is the most effective against scorpions. This is effective against other crawlers too. Furthermore, unlike other chemicals, it is safe to use around pets.

4. Using Scorpion Traps

Scorpion In Tuscany Small And More Or Less Harmless

Alongside repellents, glue traps are an effective strategy for trapping scorpions at entrance points. The scorpions are mindless creatures, so it’s easy to trap them using glue traps, and their working principle is the same as that of the flypaper.

Glue traps are cheap, readily available, and very easy to apply. Open them and lay around the tent and other entry points like doors and windows. They will be stuck when they come in contact with these traps. Once trapped, you can dispose of them.

5. Carrying Selective Foods

Flat Lay Composition With Different Citrus Fruits On White Background

As you know, scorpions are attracted to rotten food, so while camping, it’s recommended not to carry over ripe or rotten foods. Carry medium ripe food because it will not stale during your camping. This will not only keep scorpions away but also ensure you a healthy diet.

One more thing to consider is keeping citrus fruits like oranges and lemons minimum in your backpack. As scorpions are also attracted to citrus, this could be a possible attraction for them.

6. Inspect Your Belongings Before Using

Highly Venomous Fattail Scorpion

This could be the most important point to avoiding scorpion stings while camping. Being human, it’s our nature to care for all the things but to forget the obvious ones. Scorpions are often reported hiding in backpacks and shoes.

So it’s necessary to inspect all your belongings before using them. Furthermore, it’s also recommended to use tents that can be hung in backpacks and clothes.

7. Cover Yourself

Man In Black Trousers And Boots On A Solid Background

It could be irritating to wear shoes all the time, especially in dry and warm areas. But this could save you from severe health risks caused by scorpion stings.

Scorpions can also crawl through your pant sleeves. So it is recommended to tuck your pant sleeves into your shoes to avoid any mishap.

8. Campfire

Camp Fire In Summer

The last thing we recommend is keeping the campfire as long as possible. Campfire can attract wild animals, but campfire is a very effective scorpion repellent.

Scorpions are afraid of fire and will keep themselves away from fire at any cost. So as long as you are up and enjoying yourself with your friends outside the tent, a campfire can protect you from scorpions.


Scorpions are dangerous and should not be taken lightly, but avoiding them while camping is not that difficult. Make sure you have a well-settled tent, no debris in the surroundings, and no rotten and citrus foods, and check your belongings before using.

After reading all these precautionary measures, I hope you are no longer afraid of scorpions while camping. Keep all these in mind and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Scorpions Get Into Tents?

Scorpions, a kind of arthropod, can overpower snakes and foot-wide spiders. They can tear your tent if it is not thick. So it is recommended to use thick tents of good material to avoid their entry.

What Can Keep Scorpions Away?

Many natural remedies can effectively repel scorpions. These natural remedies include essential oils like cedar, lavender, and peppermint. You can also use chemicals like prallethrin to repel scorpions and other insects.

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