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How To Keep Spiders Out of Playhouse

Spider With Close Up View.

Are you battling with a spider infestation in your children’s playhouse? We understand the discomfort associated with knowing those funny-looking arachnids are around. Although most spider species found in homes do not pose any health threats, you can’t afford to ignore their unwanted company around your kids. With kids involved, a lot can go wrong in your absence.

In this post, we will discuss some effective pest-deterring strategies you can deploy to keep these arachnids away from your kids’ playhouse.


Spiders are one stubborn household pests you don’t want around your home; talk less of your children’s playhouse. You may wonder why they always return and refuse to budge no matter how often you destroy their web.

Well, so that you know, these arachnids are not sustained by their web and can always draw a new one. So that’s a wrong move there! Instead, here are some tips that work well in deterring them:

  • Use spider-deterring essential oils like peppermint oil and citronella oil.
  • Keep the playhouse and its surroundings clean.
  • Ensure you visit and use the playhouse often.

Here are three strategies, and you will find more in the guide!

In the following headings, we will walk you through five simple ways to deter spiders from your children’s playhouse. Also, we will answer some common questions about spider infestations in homes.

5 Ways To Keep Spiders Away From Playhouses

Spiders are in your children’s playground because your kids seldom use the place. There are several other possibilities, though. However, they are no big deal and nothing to worry about.

Below, we discuss five practical ways to keep them at bay from your children’s playhouse:

1. Sweep and Clean Your Playhouse Regularly

Dust Gets Swept Up Into Air As An Unrecognizable Person Cleans The Floor

A lot of carefree activities happen in a playhouse. That is where most kids feel they can mess things up and get away with it.

The leftover sweet and biscuit sachets and toys falling all over the place can attract insects spiders feed on. To maintain a spider-free playhouse for your kids and their friends, sweep it up after each use. Unlike other household pests, spiders waste no time setting up their webs when they move to a new location.

You don’t want to take chances, so ensure you clean up quickly to keep them from visiting. But suppose the spiders are around already. Your cleaning should involve using a long broom to clear existing cobwebs. You can spray spider repellants in the playhouse after removing the webs to ensure the spiders do not return.

Also, check the edges and hidden corners of the playhouse and toys for dust, and clean them up properly. Dust is a significant attraction for spiders. You can use a scented wet towel to clean them off the playhouse surfaces.

2. Visit and Use the Playhouse Often

Boy And Girl In A Playhouse

It is just as simple as you read. Spiders maximize every vacant and stocked-up space they come by. They may be everywhere in the playroom because you last used the place a while ago.

Spiders love to own wherever they are no obvious threats, and your locked-up and forgotten playhouse meets that need. This does not mean that your kids must always use the playhouse.

We understand that there are times when you may want to limit their access to the playhouse. That is still fine. But that shouldn’t prevent you from keeping it tidy until they are ready to use it.

Even if it is not in use, you can visit once in a while and clean up. A better alternative is to pack the toys in a bag and cover up other immovable things with a leather or linen sheet.

Most playhouses are dark, with the doors and windows shut. But, then, dark spaces attract insects like ants, which draw in spiders. So, open up the windows and doors for proper ventilation. This signals to them that whoever owns the property still needs it.

3. Use Essential Oils

A Bottle Of Peppermint Essential Oil With Fresh Peppermint Leaves And Flowers In The Background

You cannot talk about a spider-free environment without essential oils. They have always saved the day and still do. Essential oils are chemicals extracted from natural plants and flowers.

These essential oils release strong smells that repel insects and pests like spiders. However, you have to pick the ones that repel spiders the most. For instance, peppermint essential oil keeps spiders away successfully.

Always keep your children’s playhouse scented, so you are not taken unawares by those cunning arachnids. Don’t spray it into the air only. Instead, go to the tight corners and edges and pour generously since that is their usual hideout.

Aside from peppermint oil, there are other essential oils to complement it. These include citronella and citrus oil.


Avoid using any essential oil before the kids use the playhouse. Its sharp smell can be harmful to them. Allow them in only when the scent fades away.

4. Expose Your Playhouse to Sunlight

Playhouse In The Backyard For Kids

Spiders thrive in dark places, and the sun naturally keeps them at bay. If possible, ensure that the playhouse is in an area with sunlight exposure. You can get the open mobile options or windows and doors directly facing the sunlight.

If spiders are already in the playhouse, you can also expose the facility to sunlight while cleaning it. That way, other spiders will come out of their hideouts. This is why you should go for mobile playhouses, which you can quickly move from one place to another.

5. Turn Off the Lights

Silver Desk Lamp Or Arm Lamp In Front Of A White Wall With Incandescent Type Light Bulb Illuminating The Wall.

Remember that spiders feed on insects, including those attracted to light. So, light attracts spiders not because they like the light. They only draw near because of the insects flying around.

With this in mind, ensure that the lights are on only when necessary, maybe at night. If you must switch on your playhouse light, it is best to switch to the LED types, as these are less attractive to insects. Depending on your preference, you can get a blue or red-colored LED bulb.

However, if spiders are already in the playhouse, do not put the lights on, even during the day. This should continue until the last of them leaves the playhouse.


Spiders are a kind of “clingy” creatures that can be hard to eliminate once they are in your space. Although they are not harmful, their webs can make your playhouse messy.

Above, we discussed some practical ways to deter these arachnids from your kids’ playhouse. As a brief recap, ensure you visit and use your playhouse often. Also, expose it to sunlight.

You can also apply essential oils with spider-deterring properties like peppermint and citronella around their hideous. These usually include the playhouse corners and edges.

Above all, keep your playhouse and its surroundings clean and dust-free. A dirty and dust-full playhouse is a big attraction to spiders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Attracts Spiders?

Spiders, like every other living thing, seek sources of food and shelter. So, if they are present in your kid’s playhouse, it means there is a food supply there. Spiders may invade a house if it provides the warmth they require to survive.

What Happens When You Destroy a Spider’s Web?

Spiders sense danger immediately after you destroy their web. The natural reflex is that they move somewhere else and start afresh. They would not run after or bite you.

Can a Spider Bite You?

Yes, it can. There are over 30,000 spider species. Out of these 30,000, some bite, and some do not. The species that bite only do when they sense a threat. With this in mind, you may want to be extra careful when exterminating spiders from your space.

How Long Do Spiders Live?

Depending on several factors, the average lifespan of spiders is between 10 and 20 years. These lifespan-determining factors include the spider’s specie, gender, and status. For instance, most male spiders die immediately after mating.

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