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How To Keep Wasps Away From Playhouse

Selective Focus Photo Of A Wasp Perched On A Rusty Chain, Probably Wanting To Build A Nest.

A playhouse should be a fun and relaxed place for your kids to stay in. However, a wasp invasion can turn things the other way. With wasps, the one-time fun-filled arena will become a deserted zone kids will avoid going to. This is sure different from your plan for having a playhouse.

Thankfully, you can apply several easy-to-deploy and practical strategies to keep these creatures at bay from your kid’s playhouse. We will walk you through a number of these in this guide.


Wasps are the kind of creatures you don’t want around your kids. Although small, their stings are excruciating. You sure don’t want your kids crying from a wasp sting.

Whether you already have an infestation or want to prevent one, we’ve got you covered here.

Below are a few strategies that can help keep them away:

  • Use decoy nests.
  • Keep the playhouse surroundings clean.
  • Avoid using air fresheners with floral scents.
  • Set wasp traps.

Above are four wasp-deterring ideas. Keep reading the guide to find out more strategies and learn how to deploy them on your own.

The following sections discuss eight practical ways to keep wasps away from your kid’s playhouse. We will provide a step-by-step guide and necessary cautions for each wasp-deterring strategy. Also, we will answer some frequently asked questions about handling wasp infestations. Let’s get started!

8 Ways To Keep Wasps Away From Playhouse

Dark, warm, hidden corners, such as the crevices in playhouses, often attract wasps. These pests are quick to set up their nests in such areas and multiply very quickly. The reason is that such corners help them to stay away from your sight.

The sting of these small creatures can sting excruciatingly and trigger allergies. You certainly do not want them anywhere near your kids.

Below, we will walk you through some practical ways to keep these pests away:

1. Use Decoy Nests

Wasp Nest Decoy Of Paper In Form Of Elongated Ball Under Roof Of Economic Building.

A decoy nest is an oval-shaped nest made of paper material. It takes the exact shape and color of the actual nest a wasp builds. You can use one or two of these and place them around to deter wasps.

If available, you can get decoy nests of waterproof materials like terylene. Decoy nests will make the wasps think there is already a nest. As territorial animals, wasps will move away and seek another place to build their nests.

You can purchase ready-made decoy nests in any store or grocery shop nearby. If you cannot get one, you can easily make one by yourself at home.

Scrunch up a brown paper bag and stuff it with a leather bag to give it volume. Hang it in your desired spot in the playhouse and watch wasps stay away from the place.

2. Use Spray Pesticides

Pest Controller Climbing Ladder In To Loft Hatch To Treat A Wasp Nest With Hand Held Duster.

Besides using decoy nests, you can also use pesticides to deter these unwanted pests from your playhouse. Pesticides contain harmful chemicals that kill all kinds of insects.

You can get insecticide sprays from hardware stores. While shopping, inform the sales attendant what pests you are trying to deter so they can make suitable recommendations.

Spray the pesticide around the playhouse, especially in areas there are roach activities. After spraying the pesticide, you also need to stay away from the playhouse for at least a day or two till the smell of the pesticide can subside. After restraining your kids from entering the playhouse, it would be best to lock it up and engage them in other activities.

This method is very effective. However, you need to apply caution when using it. You have to wear protective when spraying the chemical pesticide, such as using hand gloves to prevent direct contact with your skin. Also, put on a nose mask to prevent inhaling the chemical’s smell.

3. Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Small Wood Log Playhouse Hut With Stairs Ladder And Wooden Slide On Children Playground At Park Or House Yard.

It is not enough to apply spray pesticides and decoy nests.

To permanently deter wasps from your playhouse, you need to make the environment uncomfortable. One way to do this is to keep your surroundings clean and tidy.

Wasps, like many other household pests, enjoy hanging around unkempt environments. But with your environment well-tidied, they are less likely to come around your kid’s playhouse.

In addition to general household cleaning, ensure your garden is well-trimmed. Take up all dead leaves and branches that are lying around. Pack your trash in a disposable bag and dispose of it properly.

Also, use a trash can with a lid and cover it up. The smell of the waste in the can is enough to attract wasps to your surroundings.

4. Seal All Potential Entry Points

Little Cute Curios Girl Looking Into The Blue Window Of Wooden Playhouse In The Countryside Garden With Blooming Flowers

After successfully eliminating wasps from the playhouse, you need to seal all potential entries to prevent another invasion.

Check your playhouse for cracks, creaks, or chips in the wood that allows insects to enter. Seal up these entrances or repair the areas to keep wasps away.

You can do this using caulk, liquid filler, or sealing material.

5. Avoid Using Air Fresheners With Floral Scents

Woman Spraying Floral Air Freshener At Home

Sweet-smelling scents and air fresheners may keep your kid’s playhouse smelling nice. However, their floral aromas can attract wasps. So, if you don’t want wasps around your playhouse, it would help if you minimize using such scents.

This does not mean you cannot use air fresheners at all. You can still use other nice-smelling fragrances without floral scents. Wasps will stay at bay, and the playhouse and the space will keep smelling good.

6. Plant Aromatic Herbs

Blooming Thyme Plant, Close-Up Macro Photography.

Aromatic herbs like thyme, peppermint, and basil, have insect-repellant scents. Plants like lemongrass and citronella will also do an excellent job of keeping wasps away.

Wasps do not like strong scents and will surely stay away from areas where these plants are. You can plant these herbs around the playhouse, and no wasp will come near.

7. Set Wasp Traps

Homemade Trap For Asian Wasp Made With Water Bottles And Hung On A Tree In The Garden

The use of traps is another foolproof strategy you can add to your wasp-deterring arsenal. Wasp traps are easy to make as you only need a few household items. They are not just easy to make but also easy to use. You can set up a wasp trap close to your kid’s playhouse to catch any wasp that comes close.

To make a wasp trap, you will need a clear transparent jar or plastic bottle. The jar should be big, at least two liters in volume so that it can trap many wasps at once. It’s no problem if a transparent jar is not available. You can use colored types also. The transparent jar is to help you see how many wasps you catch.

If you are using a plastic bottle, you need to cut off about a quarter of the length of the bottle. The cut should be around the bottleneck or just below it. Flip it over and place it inside the bottle to serve as a funnel.

Next, put a sweet liquid or protein in the jar to attract the wasps. The season you are in will determine what will attract wasps. They will feed more on the sweet liquid in the summer and fall and move more to protein in the spring.

Make sure you seal up all the joining so that the wasps you have trapped do not escape — also, endeavor to clean out the wasp trap regularly to avoid creating a mess.

8. Use a Peppermint Oil Solution

Peppermint Oil In A Small Jar

Peppermint oil is an effective wasp repellant.

Here’s how you use peppermint oil as a wasp repellant:

  • Get a spray and add a few drops of peppermint oil, water, and dish soap inside.
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly for the solution to mix
  • Finally, spray this mixture around the playhouse

While spraying, focusing on the corners and crevices would be best. Also, pay close attention to areas where you once saw wasps or other insects.


Wasps are generally calm and do not attack unless they sense an activity nearby. Since a playhouse is a hub of activities — and if the area is infested with wasps, they will attack your kids in no time.

You sure don’t want this to happen. So, you’ve got to do all you can to keep these creatures away. Above, we discussed a few steps we believe would help.

To recap, keep your environment clean always, and seal all potential wasp entry points like cracks and crevices. Also, you can use peppermint oil solution and chemical-based repellants. In case of a full-blown wasp infestation, you may consider hiring a pest control expert to handle the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Killing a Wasp Attract More?

Yes, it does. When you kill a wasp, it releases pheromones that attract other wasps nearby. After killing a wasp, you can trap the wasp under a glass jar. This way, you can contain the smell and ensure the dead wasp does not alert other wasps nearby.

What Smell Will Keep Wasps Away?

Strong smells always repel wasps. Scents from herbs like basil and thyme will keep wasps away. The scent from plants like citronella and lemongrass also repel wasps.

As mentioned earlier in the guide, peppermint oil also has wasp-deterring odors.

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