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How To Keep Spiders Out of Car Mirrors

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Car Mirrors

I was recently driving down the road. Suddenly, I saw a spider on my side mirror, catching me by surprise. Fortunately, I kept calm and pulled over to remove it with a stick.

However, I didn’t undermine the gravity of the encounter since things could have gone downhill if an arachnophobe like my wife had been behind the wheel.

Over the next week, I did my research and learned why spiders hide in car mirrors and took various measures to repel them from my car and garage.

These methods proved to be effective as I haven’t experienced any similar scares or seen any signs of spiders in my car.


I managed to keep spiders out of car mirrors and my car by clearing hiding spots, keeping my car and garage clean and dry, using the scents such as vinegar, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil to deter them, sprinkling Diatomaceous earth, being careful about where I parked, and avoiding leaving the car idling for long periods.

Let’s learn why spiders hide in cars and how to keep them out of car mirrors.

What Attracts Spiders to Car Mirrors

What Attracts Spiders To Car Mirrors

Darkness, dirt, and moisture are the main reasons spiders take shelter in car mirrors.

Spiders might jump onto cars while fleeing predators or hunting for insects, discovering excellent hiding places in the dark, damp, and dirty, hollow backs of car mirrors.

Spiders sometimes hide in garages, especially during the warmer spring and summer months. They can easily take shelter in car mirrors or move inside in favorable conditions.

As a result, making cars and parking areas less attractive to spiders can stop them from hiding in car mirrors and scaring drivers.

Ways To Keep Spiders Out of Car Mirrors

Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Car Mirrors

I managed to keep spiders out of my car, including the mirrors, using a range of natural spider repellants and more proactive maintenance.

I also paid careful attention to where I parked my car, taking measures to keep spiders away from my garage.

Clean Hiding Spots

Clean Hiding Spots

The hollow space behind the side mirrors is one of the coziest hiding places for spiders.

The fact that this area is often missed while washing and cleaning cars enables spiders to find refuge there, later making unexpected appearances, putting drivers at risk.

I used a high-pressure hose to flush dirt out of this hollow area after adjusting the side mirrors in and out to gain some access.

Remember to check under the bonnet, wheel arches, and door frames that act as excellent hiding places for spiders in cars.

Prevent Spiders From Getting Inside the Car

Prevent Spiders From Getting Inside The Car

Keeping calm after spotting a spider on the side mirror of my car was easier since it was outside the vehicle. I don’t think I could have maintained composure if the creepy spinner had been inside.

Therefore, I took immediate measures to prevent spiders from entering my car.

Always leave the windows up after parking the car. Inspect the vehicle for any openings and repair them to prevent spiders from invading the interiors of a vehicle.

Keep the Car Clean

Keep The Car Clean

Avoid leaving debris, twigs, and leaves on cars. Dust and debris attract insects, and spiders will soon follow to hunt.

Cobwebs are telltale signs of spider activity around a vehicle. Remove cobwebs immediately to discourage spiders from using car mirrors as hunting grounds.

Remember to maintain a clean interior as well. Dust, dirt, and traces of food often attract insects into car interiors, resulting in spiders invading the car to hunt them.

Avoid eating inside the car to keep it pest-free, clean regularly, and leave the windows shut to prevent insects and spiders from getting in.

Dry the Car Before Parking Inside

Dry The Car Before Parking Inside

Damp surfaces attract spiders.

Dry the car before parking it in the garage.

Use a good car cover during wet seasons to prevent insects from finding easy access to the vehicle.

Place Spider Traps

Place Spider Traps

All kinds of spider traps are available, including humane devices, enabling the catching and releasing of spiders. They attract spiders by using smells they like and pheromones.

I strategically place spider traps around potential hiding places and releasing later into the bushes in our backyard.

Spiders are beneficial creatures, helping control pests. Therefore, I am okay with having them further away in our yard without getting in our way.

Use Scents To Repel Spiders

Use Scents To Repel Spiders (Lavender Oil)

Spiders find certain scents repulsive and irritating. I used various natural aromas to ensure that spiders stayed away from my car.

Here are some scents that repel spiders.

  • Vinegar
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Lemon Oil
  • Cedar Oil
  • Cinnamon Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil

Ways To Use Spider-Repellant Scents in Cars

Ways To Use Spider-Repellant Scents In Cars

I used various methods to spread spider-repelling aromas in and around my car. Except for vinegar, I found having these scents around refreshing.

Mix equal vinegar and water and transfer them to a spray bottle. Apply the mix behind the side mirrors, under the bonnet, door frames, and wheel arches to keep spiders away.

Combine 5-10 drops of essential oils with water and spray the concoction into the areas above, air condition vents, and the glove compartment.

Soaking a rag in one of the mixtures above and wiping the side mirrors and other surfaces is also effective. Another alternative is to soak cotton balls in a concoction and place them inside the car.

Placing cinnamon sticks or cedar blocks in the glove compartment also works.


Avoid spraying liquids onto cars’ electrical components, which might lead them to malfunction. Spraying or wiping mirrors and windshields with some fluids also makes them cloudy. Some essential oils can also discolor car interiors, so be careful when applying them.

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth (De) is one of nature’s gifts for repelling insects.

Sprinkle De near car mirrors, wheel arches, and door frames to kill any spiders that come to contact with it.

Creating a perimeter with Diatomaceous earth also helps keep spiders from nesting in old or unused cars.

Use a Chlorine Oxide Car Odor Remover

Use A Chlorine Oxide Car Odor Remover

Chlorine oxide is toxic to spiders. Therefore, using chlorine oxide odor eliminators makes interiors unwelcoming and impenetrable for spiders.

Some people call these “chlorine bombs” since they have the same effects as a bug bomb without containing harmful toxins for humans.

Make the Garage a Spider-Free Zone

Make The Garage A Spider-Free Zone

I also paid close attention to my garage, ensuring it was as unattractive to spiders as my car.

Decluttering the garage to remove hiding places, repairing leaks to maintain minimum moisture, and routine cleaning helped me maintain a garage free from spiders and other bugs.

Be Mindful When Parking the Car

Be Mindful When Parking The Car

Spiders can jump onto cars and hide inside the side mirrors and other areas while parked outside.

Avoid parking the vehicle near tall bushes, shrubs, and overgrown grass to prevent unwelcome hitchhikers from getting in.

Avoid Leaving the Car Idling

Avoid Leaving The Car Idling

Spiders do not like noisy, shaky, or vibrating hiding places. Leaving cars idle sometimes encourages spiders to call it their home.

Therefore, turn on the engine and let it roar if a vehicle isn’t being used frequently.

Taking hardly-used cars for a few spins around the block at least once a week also keeps them healthy.

Use a Bug Bomb

Use A Bug Bomb

Although bug bombs are often ineffective in homes and other buildings, they work well in compact and enclosed spaces such as cars.

Therefore, bug-bombing is an excellent way to eliminate spiders and other insects hiding in the interiors of vehicles.

Remember to keep the doors and windows closed after using a bug bomb in a car.


Secure fresh air flow by opening the doors and windows of a car treated with a bug bomb. Avoid entering the vehicle immediately after using the treatment or without letting in fresh air to prevent inhaling harmful toxins.

Store bug-bomb cans away from the reach of children and avoid transporting children in a car recently treated with a bug bomb. Safely dispose of empty bug-bomb cans to prevent releasing harmful toxins into the environment.


Spotting a spider on a side mirror while driving gave me a real scare. Since my wife is terrified of spiders, I decided to take immediate steps to repel spiders from our car and garage.

I effectively used various natural methods to repel spiders, including thoroughly cleaning the car and garage, using the scents of vinegar and essential oils to repel spiders, sprinkling Diatomaceous earth, maintaining clean and dry surroundings in the garage, and being mindful of where we park the car.

These methods have worked well without spiders spooking us while driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Natural Spider Repellent?

Scents of vinegar, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, cedar, cinnamon, and tea tree are natural spider repellants.

Mix vinegar or essential oils to create spider-repellant sprays and mixtures, or place cinnamon sticks, cedar blocks, chips, or balls in areas frequented by spiders to repel them.

What To Put On Windows To Stop Spiders?

Dilute vinegar, peppermint oil, or eucalyptus oil in water and wipe windows with a cloth soaked in the mixture or spray it on windows to keep spiders away from windows.

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