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How To Keep Tarantulas Away

Closeup Female Of Spider Tarantula

Tarantulas are a common and annoying pest in homes. Most people are scared of them because of their size and shape.

However, if you read this article carefully and follow its advice, they are one of the most controllable pests that can be kept at bay.

Furthermore, tarantulas are nocturnal animals (creatures of the night), so you may not see them often in your house or yard unless it’s mating season.

Getting rid of them is crucial because they are destructive and can keep breeding and spreading quickly.

It’s important to know that when some types of tarantula bite, the pain will probably feel like a bee sting, with most of the pain in the area where the bite happened.


Tarantulas are common in homes; if not managed correctly, they can become a serious problem. However, some tips can help keep them away.

Here are the top 6 tried and tested tips that are very effective in warding off tarantulas:

  1. Keep your environment clean
  2. Make use of insecticides
  3. Inspect and destroy all holes/hiding spots
  4. Reduce the clutter
  5. Consult a pest control firm
  6. Make use of natural repellents

It’s important to know that tarantula venom is not dangerous, but it can cause allergic reactions in some people.

By using the tips, you can stop these creepy crawlies from doing damage to your home and protect your property.

This article will show you the best six ways to eliminate tarantulas in your home. We’ll also give you tips on using each method successfully and some warnings so you’ll always be prepared. Let’s get started!

6 Best Ways To Keep Tarantulas Away

In this section, we will go over in great detail the top 6 strategies that we have tried, tested, and discovered to be helpful in preventing tarantulas from entering your house.

1. Keep Your Environment Clean

A Man Is Throwing Away Two Plastic Bags Of Trash Next To His House

It is common knowledge that tarantulas are drawn to filthy areas, such as storage buildings, gardens, and basements.

It is important for you to always clean your environment, take out garbage, close your garbage, remove webs, and clean your home, garden, garage, and other areas because a dirty environment is the leading cause of pests coming into your home.

In addition, keeping the environment clean helps cut down on pollution, protects endangered species, and helps to keep the earth’s natural resources intact.

The level of cleanliness in a community is a good indicator of the mentality of the people living there. Ensure your living space is nice and tidy to discourage tarantulas from coming in.


Remember to fix any broken windows, door screens, and any weatherstripping or door sweeps you may have around your home.

2. Make Use of Insecticides

Midsection Of Pest Control Worker With Sprayer Standing At Home

There are many insecticide brands on the market, and each one has its own set of benefits and drawbacks; thus, it is up to you to choose the one that is the most appropriate for your conditions.

We would suggest using Bifen LP, a granular insecticide designed to eliminate bugs in the grass. The purpose of the application is to get rid of the tarantulas’ main food source so that they will leave your property.

We will also recommend Supreme IT, an insecticide with a broad spectrum that is approved for treating a wide variety of pests, including spiders.

It has a strong residual impact that continues to kill for up to ninety days after the treatment has been applied, making it an excellent choice for use as a barrier treatment to keep pests at bay.

There are a lot of others available, so it is essential to do some research and pick the one that will be most helpful for you!


When applying insecticides, you need to be cautious since they can pollute the soil, water, and other plants.

In addition to being lethal to insects, insecticides pose a danger to a wide variety of other creatures as well, such as birds, animals kept as pets, insects that are helpful to the environment, and even humans if the appropriate safety measures are not taken.

3. Inspect and Destroy All Holes/Hiding Spots

Young Man Hand Using Spray Gun And Filling Hole With Construction Foam In Concrete Wall Where Was Old Outlet

Inspection and elimination are the two most important steps to take in order to keep that creepy crawlies and other unwanted guests at bay.

As was said earlier, tarantulas are nocturnal creatures, meaning they spend most of their time hidden during the day and are active at night. This behavior allows them to avoid being discovered by predators.

Destroying all of the tarantulas’ burrows and other hiding places is thus another efficient method for getting rid of them.

You may prevent pests from entering your house and prevent harm by thoroughly inspecting all the potential hiding places for insects.

4. Reduce the Clutter

Old Wooden Attic Interior With Old Cardboard Boxes For Storage

Remove as much clutter as you can from inside and outside the house. The more clutter you have hanging about, the higher the risk that tarantulas may decide to make your house their new home.

When there is a lot of clutter in your house, there are more locations for tarantulas to hide, spin webs, and deposit egg sacs.

By removing things like old boxes, wood piles, and tools and equipment that aren’t being used, you can make it easier to eliminate tarantulas and other pests.

5. Consult a Pest Control Firm

Portrait Of Smiling Worker With Pesticide Sprayer While Standing By Van

If you cannot carry out any of the techniques described above for one reason or another, you may turn to this alternative approach.

Hiring a pest control company is a great way to keep different types of tarantulas out of your home or place of business.

When trying to get rid of an insect infestation, it is best to contact a company that specializes in pest management.

You will be able to acquire the assistance you want to maintain your home clean and devoid of obnoxious animals if you collaborate with a trustworthy pest control company.

These companies are able to give services that are dependable as well as reasonably priced for the control of tarantulas and other pests in your house.

6. Make Use of Natural Repellents

Small Bottle With Essential Lemon Oil

Using natural products to ward off tarantulas is a simple and effective method. These creepy, crawly critters hate the smell of citrus fruits like lemons and oranges.


Tarantulas strongly hate eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, and vinegar oils. If you use any of these in and around your house, you won’t have to worry about tarantulas.

Also, a combination of water and liquid dish soap is an additional all-natural tarantula repellant that may be produced from common home items. The tarantula’s egg cycle is disrupted when dish soap is used.


Tarantulas are common pests in homes and gardens. Many individuals use a wide array of strategies in order to keep them at bay.

The best way to keep tarantulas away is by taking measures to prevent them from entering your home in the first place.


There are more than 800 species of Tarantula on Earth, and they come in various colors. They have body lengths ranging from 1 to 5 inches, and limb spans up to 12 inches, making them the largest known arachnids.

These measures include cleaning your surroundings and using natural repellents, amongst other methods.

This article highlights the top six strategies that have been shown to be the most successful in warding off tarantulas permanently.

Make sure you put into practice the strategies we have described in this comprehensive guide so that you can attest to their efficiency in preserving a clean and healthy environment free of tarantulas.

Thank you so much for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Tarantulas Scared Of?

Weasels, hawks, owls, skunks, and snakes are some of the predators that a tarantula might have reason to fear. The Spider-Wasp is their most dangerous enemy.

Why Is There a Tarantula in My House?

Tarantulas have been known to wander inside houses throughout the summer and autumn months by entering through damaged windows, screens, or open doors.

They can also enter window wells and gutters if given the opportunity. From this area, the tarantulas enter houses via holes in the siding of your house.

They are also drawn to very dirty areas around the house. So, it’s important to keep your environment clean always! 

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