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How To Keep Spiders Out of Storage Unit

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Storage Unit

When left uncleaned and filthy for a long time, storage units become at risk for pest infestation, including spiders and insects.

Their dark and compressed areas make these units an ideal thriving place for most insects.

Spiders, mice, and roaches are just some of the vermin pests which could invade your storage units.

And because spiders can proliferate quickly, you can expect small infestations to occur when you don’t act upon them immediately.

Spiders may be harmless, but their cobwebs can add to the filth in your storage unit, attracting more insects and pests.


To prevent spiders and other pests from invading your storage units, the following practical and preventive measures should work:

  • Mix peppermint oil and vinegar.
  • Always clean and remove dust and filth from the storage units regularly.
  • Seal holes and leaks which could become the spiders’ potential entry points.
  • Choose storage boxes with sealable containers.

Keep reading to learn effective ways to eliminate spiders in your storage units. We’ll also talk about why pests like spiders cannot get enough of your storage boxes.

Why Do Spiders Thrive in Storage Units?

Why Do Spiders Thrive In Storage Units?

Like any other pests, spiders visit certain areas like your storage units in search of three things: water, food, and shelter.

And because they are tiny creatures, they can enter storage boxes through various ways, such as holes, cracks, windows, and vents.

Moreover, spiders have flexible bodies, which enable them to fit in the tiniest holes without getting noticed.

But why do spiders love living in storage units?

For starters, storage boxes give more opportunities for pests to thrive because of too many hiding spots. Storage units often have dark corners, making it easy for various pests to enter and hide without being seen.

Because storage units are also attractive for insects, you would often see most of these creatures inside the boxes.

Remember that spiders are carnivorous and love to devour insects. And because they can sense these tiny flies are present inside, spiders will do what they can to enter the units and attack the insects.

4 Practical Ways To Drive Spiders Away

Four Practical Ways To Drive Spiders Away

We know pests can be a burden, especially when they invade your personal space and affect your belongings.

With this, we have looked into the most practical yet effective ways to keep spiders out of your storage units.

1. Mix Peppermint Oil and Vinegar

Mix Peppermint Oil And Vinegar

It’s a fact that spiders have a strong sense of smell. But it’s also because of their keen senses that make these vermin pests hate vinegar and peppermint scents.

As humans, it’s no excuse that we often use vinegar as a condiment, while peppermint oil is an effective diffuser to help soothe our minds.

Because these two substances are almost always available, why not use them to your advantage?

Mix vinegar and peppermint oil to create a solution that can deter spiders and roaches. Mix 20 drops of peppermint oil into 1/2 cup white vinegar for the best results. We recommend placing the mixture inside a spray bottle.

Once your mixture is ready, spray in areas that can become potential entryways for the spiders – holes, vents, cracks, windows, and more.

And because the solution is easy to make and relatively cheap, you can spray deliberately on all areas around your storage units to increase its effectiveness.

2. Clean Your Storage Units Regularly

Clean Your Storage Units Regularly

Before storing items inside the units, you must sweep and clean their insides and the floor.

Always make sure there’s no dirt or filth which could attract spiders. Remember that several pests prefer untidy and filthy places, especially dark and dirty corners.

When you have multiple storage units, we suggest stacking them up in a single aisle so that they still look organized. It would also be best to create an inventory of the items inside the storage units.

And if there are things you won’t need, it’s best to donate or throw them away. The more items you have inside the units, the higher the potential of dust and filth developing inside.

If your storage units have a history of getting invaded by spiders, look for spider webs and destroy them immediately. Without the webs, it’s more difficult for the spiders to flourish and proliferate, preventing their future infestations.

3. Seal Holes and Leaks

Seal Holes And Leaks

As we have previously mentioned, spiders have tiny flexible bodies. This makes it easier for them to enter little gaps and cracks that could lead to your storage units.

You must cover and seal them up as soon as possible. A thermal imaging camera can also be useful when searching for leaks in dark areas where the walls and floorboards meet.

If you don’t have time to get a professional to seal the holes, caulking them could also work as a temporary solution.

Also, check the exteriors for grass clippings, leaves, and wood piles which could attract spiders.

4. Choose Storage Boxes With Sealable Containers

Choose Storage Boxes With Sealable Containers

We know using cardboard boxes as storage units is more economical because they are cheaper. Plus, you can readily find them in almost all markets.

But because they are not sealed tightly, cardboard boxes can easily invite pests like spiders and other bugs to enter and thrive.

If you prefer using cardboard boxes, seal them using robust adhesive tapes. But if you have a greater budget, switch to using plastic containers with covers.

These tightly-sealed units will deter pests, especially since they cannot chew on plastics.

Moreover, because plastic is harder than cardboard, it will be harder for spiders to squeeze their bodies inside.

Keep Storage Units Away From Spiders

Spiders are silent killers. While they are not as harmful as other pests, they can still bring negative energies to your home.

Spider webs are filthy materials that could lead to more infestation when not addressed right away.

Use a peppermint and vinegar mixture on your next clean-up and spray on all your storage units.

Seal holes to limit the spiders’ entry points, and maintain your units regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Other Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Away?

Aside from vinegar, citrus, cedar, chestnuts, and mint are other natural substances to eliminate spiders.

Fixing your home’s landscaping by removing dust and grass clippings can also eliminate the spiders’ potential places to thrive.

What Surfaces Can Drive Spiders Away?

Invest in cedar wood furniture to ensure that spiders don’t proliferate or invade your home.

Spiders hate cedar, so they will try to avoid these surfaces. Place cedar wood furniture around your garden and other potential entry points for these pests.

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