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How To Keep Spiders Out of Storage Boxes

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Storage Boxes

Storage boxes, especially when left uncleaned, are potentially thriving places for most pests, including spiders.

Especially when you place these boxes in dark environments, guarantee that tiny creatures like critters, roaches, bugs, and spiders can eventually invade your storage and cause many problems.


We know spiders are a bit less harmful compared to other pests. But in reality, they are still pesky little creatures that can make the corners of your rooms filthy and look haunted!

To keep them out, the following simple hacks are proven effective:

  • Regularly cleaning the storage boxes.
  • Creating homemade natural repellents.
  • Sealing up holes, cracks, or gaps where spiders can enter.

These measures can help protect your storage boxes and ensure all kinds of pests don’t invade them.

Moreover, because these solutions are easy, you don’t need to get the most expensive tool or equipment to keep spiders out of your storage boxes!

This guide talks about why spiders are common pests in your storage units and the most practical yet effective ways you can do to keep them away.

Why Do Spiders Invade Your Storage Boxes?

Why Do Spiders Invade Your Storage Boxes?

What’s the worst thing that could happen when spiders infest your properties?

It’s the huge amount of cobwebs you’ll see in all your room corners!

Moreover, imagine when these cobwebs have trapped dead insects and dust!

Not really the best view you want your property to experience, do you?

Before trying out various deterring hacks, you need to understand the root cause. Identifying why there are spiders will make it easier for you to choose the best method.

Determining why you’re experiencing a spider infestation can help you generate ways to ensure it won’t happen again.

1. It’s Easily Accessible

It's Easily Accessible

If your storage boxes aren’t tightly sealed, you are making it easier for spiders to reach for them and access the insides.

This will make it difficult for you to eliminate them, especially when the boxes contain potential food sources.

When the storage boxes are placed in darker rooms, like in the attic or basement, more insects like flies and bugs can visit them and cause an invasion.

And because spiders eat these pests, they are likely to hunt for them, lay eggs, and multiply right there around your storage boxes.

2. They Provide Great Hiding Spots

They Provide Great Hiding Spots

We think it’s safe to say that most homeowners place storage boxes in darker-lit rooms, seldom revisited and cleaned. That’s the main problem.

Because people don’t always visit these boxes, they are left in the dark — possibly invaded by tiny creatures.

Because spiders are nocturnal creatures, they would love to go and thrive in dark places with less foot traffic. And they are not alone.

Other pests such as roaches, insects, bugs, and even rodents prefer darker and warm areas where humans are sparse.

Spiders love spinning their webs and trapping insects in these environments because they feel more comfortable and less disturbed.

The Best Hacks To Keep Spiders Away

The Best Hacks To Keep Spiders Away

When you’ve identified why there are spiders in and around your storage boxes, it’s time to stop their invasion!

We’ve tried and tested the following hacks, so any solution you choose should successfully keep these pesky creatures away.

1. Cleaning the Area Regularly

Cleaning The Area Regularly

Cleaning always solves everything. It’s the simplest and most practical solution to keep all kinds of pests from your storage boxes.

That is why it’s always best to schedule a weekly cleaning routine for your storage boxes. This includes wiping the boxes using a damp cloth soaked in detergent or mild soap.

You can also scrub the boxes to remove grease or possible food stains (that’s if you’re using the boxes to store leftover food or seasonings).

After cleaning the boxes, they should not stop there. You also need to consider the areas around them because these serve as the spiders’ pathway toward your storage.

Use a vacuum to remove dust and filth on the floor, or sweeping can also work.

We also recommend mopping after vacuuming or sweeping. This ensures you can remove all stains that attract spiders and other pests.

The walls should also be cleaned, especially the corners! Spiders love starting to spin their webs in these corners because it’s where the webs can adhere better, as opposed to the floors.

You can also use the vacuum and damp cloth to wipe them afterward.

It will also help if an inspection is made during cleaning to check if an active infestation is currently taking place. Look for insect or bug invasion signs.

If there is, you can always look for a local professional exterminator or a pest control service to help solve your problem.

2. Creating Homemade Natural Repellents

Creating Homemade Natural Repellents

After cleaning, you should make sure the area where your storage boxes remain unattractive and unappealing to spiders. And you can achieve this by creating and using DIY natural repellents.

There are a bunch of tried and tested options you can use, but we’ll give you our best suggestions:

Coconut Oil and Vinegar

Coconut Oil And Vinegar

A simple vinegar and coconut oil solution is proven effective against spiders.

Coconut oil is still solid when you buy this at the market, so you should still warm it before mixing it with cider vinegar.

Mix equal parts of the liquid coconut oil and vinegar before pouring the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the solution inside and around your storage boxes and other places where spiders can enter and start an infestation.

This mixture works for several weeks. If you start seeing spiders or other pests again, start reapplying the mixture.

Peppermint and White Vinegar

Peppermint And White Vinegar

You must know that spiders have a strong sense of smell, so they hate anything that contains intense and triggering scents, such as vinegar or peppermint.

A good thing about this is that because peppermint smells fragrant, it won’t damage anything at home and can even make you feel more relaxed and peaceful.

To create the mixture, combine half a cup each of water and vinegar with 20 drops of your peppermint essential oil. Pour into a spray bottle and spray the solution inside and around your storage boxes.

Don’t forget to include the corners where spiders can initially spin their webs.

The solution should work for several weeks, like most natural repellents. And it needs reapplication to further prevent the spiders from invading your storage.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

Another natural and economical way to keep spiders away is by using Diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth is easy to find in health food stores or markets that offer organic products.

This usually comes in powdered form, so you can easily sprinkle the product inside storage boxes, around the attic or basement, and anywhere around.

Diatomaceous earth is safe, so you can also sprinkle some on your pet’s bedding.

Lemon and Lavender

Lemon And Lavender

Another solution with a pleasant scent is the combination of lavender and lemon. You can use lemon extract or fresh lemon juice with lavender essential oil.

Mix equal amounts, and soak the cotton balls in the mixture (like the shape of the mothballs). You can easily place the damp cotton balls inside the storage boxes or on the floor surrounding them.

When you notice the cotton balls have dried up, you can get a fresh batch and replace them.

If your home does not have lemons, dried lavender leaves are also effective in keeping spiders away. Get a few from your lavender plant or buy from a plant store. Place the leaves inside your storage boxes.

Even when the leaves are dried, they still have remaining lavender scents spiders can detect. And because they are sensitive to strong scents, they will stay away from your storage boxes.



Spiders also detest sharp mint scents.

You can purchase mint essential oil and sprinkle drops in your storage boxes.

If you want the scent to be less intense, it’s also possible to mix it in water.

Citrus Solution

Citrus Solution

Aside from mixing lemon and lavender, you can also get an orange or lemon essential oil.

Create a citrus solution by mixing 10 drops of your chosen essential oil with warm water.

Use the solution to spray the insides of your storage boxes and around them. You can also use cotton balls, soak them in the solution, and place them inside the boxes.

If you want the citrus scent to be more intense, some homeowners prefer placing extra fresh hedge apples or osage oranges.

3. Seal Potential Entry Points

Seal Potential Entry Points

Understand this: Spiders are tiny creatures. They are so thin they could easily fit small holes, leaks, and cracks. And they typically use these as their entry points to invade storage boxes.

You must check your boxes for potential cracks, gaps, or holes where tiny pests like spiders can easily enter.

If there are holes, it’s easy to patch them up using caulk, sealant, or duct tape. But these are only temporary.

If you want the spider infestation to be eradicated, we recommend replacing your storage boxes with a more durable, heavy-duty plastic or metal material.

Protect Your Storage Boxes From Spiders

Storage boxes are where you can place old clothes, furniture, tools, and leftover food. They should not become potential food sources and thriving areas where pests like spiders can take advantage of them.

And remember that since you usually place storage boxes in dark corners of the room, they are more prone to be invaded by tiny nocturnal pests like roaches, bugs, insects, and spiders.

If you’re experiencing a spider invasion, don’t panic; go back to this guide. Our simple hacks are all tried and tested and are quite easy and straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Scents That Can Attract Spiders Into Entering Storage Boxes?

No specific scents can attract spiders, but they are likely to enter a space where they can smell any human scent.

Spiders are also easily attracted to the sights of insects, flies, and bugs.

Can Light Attract Spiders?

Generally, spiders don’t find any source of light attractive. But because insects are attracted and will likely approach a bright area, you can expect spiders to invade the place. This is because spiders mainly eat insects.

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