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How To Keep Squirrels Out of Dryer Vent


Squirrels in the trees are safe, but they might harm and risk your property and appliances. They can gnaw through pinholes and set up nests. Watch out!

The nesting materials of squirrels in vents are highly flammable. That poses worse issues if ignored.


These fluffy tail critters can enter dryer vents.

  1. Install a louver vent cap cover that opens while air passes through and closes when it is off.
  2. You can get a wire screen that will serve its purpose.
  3. Bait traps are another simple solution.
  4. Remove food sources to keep them off from the residence.

Nobody wants to wake up to a squirrel dancing on their chest. Are you looking for ways that work to prevent them from damaging?

We’ll go through some tried-and-true methods for wiping out these dumb foes. Keep reading!

Why Squirrels Attract to Vents?

Why Squirrels Attract To Vents?

The air duct and vents are the best entry points for these little rodents. Squirrels use dryer vents to reach attics and basements while looking for nesting sites.

The combustible twigs and leaves they use to make their nests are a severe risk. Squirrels can also chew through the electrical wires, which raises the risk of fires.

The cold weather outside is the primary reason they find warm places to hide. If the softie inside you says to let, them stay until the cold weather is over. But your inner homeowner says to get rid of these fluffy critters. Then always choose to eradicate them ASAP.

Get Squirrels-Free Dryer Vents

Dryer Vents

Finding out how they got into your house is the first step in getting rid of them.

Another best option is to place the vent hole high on the outer wall. Covering the vents with cover caps or guard screens helps a lot.

1. Initial Actions

Cut off all the potential food sources from nearby places. They will leave and find food elsewhere. Yet, if you fail to do it, several other methods exist, must try them out. Remember, timely actions save effort.

If you have trees and plants in the backyard, their branches are inclined to the vent hose. Make sure to cut them off because they can become potential entry spots for them.

Before getting them off, it’s essential to find their entryway. They’ll keep returning to mess up your routine if you neglect it. Following this prompt guideline is the first line of action for the job done.

2. Dryer Vent Covers

Dryer Vent Covers

These are an operative way to obstruct the squirrel’s entry points. If external vents have covers or slats, they keep squirrels, birds, and pests away. The lid opens when the dryer is on to release air outside and remains closed dryer is off.

Remember that some vent caps work better, and some materials survive longer. Choosing the right dryer vent cover for your location and home’s exterior. Yet, it’s excellent to buy a high-quality product for this purpose. Plastic and steel dryer vents are the most popular.

For safety, gas-powered dryers should have metal exterior vents. Deflecto super-vent covers have a durable and weather-resistive structure to prevent squirrel entry. Place it over the vent opening and tighten it with the four screws. It keeps them out.

3. Metal Screens

Metal Screens

Squirrels die in dryer vents, and the smell they leave behind can permeate your home. Stainless steel screens are very easy to install and come in many types. These are available in different shapes according to one’s needs.

But screens clog up quickly, so any screen requires maintenance. Take out 2-5 minutes once a month to do this.

Universal vent guard will be an excellent product for keeping squirrels out. Its stainless steel chassis ensures that critters won’t enter your home through the dryer vent. Watch out! Squirrels can chew through the plastic cage. So, metal screens should always prefer.

These screens are anti-corrosive and exhibit almost no rust with high performance. It is made up of strong and looks like it would be challenging to chew through.


Don’t use a screwdriver for drilling screws that comes with the unit. Because it slips off during installation, leading to screw damage. Instead, use a socket wrench for this purpose.

3. Bait Traps

Bait Traps

Bait traps help capture small critters like squirrels, rats, and chipmunks. You can use them to get rid of rodents safely. With the right bait, the two-door trap will catch the squirrel.

When it pulls the trigger, the spring-loaded doors close and hold until you can release it.

If you don’t put cover caps or screens, bait traps can work as a quick fix. Place it near the vent hose. Its steel frame makes it rainproof and perfect for outdoor placements.

4. Wildfire Removal Service

Wildfire Removal Service

It recommends that those struggling with this issue seek a wildlife removal service. If not managed with expertise, squirrels can damage the structure and harm a human.

You can ignore this problem, but it may get worse over time. Yet, in the worst scenarios, when they start to breed and defecate. And you need help to get them out professionally. It’s time to call the experts.


For hiring professionals, search “squirrel removal service nearby” on google. It’ll show up many options. Choose the one that fits you the most.

Check out the review section to find the best one in any particular location.


Squirrels Hunt

Squirrels are among the hardest to catch when getting rid of unwanted species. They can be found in any area and are quite stubborn. In winter, squirrels hunt for warm spots to make their nests and store food.

Dealing with such problems is tenacious but not impossible. They can enter your home through any open vents. The vent’s warm air is a siren call to any nesting creatures nearby. Thus, it is preferable to seal down every single vent that lets them in.

You can use louvered vent covers or metal screens as possible means. These are very helpful for closing their entryways. They can chew soft plastic, cardboard, and shreds of fabric. You should restrict the entry site by using solid plastic or steel.

Attics, basements, and dryer vents are familiar places for them to build homes. It’s essential to perform regular checks of these areas. Professionals can also help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Natural Repellents Available To Keep Squirrels Away?

Squirrels deter due to the strong smell of hot black pepper, pepper chili flakes, and cayenne pepper spices. You can sprinkle these on bird feeder seeds and edible plants to keep them away.

Do Squirrels Go Into Attics?

Squirrels seek shelter to create nests for their breeds. They gnaw holes above roofs or construction gaps where ridge vents meet the rooftop to enter attics. Squirrels chew through any weak spot that provides shelter.

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